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It's that time everyone! Spoilers, spoilers, everywhere! Well - not exactly "spoilers" per-say, but really awesome reprints. Eternal Masters is on a roll thus far, and I wanted to take the time to continue on from where we left off. If you haven't checked out Ryan Overturf's first article, then check it out here.

Adding to what was already said, this set does have some really interesting implications on different platforms. On the one end we have really well desired reprints like Daze on MTGO, and obviously a slew for the paper side of things. This next batch has some really great implications on both, it helps make MTGO Legacy/Commander/ect more affordable as well as paper.

If you haven't been part of Insider forums, many of the cards listed below (as well as others) have been discussed for months prior to spoilers right when the set was officially announced. It might feel bad to own cards that will be now be reprinted, but that's just part of Magic: the Gathering these days.

Let's discuss some of the cards that we've seen since the initial spoilers. I picked them from late 5/23/2016 to now 5/24/2016 to close any gaps in spoiler coverage. We wanted to talk about the set this way because it's just easier to follow and since the set is all reprints anyway, there's no need for individual posts.


Okay, so these mythics are really solid overall. I was in the mindset that Eternal Masters would very closely mimic Modern Masters 2015 with a top-end heavy mythic slot. Looks like that's exactly what we're seeing here. These are just great overall, and rightly generating the hype of the players to want to purchase this product. WotC seemed to want to get rid of the feel bad emotions of opening a lowly Ryusei, the Falling Star of Masters sets prior to this - and they succeeded.

There's something for everyone here, and some key card shifting into this rarity doesn't bother me at all. The power of some of these older cards would absolutely warrant them bumping up in rarity - that and the limited environment the set is predicated on.

I didn't expect to see Dack Fayden so quickly, but Eternal doesn't just mean "the good cards in Legacy" - it means a wide variety of cards for different types of players. From Cube/Commander aficionados to the Legacy player who just wants to buy that last Karakas and doesn't want to invest a hefty price tag. The great thing about this set is that this new supply will likely drive the price down and many of the cards included.

Very similar to MM2015, the mythics will likely maintain some semblance of their original price (especially Legacy staples) but the more obscure Mana Crypt is now suddenly receiving a huge boom of supply from it's previous extremely limited printings. Cards like Karakas might not decline by more than half, but it will be significant enough for many players.


I really love the choices of mythic here - and the new art on cards like Vampiric Tutor are phenomenal. The wild card in this set will be foil pricing, these cards are a tad higher caliber of cards - and will be extremely coveted. We will have to closely monitor this as we go along and know more of the set.

Are there some stinkers here? Absolutely, but that's to be expected. There has to be the Worldgorger Dragon (so called this) to balance out the EV of the set. It also needs to needs to have these cards to create a more Balanced Limited format. See what I did there?

I'm sure there might be one or two more uninspiring mythics to go - so look for that in the coming days.



Some great choices here. Older cards - new art - and new foils! What's not to love? I understand everyone may not be thrilled that Control Magic is a rare they may pull in a pack - but the Cube player will disagree. Keep in mind again, these are the first foil printings on some of these (like the earlier spoiled Gamble) and that alone entices a whole different category of player.

A key inclusions here (and even bumped in rarity) is Sensei's Divining Top. Finally this card doesn't need to be so obscure and be randomly $30 - so that's a huge win. It's specific cards like that there just wasn't enough of to go around, but I feel like this new supply will alleviate the price burden greatly.

I'm liking the direction thus far, and there's a really great selection of cards all around in both rarity slots. Even some very good choice common/uncommon slots that is a defining difference between this set and MM2015.

From a financial perspective, some (if not all) cards from the set will most likely decline from these new printings and sudden surge of supply. If you were holding copies of a card like Dack Fayden it would have been a good idea to sell off of it. At the same time, one might as well hold a card like Karakas (unless you want the new art) - in that instance there will be a decline but likely not enough to spend time and effort selling/re-buying.

Stick around for more spoilers and hope everyone is enjoying Eternal Masters thus far!

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Comment below!

-Chaz @ChazVMTG

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