1. Something else not mentioned is if you try moving these uncommon Planeswalkers, most will only buy 1x-2x copies due to the Legendary rule, and the fact most will probably already own at least one preexisting copy from boosters. They are uncommons, after all.

    I also don’t see these uncommon Planeswalkers as traditional Planeswalkers, since they lack +plus abilities. Unless they’re Proliferated, they kind of just stick around doing nothing. Part of the fun is watching them get stronger, which you miss out on with uncommons.

    Me personally, I hate all the uncommon Planeswalkers as specs. Stick to rare or higher.

  2. can you comment on the uncommon foilwalker phenomenon? also teferi, time raveler foil is a beast. Narset foil is 40 something for now .. im sure these will all dip

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