1. Nice find on Overlaid Terrain.

    Here’s some other under the radar specs for Lord Windgrace:

    Herald of Leshrac

    Destructive Flow (foils; already sold through my copies at $10 / ea)

    Keldon Firebombers (already sold a few for $5 / ea)

    Impending Disaster

    Wildfire (7th and 9th foils)

    Natural Balance (Reserved List)

    • Thanks for the commment! I like Natural Balance for the 1v1 EDH scene (no mercy) but in casual play it is too much of a “no fun” card. Because it is RL I agree it should see some appreciation from Windgrace, but not much (it would’ve already spiked from Gitrog if it were more loved).

  2. I also like Overlaid Terrain and am surprised it didn’t move with The Gitrog Monster… The key is that Windgrace adds red to the mixture so the focus to me is on red cards that would have been good in the Gitrog Monster decks.. Had they been either green or black. I am also a huge fan of storm the vaults…academy is so powerful and any artifact deck shouldn’t find it to difficult to flip. I honestly think it’s biggest drawback is the fact that it’s blue and red, when most artifact based commander decks typically fall into the esper shard. But WoTC seems to be pushing more U/R there is definitely some potential.

    • Hey David, thanks for the comment! Funny, I remember you wrote an article about Gitrog years back. I ended up building an EDH deck around it and using a lot of your recs at the time, so thank you! 🙂

      As for Overlaid Terrain not spiking with Gitrog but having potential with Windgrace, it comes down to the recursion ability. Gitrog only gets one draw trigger from the Terrain ETB sac land, so the synergy just wasn’t worth it. With Windgrace, the recursion is super powerful (not to mention Splendid Reclamation and Ramunap Excavator now exist for consistency).

      Totally agree that there are red cards impacted by Windgrace which still have room to run.

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