1. I realize the shipping timeline was just a quick example to show where efficiencies could be gained, but there are a couple items on the list that I’d like to comment on:

    1) Gather the card(s) (60 seconds) – as you say,this should really be closer to 3-10 seconds, depending on the order size. Better sorting when cards are taken into stock is the key, which leads to

    2) Put into penny sleeve (2 seconds) – do this when you receive the cards to prevent damage from handling while they are in stock. I use clear penny sleeves for NM and colored playing sleeves for everything else, so I don’t accidentally list or send a buyer something in the wrong condition. Tip: save the colored sleeves you get when you are buying stock and reuse them.

    4) Tape top loader closed (1 second) – this is a pretty low estimate, esp if you are using something between the tape and the TL to prevent the cards from sticking to the tape

    7) Write return address on envelope (1 second)

    8) Write delivery address on envelope (2 seconds)

    – You’ve glossed over these two despite them taking a good bit longer than you say. The only way the return address is getting down to 1 second is if you are using pre-printed labels (pro-tip: pre-print return address labels!). Hand writing the delivery address is 5 seconds minimum.

    When I saw the bubble mailer I was sure you would also mention using self-sticking envelopes/packaging. You don’t want to be licking 10-20 envelopes on a busy day.



    • Excellent point Matt. You are correct about the addressing. I did use return labels..though I just recently purchased a self inking stamp which is supposed to be good for 7000 uses..making it much cheaper than the labels.

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