LIVE On-Site PT:OGW Coverage by QS Starts Thursday Night

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Last year, I had the opportunity to do live coverage in Milwaukee, at PT: Battle for Zendikar. PTBFZ was a huge success for us; our Insiders loved our coverage.  We broke early news on the Blue Rally deck, reported the omnipresence of Shambling Vent, interviewed Jon Finkel just before his Top 8 performance, and delivered an early metagame snapshot of the new Standard format.

The best Magic players on earth are all in one room this weekend.

Since PTBFZ went so well, we decided to double down for PTOGW.  This time, we're sending TWO reporters to Atlanta to cover the Modern format.  Why?  Because as un-defined as Standard was when BFZ got released, we think this Modern Pro Tour is going to be even more undefined.  Two of the major archetypes got smacked down hard by the ban-hammer, so the field is wide-open.

Because of this, both founders of will be attending the Pro Tour, adorned with Press badges 'round our necks and fancy QS tee shirts on our backs.  That's me (Kelly Reid) and Doug Linn, working overtime to make sure that QS's coverage is the best it can be.

Our "Coverage Booth" on-site at PT:BFZ 2015. Yes, we get our own office.

The best part about attending a Pro Tour as "Press"?  We get to watch every single match in-progress.  We see what's in their hands, in their graveyards, in their decks while they're fetch-landing.  We get to see what's in their sideboard and what they take in / out.  We get to see everything, which means you get to know everything.

We'll be producing a mix of free content and exclusive Insider content so that there's something for everyone.  However, if you're not already a QS Insider, this weekend would be a very good time to join up.  We're making a big announcement for Insiders on Saturday afternoon, and you'll want to be a part of it.

Here's what kind of content you can expect, day-by-day.

Thursday Evening

Player registration, meet & greet.  We'll be onsite talking to the Pros, the vendors, and anyone from WOTC we can find, trying to get you some great information on what you can expect this weekend.


OGW Draft begins at 9am EST.  We'll be taking pictures, interviewing top Pro players, and getting you the early scoop on what's happening.  At around 1-2pm EST, Modern begins.  At this point, we'll be able to bring you a ton of info about the Modern format, so let me break down what you can expect in these 5 rounds of Modern.

After Round 1: Notes from the on-site vendors about what sold well, what surprised them.

Round 2: Popular cards, unpopular cards.

Round 3:  Metagame Snapshot of Modern: Approximate deck breakdown.

Round 4: Pro Interviews on the State of the Modern Format

Round 5: Day 1 Round-Up


We begin again with 3 rounds of Limited, during which we'll continue with Pro interviews, photographs and storylines.   Modern play will begin again around 1-2pm EST. 

After Round 1/2: Day 2 Metagame Breakdown & Hot Cards

Round 3:  Spotlight on Top 8 Candidates, Decks, Cards

After the third round of Modern on Saturday (Round 14 Overall), QS will be making a major product announcement! 

Round 4: Top 8 Competitors Beginning to Emerge

Round 5: Top 8 Competitors Known, Deck Lists soon after.


Every play of every match will be broadcast on to the public, all the deck lists will be known at this point, so sit back, watch with us, and enjoy!  Keep an eye out for clever sideboard tech on camera, as there are usually financial opportunities hidden away at this late stage in the tournament.


Our designer whipped up some awesome infographics in the middle of the Pro Tour!  They were so popular they even got re-tweeted by the official WOTC Pro Tour account. Expect

BFZ Day 1 Breakdown, Click for More Infographics

So, Are You Ready?

If you're a QS Insider, now's the time to go read what our resident Pro Players and analysts are saying about Modern.  Brian deMars, Adam Yurchick, Sylvain Lehoux  & Sheridan Lardner all published in-depth looks at the format, and some candidate cards you'll want to own (or be ready to order) throughout the weekend.

If you're not an Insider, let's get you set up so you don't miss a moment of this amazing coverage.

More Pro interviews from PT:BFZ

LSV, Ari Lax & Alan Comer

Patrick Chapin, Owen Turtenwald, Shaun McLaren

Craig Wescoe & Jon Finkel

Note: When attending WOTC events as working Press, we have to adhere to a few simple rules regarding player & team confidentiality.  These rules do not detract from our ability to perform our coverage duties, and are simply meant to prevent us from accidentally telling one team what another team is playing.   

4 thoughts on “LIVE On-Site PT:OGW Coverage by QS Starts Thursday Night

      1. I’m really interested to see/hear of any eldrazi tech. I enjoyed your coverage last time and it was super informative, I’m hoping it’s “twice” as much this time. Have a great time.

  1. question for the Pros: what decks/strategies do they consider ‘almost’ Tier 1–what strategies do they feel don’t get much play at the moment, but are only a few new cards/metagame shifts away from becoming popular?

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