1. Great as always. I love Card Shark and have you to thank for introducing me to it years ago.

    One thing I’ve shifted in the past 6 months is my willingness to think of magic as a true collectable investment rather than just “a hobby that I love and am willing to spend tons of money on.”

    I’m currently finishing a set of Arabian Nights. Last year that seemed absurd to me because it involves buying the unplayable cards I never would have dreamed of getting a year ago. I’m still having trouble bringing myself to purchase “Singing Tree,” but seeing the entire set in a binder just seems too good to pass up. At this point, I honestly don’t see any Arabian Nights cards dropping significantly in price. The flavor of the set is possibly the best ever printed, and there are so many fun, playable, beautiful cards. If I ever want or need to sell these cards, I think I can get a decent return.

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