1. As a collector I want to own a card eventually, so selling a card from my collection means I must re-acquire it in the future. I am aware that I could get value out of cards by selling them at a peak and buying them again when they hit a low, however, the process of buying and selling isn’t easy enough, making this a big hazzle for in most cases a low gain. I rather optimize on buying low and don’t worry about selling and buying again in the future.

    Obviously if someone would offer me significantly more than it would take to rebuy a card I’m selling and rebuying, however there is little chance of that happening.

    • Hey Pi! Absolutely, agree with you. I don’t know if you had a chance to read it, but a month ago I wrote an article about the difference between cards people acquire to “rent” vs cards they acquire to “own.” I’m certainly not saying that people should just flip everything all the time. What I’m suggesting is that upping one’s game and being more proactive about selling those “rental” cards, more frequently and adeptly is pretty big when it comes to getting maximum value out of a collection. I do a similar thing to you, where I have my “collection,” and it is all of the cards I think I’m likely to realistically play with, and cards that I want to own as long term investments (old school and my Old School and Regular Battle Box). I don’t sell these cards, even if it looks like a good deal, because I don’t want to deal with the hassel of having to reacquire down the road. The overall idea behind the article is that being more proactive about finding ways to get value out of the cards that you are only “renting” will give you more money to work with to acquire better cards, or at least, not lose value on cards that are likely to shed value (standard and modern cards).

  2. I struggle with only listing a few cards on FB groups, I want to list certain groups (ex: cards value $10+, standard) which make up hundreds of cards. This usually takes forever as FB pretty much has no formatting and assigning recent prices can take a bit. This often discourages me from posting often and I also find that I tend to let some posts stay open as there will still be cards I am looking to get rid of.

    I have definitely been striving to get better at distributing my sales throughout the different services available.

    • Being lazy about upping my FB sell / trade game is something that I’ve been too bad about in the past. Most of my selling is via eBay, but it’s something I’d like to do more of in the future. I have been a lot better about not taking the easy path and selling to vendors at GP. For the convenience of not having to do busy work, there is a lot of value lost. For me, I think the key is making sure to be consistent over time. Even if you only list a few things every day that really stacks up over the course of a year. Rather than listing a zillion things at once and doing nothing for two months, I’m trying to be better about getting a few things done every day. Making time in my schedule to do a few postings while I’m watching netflix or whatever. Either way, best of luck. Hopefully I’ll see you around some of these FB groups in the future!

    • I’ve really been enjoying online buylists for this reason, you can move any and everything, with the ability to compare prices among many websites, and with no time wasted in lines, and no time waiting for sales, so you can lock in prices. As long as you’re willing to “sell” your cards for cards as opposed to cash, trade-in bonuses means youre taking less of a cut, especially if you’re savvy and use your credit to buy cards underpriced relative to other cards on the website.

  3. Brian great article! Choosing not to do something is choosing to do something, and I shudder thinking back at all the opportunities I had to sell a card at a high value but chose not to and let it dwindle to a fraction of the value.

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