Furnace of Rath

Onslaught was a momentous set. The cards catered to a huge number of casual players who wanted support for their tribal decks, with support for Elves, Goblins and other, newly-ordained tribes like Soldiers and Wizards. It’s hard to believe that before Onslaught, “tribal” wasn’t really much of a term to describe the mechanic. The set had plenty for tournament players, too.

With a new format becoming available for the first time Friday, it’s time to take a quick look at what’s available. For the most part, these will be aggro or combo decks, since control decks need to be built towards the metagame. As it stands, Caw-Blade is the premiere control deck in the format, and it can be played as-is with the mere addition of Batterskull.

Mirrodin Besieged promises to expand the viability of the infect mechanic in Commander. This week, David explores some of the implications of infect in the format as well as some of the ways players can get the most out of their poison counters.

Welcome back! Last week I talked about setting the foundations of a cube and how they effect what cards can go into a cube and what effect this has on its overall contents. This week, I’ll discuss how to build a pool of cards to use as a bank of ideas before creating an initial cube […]

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