1. Regarding Emrakul, do you think it’s possible he’s soft-reserved list? I recall a lot of confusion regarding the “take control of target player” being misinterpreted (ex. can target player grab me a drink?), and I’m curious if WotC would rather just not have to deal with that again in a reprint. The fact it got banned in Standard but not Modern is further testament to this, since newer players are going to gravitate towards Standard.

    • Thanks for taking a look at my article David!

      I don’t think there’s any reason we couldn’t see this Emrakul in a Commander deck or some other supplementary product, but I’d be willing to bet they have no current plans to reprint it in the near future. As well, the card is really bound to the story arc of Eldritch Moon, so it’s a bit difficult to slot into a set like that.

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