Hello, and welcome to the second half of our Mirrodin retrospective, highlighting the money cards in the set. Mirrodin was a critical block, much like the Urza block, that supercharged Magic, pushed it to its limits, and fundamentally changed how the game designers created future sets. Last week, we left off with Lightning Greaves, and […]

Gameplan and gamestate are two sides to the same coin. Neale breaks down all the best options among flexible spells, pulling a chaotic gamestate towards a clear gameplan! Find out how inside!

Howdy everyone and welcome to a B-E-A-utiful spring day! This week I am going to review some high-profile cards and where I see them going and what you should do. And off we go! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A quick note about my “Instant Collection” series I am planning on doing. I am going to postpone it for […]

Hello, and welcome to our exploration of Urza’s Legacy! The second set in the Broken Block amped up the power even more for Magic. It was the first set to be printed in foil, as well. Foil-mania swept collectors around this time; fresh from $100 Pokemon foils, people scrambled to make sets. Importantly, foils were […]

Hey everyone, and welcome to Whinston’s Whisdom on Quiet Spec. I have to say, I am very excited for this new Insider launch and the way that QS has really taken off since I started writing for it, let alone reading it. Today I wanted to act like I had a fresh slate to work […]

Hey everyone, my name is Noah Whinston. For those who don’t know me, I’m very involved with Magic strategy content.  I’m a paid writer for, a podcaster for and I maintain one of many Magic blogs at Tends Towards Infinity.  There, I do something that I haven’t seen all that much anywhere else: […]

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