Deck Overview- Zur’s Prodigy

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Zur the Enchanter is one of the more odd cards to see fringe Modern play, though he finds his way into the Top 8 of events now and again. The power of the Zur deck is high, though the restrictions of needing to include four copies of a four mana legendary creature and a number of other oddball cards is pretty prohibitive. These restrictions can really hurt the deck's consistency, and that's why Lance Austin employed the once most expensive card in Standard to help filter his draws on the way to a Top 8 finish in Orlando's Modern Classic:

This deck has a lot to like. Suiting up Geist of Saint Traft with a Steel of the Godhead will close games quickly, Spreading Seas can mess up certain manabases, and the tutorable Ghostly Prison can really slow aggressive opponents down. The deck also features Lingering Souls, a card that I've never beaten a single copy of in my life.

With only thirteen non-Lingering Souls instants and sorceries in the deck, Snapcaster Mage doesn't really fit, and that's where Jace really shines. I've played a few decks that could sequence a discard spell into a turn three Snapcasted discard spell, and this deck can emulate that with Jace's ability to card a spell from the graveyard without the inconsistency of playing Snapcaster with so few targets.

While the deck does have some "oops, I win" factor in the form of Geist, it's a little slow relative to the format on that front. What it lacks in speed though, it makes up i the ability to interact very well, both with the heavy discard suite and plenty of options to play to the board. I believe that this juxtaposition shows a lot of promise, and it wouldn't surprise me to see this style of deck start to show up more frequently.

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