Regarding Server Issues This Weekend (Fixed Now!)

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These. These are why things were broken.

Hi QS readers!   I'm writing to let you know that we've fixed the server issues that had been plaguing the site for the past few days.  Many of you experienced Delays and Disruptions while the site was undergoing some routine upgrades and maintenance.   For some of you, the site was brought to an outright Standstill.  I personally Recoil in horror when the site is working at anything less than Rapid Fire speed.

We Gitaxian Probed our servers and discovered the issue;  there were horrible little gremlins eating up all our Aether.  Once we found them, they were Exiled with great Invoke Prejudice and Zealous Persecution.   After Careful Study, this Hissing Quagmire of an issue seems to have Dissipateed.

We know you depend on QS for financial news, data and tools and when we don't hold up our end of the Bargain, your business suffers as a result.  As the CTO and managing director of our company, I wanted to personally apologize for whatever Akki War Paint and Angel of Suffering we caused due to these awful gremlins.

Tyler and I took personal responsibility for fixing the issues that came down like a Pestilence upon our service over the holiday weekend, and worked to Curse of Exhaustion for many Activated Sleeperless hours under the Blanket of Night to ensure that we got you all back online in time for the work week to start.  We do not expect to be greeted with a hero's return for our Mobilization during a holiday weekend; when the Call to Arms rings out, we always attempt to deploy Timely Reinforcements.

We owe a Debt of Loyalty to our clients for their support throughout the years, so I want to personally thank you all for your patience during this Grave Upheaval.   We appreciate it, so don't have any Hesitation in reaching out to us to report further observations.

We understand that, at day's end, it's about Cut of the Profits and Acceptable Losses.  To that end, we took this Giant Opportunity to Patient Rebuilding some of our underlying infrastructure and Quicken load times in key areas of the service.

Again, let me Reiterate my gratitude for your patience and understanding.   Such is the Price of Progress; sometimes you have to go Back to Basics to make a Mighty Leap forward.

In Basri's Solidarity,

Kelly & Tyler,

The QS Tech Team


p.s.  You may be thinking "their automatic card-tagging script has gone a bit Burden of Greedy."  Our card-tagger isn't automatic 😉

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