• Great call, David. I completely forgot about Parallel Lives (note: Parallel Lives is trending around $12-15 for NM copies in non foil, so the upside is definitely present in Anointed Procession).

    • Thanks, Eddie! Structurally, I liked using it to call out why a card made my list. Definitely will be using this again in the future!

  1. How do you feel about Japanese cards for edh? Non-foil edh cards are cheap respective to their English counterparts, but what about jp foils?

    • My take on Japanese (or any foreign print) for EDH is that they are okay pickups if you need the card that spiked/is spiking for play, but that they are tougher specs to profit on overall. The reason is because most EDH players are casual with Magic and play groups don’t usually enjoy having to look up what cards do; thus, they don’t target foreign language cards as frequently (unless the English version is a last resort to acquire the card at a lower price). You’ll often notice after a card spikes that the foreign copies are still priced at or below the price before a spike occurred (see: Birds of Paradise Buy-a-Box promos in Japanese, they lagged behind English copies significantly).

      That said, there is a niche for certain foreign cards (more notably in foil than nonfoil) because of the way the different text interacts with the art and more importantly, the rarity. An example of this is Atraxa in Japanese (she was reprinted in Anthologies which is only released in English, so original C17 prints of Atraxa in Japanese are harder to find and the JPN text is awesome visually).

      Overall, some collectors will definitely pay a premium for the right card because of their collectability and the visual appeal (see: Russian foil Monastery Mentors or Japanese Search of Azcanta BaB promos as examples). But, in most cases, the collectors willing to pay these prices are not the same people looking to use the selected card for EDH (the latter will almost always prefer English copies).

  2. I like all of your picks except Rashmi. Ive faced Rashi many times, and the only time I ever see it win is when they cast Mind’s Dilation, which is more a credit to Mind’s Dilation. It just seems to do less than youd expect. While picking them up at bulk seems fine, I am still not sure if this commander will continue to see play as its already dropped off quite a bit. Otherwise the rest of your list looks great, and ill definintely be pikcing up some of those myself.

    • Hey, Peter! Thanks for the reply! I actually wasn’t considering Rashmi as a commander but more in the context of her being part of the 99. I agree, she isn’t very good as a general (though probably fun to build around), but as support for other generals I think she can flourish.

  3. I feel like it might be important to note that As Fortold doesn’t replace CMC for the purposes of bypassing Chalice of the Void, which is probably why it hasn’t made more of an impact in eternal formats and prison decks.

    • This is a VERY important callout and misinterpretation of the text interaction on my part. I forgot Chalice is based on CMC explicitly and you are right As Foretold wouldn’t let you play around it. Apologies and thanks for pointing that out. I am working to get that piece amended.

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