As I said last week, an opinion is worthless without evidence. This means that I have to actually test whether my initial opinions about Amonkhet cards are valid. I am starting to think I need to keep my pen quiet more often, as this is now a much bigger project than I envisioned. Last week I […]

To celebrate the impending release of Amonkhet, I thought it’d be fun to put our brewing caps on this week. I’ll get back to metagame/decklist analysis soon, I’m sure, but recently I’ve been taking a look through the Amonkhet spoiler in the hopes of finding something that tickles my interest. Overall, I haven’t been that enthused. […]

Idle speculation accomplishes nothing. Speculation is just untested opinion, and is therefore invalid. With that in mind, I’ve decided to test my opinions about Gideon of the Trials and find out if my initial impressions actually hold weight. I don’t have enough data to make any definitive conclusion, but my testing should shine some light on Gideon’s […]

As of this morning, Amonkhet is fully spoiled! I’ve already written at length on As Foretold and Gideon of the Trials, which jump out to me as the two best cards in the set (with As Foretold leading by a substantial margin). For more on those two, check out my article from last week. Today’s focuses on the slightly-less-exciting Amonkhet cards […]

Most of my articles are related to the financial aspects of Magic, and this one won’t stray too far, at least in spirit. Building Storm is an inexpensive way for a player to get into Modern without giving up much on the competitive front. I honestly believe this deck is a great option right now. I […]

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