1. Did you leave before the rounds were over or was it a very small turnout? Elimination? I’m a little confused.

    It sounds similar to the experience we were having at our local game store. Into the Breach can have some nut draws but if you get taken past turn 5 it’s probably over.

    I’m disappointed in Wizards for pushing these decks so hard as a competitive product. Into the Breach is merely ok while Infect and Defile is abysmal.

    • The turnout was decent, but my philosophy was either stick around and end up middle-of-the-pack (tragedy), or leave my Game Day as an 0-2 drop (comedy). I could have played more, but the day was already a busy one for me so I made the call. Plus my articles always tend to run long anyway. 😀

      It was fun, I had a good time even losing. But I completely agree- these are to competitive play what the Deckbuilder's Toolkit is to constructed play- a strong start, but not a complete product.


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