JOU Spoiler – 4/7 & 4/8: Dictate of Kruphix and 10 More

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If Eidolon of Blooms as everyone is no doubt calling it doesn't turn out to be the constellation card Gotham City deserves, cards like Underworld Coinsmith give me some hope. I like this guy in my Oloro EDH deck and casuals will like another WB cleric. I think he's silly in Limited but I don't see him impacting Standard with the enchantments we have right now. Still, I have never been one to sneeze at a bear with a good triggered ability. If only we had more time to play him alongside extort. Still, if they lost a life and you gained a life, he would be more likely to see play. As it is he's a fragile, awkward dude with enchantmentfall of "gain 1 life" and I have seen better cards.

Fun! The biggest problem people had with Howling Mine was that your opponent drew first. This allows you to do make sure you play it at their end step and benefit from drawing first. I am sure there are other cute things you can do like make them draw and play Notion Thief but I imagine this is mostly just a better Howling Mine a lot of the time. This goes in Nekusar decks, so snag cheap foils if you can.

Durdle monster. I like his ability but since I don't like his mana cost or his lack of synergy with his ability I think this is a bulk rare. This makes me want a 3 mana 2/2 with a Constellation ability that Doom Blades a dude, and this also makes me think I won't get it.

This. I LIKE this. Furnace of Rath and similar effects sell very well. This being a combat trick is even better. Being able to play this at their end step and therefore make sure you get to benefit from it first, or spoil their combat math makes this an awesome pickup. Effects like this are coveted by EDH and casual players as well and this may be the best they've printed.

Will this be Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Mondronen Shaman // Tovolar's Magehunter? Casuals like hydras, but we are in a bit of a hydra glut right now and that wisdom only applies to great hydras. I like this in my Vorel EDH deck, but I don't think a deck like Naya wants it when other hydras double their counters for free. Bulk rare, I bet.

Is this Baneslayer Angel or Seraph of Dawn? This is obviously nutso in Limited. The question is will this be good enough that you want to put the work into making it a Baneslayer in constructed formats or will this be another Fabled Hero - a card oozing with potential and so close to a Mirran Crusader with upside but ultimately another bulk rare? I am not all that hopeful that this card will get there. Another one of those odd cases where the card is a 5 Star first pick in Limited but doesn't crack the roster in Constructed. Still, I won't be at all surprised if someone does break this, I just don't know in what archetype it will be good.

5UU - You win the game. OK, maybe not in all Limited games considering you likely have 3 or 4 islands, but, still. Sea God's Revenge was a 1st pick and this can potentially do more work than that. Still, I'd have to play some games with it. If they have a pile of 5 toughness guys and your 4 Islands can't get it done, this may be underwhelming even in Limited. I can't think of a deck that wants this in Constructed.

In the same cycle as Scourge of Fleets comes a card that is much better. It has evasion and has an ability that is never wasted. If they have a creature you want to remove with more toughness than you have Mountains, you can target the face. This isn't wiping a board like Scourge, but it's doing something that we've liked on other dragons in the past. Still, probably not financially relevant. Non-mythic and a poor man's Bogardan Hellkite. Not super jazzed, I just know I'll lose a game or two to this at the prerelease.

Not Damnation, but is it a good enough Wrath to see play? EDH wants this, I think, although I would be hard pressed to cut Decree of Pain for it and in Theros block it kills like 25% of the creatures. Post rotation standard it gets even worse as we lose all of Ravnica block's non-enchantment creatures. This is a lot of mana to pay for an ineffective wrath.

This is a great card. [cardAdaptive Automaton[/card] is worth more than you'd expect, and this seems even better. EDH, casual, Limited; hell, even decks with Pack Rats will want this guy. If the foil presells for 2x the non-foil copy, go deep. This is a card that appeals very broadly and that is a good thing financially.

godsend nyx

True Name Nemesis can't block! Unfortunately, this doesn't help you deal with Pack Rat or Elspeth's tokens or anything truly annoying. I think this card is interesting and it will be fun to see where it fits in to the metagame, but since I don't see it unseating Batterskull or Umezawa's Jitte in the near future, it's likely going to depend on how much play it sees in formats where we can't go get it with Stoneforge Mystic. This may be better on a blocker than an attacking creature, which is very interesting. This card has a lot of potential but as the only non-god mythic spoiled, it may only serve to make us more excited about better mythics later.

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