Narset, Enlightened Exile in Jeskai Pyro in Explorer

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From Master to Exile

In today's video I try to play Narset, Enlightened Exile in Izzet Pyro, an established deck in Explorer. Izzet Pyro is already a pretty good deck in the format. Is stretching the manabase from Izzet colors to Jeskai colors worth it?

In addition to Narset, adding a third color also gives us access to a card that has incredible synergy with the deck. Monastery Mentor is a card that I revere. In a Pre-Modern Horizons 2 format, it saw a fair share of play in Modern Azorius Control sideboards. I'm hopeful in this deck it can be an all-star. Additionally, I'm trying Secluded Courtyard as the deck doesn't play any white spells other than Divine Smite which is in the sideboard.

The rest of the decklist is pretty stock. The philosophy is a classic strategy: play Young Pyromancers and/or Third Path Iconoclasts and cheap spells to amass an overwhelming board and get your opponent's life to zero.

Is Narset Actually Good?

Well, that's what I want to find out. In testing with this deck this week for this video it seems that Narset, Enlightened Exile is extremely good when you're ahead. Getting to Power Word Kill your opponent's blockers before they get a chance to block is pretty amazing. Additionally getting to cast Canoptek Scarab Swarms and Careful Considerations for free to grow your attackers only to draw into removal or Meeting of Minds which you can immediately cast off of the Tokens that your Young Pyromancers created off of the free Canoptek Scarab Swarm you just cast is extremely strong.

The Decklist

If you want to play a fun take on an already established deck this might be the deck for you! Check out the gameplay video and don't forget to Like and Subscribe to the YouTube Channel!

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LessAlex, AKA Alex Blackard, is a Magic: The Gathering content creator who is passionate about playing Control decks in Constructed, particularly in the Pioneer, Modern, Explorer, and Historic formats. He also enjoys experimenting with combo decks and brewing up new and exciting strategies to stay ahead of the competition. With a focus on in-depth strategy breakdowns and gameplay, LessAlex offers a unique perspective on the game that is both entertaining and informative. His competitive resume includes a Top 4 at an SCG Open in 2014, splitting an NRG Trial in 2017, as well as countless SCG IQ Top 8s and Game Day wins. He hosts The Control Freak Podcast where he discusses playing Control decks in Constructed, and brings on guests including prominent players and creators to share their expertise. You can catch him streaming on Twitch weekdays at 9 am, and on his YouTube Channel for even more content.

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