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Hello, everyone and welcome to a new edition of the Daily Stock Watch! I was on the edge of my seat when Battlebond was initially released, having been pleasantly surprised by the reprint of Doubling Season and True-Name Nemesis, with the latter getting its first time foil, and the former getting that much needed reboot to help in easing its price for those who need it in their Commander decks. The arrival of new partner cards also excited a lot of players, but the set somehow felt underwhelming in the absence of a new chase or mythic rare. The waiting time is over, as our featured card today is the probably the poster card of the set outside of the reprints I've mentioned earlier.

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Thanks to some Death and Taxes appearances, Brightling makes it to the main roster of Legacy decks and brews, and reaches its all-time high of $19.97 in the process. People saw it coming, but didn't really buy the idea until it made that cameo in this list that was brought to an 11th place finish by Brent Miles in SCG Classic Atlanta.

Death and Taxes


1 Vryn Wingmare
2 Recruiter of the Guard
2 Brightling
2 Mirran Crusader
2 Phyrexian Revoker
4 Stoneforge Mystic
4 Flickerwisp
4 Mother of Runes
4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben


4 Swords to Plowshares

Other Spells

1 Batterskull
1 Sword of Fire and Ice
1 Umezawa's Jitte
4 Aether Vial


3 Karakas
4 Wasteland
4 Rishadan Port
4 Snow-Covered Plains
9 Plains


2 Council's Judgment
1 Cataclysm
1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
2 Surgical Extraction
3 Path to Exile
2 Rest in Peace
1 Leonin Relic-Warder
2 Ethersworn Canonist
1 Sword of War and Peace

D&T has always been one of the more stable decks in Legacy, and it shouldn't go away any time soon, all the more that Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe got nixed from the format. This paved the way for the resurgence of the deck and the entry of Brightling as one of the quicker finishers as you choke your enemy's resources while sneaking in your cheap threats. This should be the first step in the quest of D&T players to polish their lists, and I don't expect Brightling to miss the cut going forward. The foil copies of this card is suddenly very valuable!

Battlebond Treasures

With the exception of my personal pick Thrilling Encore, I'm expecting most, if not all of these cards, to see more price gains in the future. Battlebond still brings that thrilling experience to pack openers (like me and my friends) that the new set doesn't because of the crazy foil prices that some of its cards command. Brightling foils are already close to $100 each, and that should only continue to surge as time goes by. I don't think this card is getting a reprint pretty soon, and it will only increase in value as the market runs dry of BBD supplies.

At the moment, you could get copies of Brightling via TCGPlayer for anywhere between $17.97 up to $19.79. Other big stores such as StarCityGames, Card Kingdom, and ChannelFireball are out of stock, but they should be reloading anytime soon considering that this is a young set that still have lots of print running around. Foil copies are priced absurdly, and is something that I wouldn't recommend for spec purposes unless you're really high on it. The normal copies are a good buy at $15 and less, and I don't think it will be hard to find those in trade binders given the supply in circulation. Brightling has a rather bright future ahead of it indeed.

And that’s it for today’s edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you again next time, as we check out a new card that should be on the go, or good enough for speculating. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

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