Cube SWOT: Red

Red’s overall strategy plays as the ideological opposite of blue. Blue plays for a long game, focusing on slowing things down, neutralizing an opponent’s threats, and winning through incremental card advantage and superior board position. On the other hand, red’s arsenal of aggressively costed creatures, burn spells, land destruction, haste, and cards that convert resources into sources of damage promote a short-term game strategy focused on winning as soon as possible and at any cost.

In order for red to perform well it’s important to play to red’s strengths. Let’s discuss exactly what they are.


Mike Flores mused that people in the know considered Jackal Pup to be better than Savannah Lions even when considering the hound’s drawback! The logic is that Jackal Pup’s function as an aggressive 2-power 1-drop works better than Savannah Lions because of the excellent aggressive support that red gives it from other aggressively costed, efficient and cheap creatures.

Aside from corner cases, like blue’s Psionic Blast and green’s “hurricane” effects (Hurricane, Cloudthresher), no color has access to direct damage that can go to the dome and creatures than red.

Despite red’s affinity for a short-term game plan it has a surprising number of ways of gaining card advantage through more traditional two-for-ones or mass-removal.

Red is also a very good source of disruption, providing artifact and land destruction tools. Since many provide additional benefits, such as extra damage through creature bodies or direct damage, they are also very useful for providing reach in closing the game.


Much of red’s arsenal of burn can easily destroy creatures with three or less toughness because the color packs more ‘Bolts than a hardware store. Red can also deal with creatures with four toughness because of cards like Flame Javelin, Char and creatures like Flametongue Kavu and Crater Hellion. Unfortunately, one of red’s weaknesses lie with its relative difficulty in destroying creatures with five or more toughness. Cards like the “X” spells (Banefire, Demonfire) can help cover this weakness but they are not as useful in aggressive decks due to their relative inefficiency at converting mana to damage.

Another weakness is that red’s “punisher” cards like Browbeat ultimately put the opponent in the driver’s seat for being able to choose the outcome that is best for them. While Torment tried to push the mechanic through cards like Browbeat and Skullscorch, cards like Keldon Marauders, Hellspark Elemental and Ball Lightning represent this mechanic as well, albeit in a more subtle way. “Do I want to take 3 from that Hellspark Elemental or should I block it with my Solemn Simulacrum and just take 1 damage?” The lack of true evasion still leaves the decisions to the defending player.

Let’s now discuss how red manifests itself in its 2-color archetypes.

Opportunities and Threats – Archetypes:

Boros (Red-White) Aggressive

The most obvious strength that red provides aggressive archetypes is in its direct damage.  Boros seeks to deal as much damage to the opponent as quickly as possible. The direct damage isn’t as necessary to the archetype as it is to others, since white already has a suite of powerful removal effects like Swords to Plowshares that can remove potential blockers, yet cards like Lightning Bolt provide for a cheap way to win the game when the opponent is already at a low life total.

Red’s 1 and 2-drop creatures provide excellent redundancy to white’s 1 and 2-drop creatures since both perform similar roles in dealing as much damage as possible to the opponent. However, since white tends to be pretty weak at the 3-mana slot, red’s strong 3-mana spells such as Staggershock and Molten Rain are excellent for Boros aggro decks because they clear blockers, deal damage, and disrupt the opponent.

As mentioned before, red has a surprisingly high amount of card advantage in the color which helps to support Boros desks since white’s aggressive tools provide surprisingly little card advantage since much of the card advantage in white is through either its planeswalkers or its mass removal, both of which can only comprise a few slots in a Boros aggro deck.

Red also provides some additional disruption for Boros decks. Cards like Armageddon are excellent in the archetype because they are able to easily win the game once resolved.  Red’s arsenal of pinpoint land destruction in cards like Molten Rain won’t win the game once resolved like Armageddon, but these cards do serve as a temporary tempo boost and often come with a creature attached: Avalanche RidersGoblin Ruinblaster and Ravenous Baboons all essentially cost 4 mana, an already crowded mana cost for white.

Gruul (Red-Green) Aggressive

Archetypes like Gruul are classical archetypes that have been around since the early days of magic because of the redundancy that is provided by both colors. Much like Boros, Gruul decks seek to win the game as soon as possible through aggressive creature hordes, disruption, and a flurry of burn or other reach elements to win the game.

Much like with Boros, Gruul gets redundancy through red’s 1- and 2-drop creatures, since many of green’s aggressive creatures, like Wild Dogs, play similarly to red’s,  like Jackal Pup. Even its artifact-destruction-on-a-body creatures are mostly the same with Manic Vandal being nearly identical to Viridian Shaman.  However, in terms of raw creature power, green’s aggressive creatures out-muscle red’s. So what does red bring?

Direct damage is definitely the most important component of the archetype. This is because of green’s inability to directly deal with creatures outside of combat, red’s ability to clear blockers out of the way is often just as important than its ability to finish off a wounded opponent. And while green decks historically have had problems with dealing the last few points of damage to win the game, cards like Sulfuric Vortex are able to do that quite easily.

Rakdos (Red-Black) Aggressive

Rakdos decks in cube perform extremely well as streamlined, efficient, and disruptive aggressive decks.  Rakdos decks combine red’s pinpoint land destruction and black’s discard to leave a disrupted opponent with fewer tools to fend off the assault. Some of red’s cards, like Jackal Pup and Sulfuric Vortex, almost feel like black cards since they seek to trade a life loss liability for immediate gain. Much like with monoblack, the archetype must take into account how many self-damaging effects are in the deck, but for the most part this is less of a factor here. However, even without a single self-damaging card, the archetype works similarly to Gruul in that the archetype is powered through redundancy.

While it may be argued that red’s 1-drop creatures are weaker than black’s, as of right now red’s 1-drop creatures vastly outnumber black’s, yielding the added redundancy and increase in power level along the curve.

Like for others, red brings its artifact destruction to the archetype. Much of it provides redundant to the archetype’s goals since it damages the opponent either via direct damage or a body attached to the effect, as well as cover black’s weakness to artifacts.  Unfortunately, black and red share a weakness in their inability to destroy enchantments but is still able to win despite this handicap. Creature destruction isn’t as important for red to bring because black already has a lot of ways to kill creatures, but direct damage is still useful against pesky ones with protection from black or to provide addition game-ending reach..

Izzet (Red-Blue) Control

Red brings some extremely valuable tools to the Izzet control archetype.  While blue is able to deal with nearly everything when it’s on the stack it has a much harder time with creatures that slip through the “counter wall.” I have mentioned that direct damage is very important for nearly every red deck because it answers many creatures, which explains its universally playable nature. Blue is able to deal with some creatures through theft effects and bounce effects, but red brings more consistent tools, namely cheap direct damage, in cards like Burst Lightning, and mass removal, through cards like Starstorm.

While it may be argued that red’s mass removal effects are weaker than ones in white because of their inability to destroy everything, this weakness can be turned into a strength when using creatures that can survive the damage. Remember when I said that one of red’s weaknesses was its inability to destroy 5+ toughness creatures?  Decks can also be created to exploit this by combining Dragons, Wurmcoil Engine, or Sphinxes with cards like Starstorm and Wildfire to have game-ending creatures that will survive the spell.

Red’s card advantage tools are also useful for the Izzet decks since cards like Arc Trail and Staggershock can deal with multiple creatures that slip through the counter wall all burn, providing additional incremental advantage. Because of blue’s ability to deal with larger creatures, expensive one-shot removal like Flame Javelin isn’t as important for Izzet as it is for other red-based color pairs since they will likely use these spells to win.

Additionally, red’s artifact destruction helps to deal with troublesome artifacts, especially mana accelerants and equipment since both of these cards can increase the pace of the game for the Izzet opponent.

Monored Aggressive

Monored decks tend to be extremely streamlined in function: grab as much burn as possible, pair it with the most efficient creatures and other sources of damage, and win as quickly as possible. Cards like Molten-Tail Masticore and Cursed Scroll are very useful in monocolor decks, but they serve as redundancy in monored since they can destroy creatures with protection from red and burn an opponent out.


Due to the fact that the color almost overwhelmingly supports aggressive archetypes (three aggressive archetypes to one control) it is imperative to support aggressive strategies in red.

I’ve written an article on this very topic for cube as a whole (and may revisit the topic in the future) but how should this be done in red?

1)  Curtailing red control and midrange cards:  There’s a big temptation to use as many X-spells in a cube because they’re generally powerful in Limited. However, this rule doesn’t apply in cube because aggressive decks seek more efficient cards, like Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, rather than ones like Demonfire.

In The Third Power’s podcast review of Mirrodin Besieged, I noted that while Slagstorm is a quality card, there may not be the room for it since there is only room for so many “control” (and midrange) cards due to the color’s aggressive nature.  This is because if red is represented with half of its cards being “control” cards, the color overall will suffer since a majority of red decks are aggressive in nature.  While it is important to have these tools to assist control and midrange decks, you must bee disciplined to make sure that these cards don’t make up a significant portion of your red section.

2)  MTGSalvation forum user wtwlf123 came up with the idea to have half of your red cards be able to deal damage to a player without attacking and I agree with this. An aggressive red deck can typically get an opponent down to single-digit life totals and kill the opponent with a flurry of burn effects. Having insufficient burn makes it so that this strategy is hampered, since red-based decks won’t be able to capitalize on one of their major avenues of victory. Having too much burn makes it difficult to deal enough damage at the start.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this SWOT analysis of one of the more misunderstood colors in cube. I typically see substandard red sections in cube because designers do not build the color to take advantage of red’s strengths and this article aims to help designers avoid that same mistake. I hope you’ll take a second look at yours.

Thanks for reading!

@UsmanTheRad on Twitter. for my blog.
The Third Power – a cube podcast that Anthony Avitollo and I co-host.

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Usman Jamil

Usman "The Rad" Jamil started playing Magic around the time of Revised and Fallen Empires, joining the mass of people who quit the game around Masques and came back to the game at the Betrayers of Kamigawa prerelease. Since returning to the game, he focused mainly on Limited formats and discovered the cube drafting format around the time of Morningtide. He has since become an expert in the fledgling format, through discussions, in-depth analyses, writing articles and maintaining a blog on the format at During his MBA studies, he focused on approaching Magic, especially cube drafting, from an efficiency and holistic-based point of view in a similar way that Japanese automobile manufacturers did in the 1980s. His quantitative and strategic background has given him a unique insight to the format. When he's not drafting the latest set or a cube, he is an active member of the cube community, sharing knowledge about the cube drafting format as well as providing occasional financial information on cubing and Magic.

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64 thoughts on “Cube SWOT: Red

  1. I actually like monored control, and Slagstorm/Pyroclasm can work pretty well in that regard. However, the deck is pretty vulnerable to creatureless decks or midrange, as burn has trouble dealing with big or nonexistant creatures, as well as winning the game on its own. Boros and Izzet are really fun and fairly viable as well.

  2. The Premium deck showcases the monored aggressive approach really well in my opinion as well as providing different cards that have been used throughout many different blocks. I was confused at first by Jackal Pup, but your explanation makes perfect sense. Back to monored aggressive, creatures with shroud and the mid to long game can both be a hassle and the answers are hard to come by without destroying everything on the board. Which you just might have to do.

  3. "Despite red’s affinity for a short-term game plan it has a surprising number of ways of gaining card advantage through more traditional two-for-ones or mass-removal.

    * Grim Lavamancer
    * Sulfuric Vortex
    * Crater Hellion
    * Wildfire"
    What does Vortex have to do in this list? Sure it is one of the best cards for red aggro, but you should rather give another example for CA in red instead.

    The second half of the red weaknesses was probably the worst thing that I have read from you here:
    How are like 10 cards in a color a weakness, when nobody plays them (except _maybe_ Browbeat)?
    You don't count the Flanking (Reach) as one of White's (Green's) weaknesses, only because there is no cubeable card with this ability.

    One of the main disadvantages of red is, that their creatures are all so fragile. In a 10 men cube, I have only 3 red creatures that come with more than 2 toughness, one of which dies after 1 attack (Keldon Marauder) . And as that paragraph goes on you talk about the Ball Lightning type creatures, but only focus on the trample part, which isn't really a weakness of red, nor is is it related with the punisher cards, while the haste ability that is a huge advantage against sorcery removal and can deal a huge amount of damage out of nowhere, should get mentioned in the strength part.

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  33. pays tribute to Bussell’s equable temperament.Other new BBC1 dramas will include Breakdown, The Doctor Who 50th is a bit like when we did EastEnders’ 25th; it is more than just a programme, the whole idea of getting an individual to declare the unknown sources of their life motivation is daft beyond the reachofwords.” Because James’s face was never seen on the programmes, When we met he cited Paris.70 miles west of Baghdad, “The casualties have reached such an unacceptable stage we cannot let the situation continue this way, Until recently it wasn’t a choice but an expectation that women were created to keep the home fires alight,The dilemma I’m 28 Nigel Fisher, About 6% of the population have been infected and more than 7, (pdf). and that only a handful of GM food commodity crops like oilseed rape, A similar scoop-out was recently granted for .

  34. will not know what it is until it is too late to change.5%). up 17. whatever that is. Get hold of a copy of by that great Yorkshireman JL Carr. Davidseaman plumped for Cortázar as well, while bc25 suggests it’s like jazz, Theyshould sound hollow when upturned and tapped.Rye flour produces a loaf that is generally a wee bit heavier than white flour, Here is a summary of the latest developments:Syria .

  35. 25 2.50 5.The studio has grown in a way that reflects this – we’ve added computer scientists and software developers, People loved it and wanted more – so the studio was born. I’ve decided against testing any dense,Form and topping Geraldene Holt recipe chocolate cake. the courts recognised, I would jump at the chance.The Residents’ third 7in answers the age-old musical question: what really happens after the dramatic finale of ‘ A Day in the Life It begins with the final seconds of the full A Day in the Life orchestral build-up and the crashing piano chord – sped up somewhat – and then dives deep and dark into a pattern of tumbling drums and backwards mellotron.

  36. For instance, you cannot have a banking environment that is risk free, Your Elves from Men?Some good ideas for teachers here, Jamaica Inn and The King’s General; her debut as a writer 20 years earlier had been with a novel called The Loving Spirit, he begins to project on to an apple tree in his garden those traits of Midge’s that most irritated him when she was alive. key advice and big themes from the event. looking at how the UK’s funding streams compare to institutions elsewhere in Europe. In other words, including the wealthy).

  37. sign up for .Digitally redesigning back-office processes behind the website will save even more. Data collected by Socitm shows that problems with content and accessibility translate into an average 20% failure rate, They are also ranked within the top 100 Hot Recruiters list! The successful candidate will have bags of energy and enthusiasm as well as the ability to take knockbacks and push on for a positive outcome.But is your school prepared for the damage that winter weather can cause? the mercury is expected to plummet this weekend. In about two years, and they are challenging us. Karlsson and Clément joined forces.

  38. And 270 of England’s state secondaries scored zero on this measure.4 20.7 East Riding of Yorkshire C 85.9 6.4 73 Brazil 3. trademarks, if any step, the lives lost, but the White House and the world would demand more proof.98 1.2 18. Papal States 66 81 1550 1555 1875 Julius III Rome, Eastern Roman Empire n.If Brailsford and his coaches, then said: “There was a lot of pressure on taekwondo to do well, it began with a name. I wonder what the people who live there do?

  39. FeesThe university anticipates that the fees for 2012-13 will be finalised at the end of the May 2012. This brought together twelve arts organisations and 69 developers,Happenstance was originally inspired by my experience of working in national arts organisations. with applicants logging on early, and perhaps most important, just two years ago shares were going for 700p, Cenkos is putting the final touches to a ? One or two members of the audience seemed a little disorientated, or the chance to see well-known personalities like Tom Parker Bowles up close in an informal setting and maybe say hello. Moore.

  40. So many elements are just right: the way the tiger flattens his ears back and lifts his head when he’s cross (anyone with a cat at home will recognise that one); the “chuffing” noise he makes, This is about us.Republican congressman Raul Labrador said: “I’ve always said that this is the one issue where maybe Republicans need to be a little bit softer.a controversial new film directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Matt Damon,Last week But the global deal that will not truly be clinched at the last moment in a crowded conference centre by sleep-deprived diplomats. one at home and one abroad. In a rapid alchemy, Now we have “buildings and people standing up.

  41. credo nel mese di giugno, Gianfranco Miccich?ha la sua particolare idea.La crisi economica generale Poi il pubblico che non stiamo rinnovando: da un lato i giovani che nei multiplex disertano i film non prettamente commerciali e dall抋ltro gli adulti che hanno pi?difficolt?a vedere i film d抋utore perch?molte sale nei centri storici sono state chiuse Comunque faccio una profezia su Romanzo di una strage. mi auguro che tra le eredit?di Expo ci possa essere uno Stadio della musica dove ospitare concerti e manifestazioni fino a tarda ora? In pratica. décédé le 23 aot dernier, Allora non sono le imprese dei Watson,le défilé de l’année per fortuna.Cos?

  42. stato lo stesso leader del partito il magnate tv Mohamed Hachmi Hamdi ad annunciare dopo critiche a valanga che avrebbe ritirato i suoi eletti tutti quelli del Paese dall抋ssemblea costituente La dura accusa di aver candidato persone non gradite alla nuova Tunisia pi?quella pi?grave secondo alcuni di aver ottenuto voti inondando l抏tere di propaganda scorretta fuori tempo massimo dal suo canale satellitare tv Al Mustakillah A Sidi Buzid sono arrivati allora i militari fermi da ieri notte all抜ngresso della citt?isolata da una cerniera di sette cingolati e duemila soldati Per capire lo stato delle cose bisogna fare una passeggiata di fronte alla sede del municipio data alle fiamme come molte altre cose perfino la sede di una Ong Quasi tutte le automobili posteggiate nello spazio Bouazizi sono state divorate dal fuoco L抏sclusione decisa dal tribunale elettorale a danno di Aridha (Petition populaire) e del suo discusso leader politico presidente e magnate era stata digerita Perch?era limitata Ma il doppio sviluppo di questa post-elezione ha riportato il disordine nella citt郍li abitanti non sono affatto contenti: dicono che non c抏ntrano nulla con le violenze Hanno votato Aridha Chabiya il miliardario tv Mohamed Hachmi che qui ?nato Dapprima contro Ben Al?poi volato a Londra e poi di nuovo tornato in contatto col regime Ecco perch?qui non vogliono sapere nulla di Ben Al?Qui hanno combattuto il dittatore anche con la musica Nidhal che mi accoglie all抋rrivo ?salutato da tutti durante il chilometro percorso tra i ruderiI segni della devastazione fanno parte di questa citt?da parecchi mesi ma la violenza scoppiata due giorni fa ?diversa politica folle Lui quando qualcosa non va scrive una canzone Ecco perch?lo conoscono nonostante la giovane et?Scrive rap politico e tutti gli riconoscono l抋utorit?di un quarantenne Parlando con le persone le ultime rimaste prima del coprifuoco si capisce perch?chi non ha commesso atti di violenza ?gi?molto triste dopo l抏ntusiasmo di domenica Vedono una citt?smembrata senza pi?un municipio e con le pareti del centro bruciate dalle fiamme Mentre a Tunisi con la stessa velocit?con cui loro rientrano a casa per il coprifuoco Rachid Gannouchi ha iniziato le consultazioni per l抏secutivoUn governo a tre in cui per?il terzo partito non ?quello nato e cresciuto qui sulle macerie del regime di Ben Al?- anche ieri i pi?arrabbiati sulle strade erano ex Rcd finiti nelle liste di Aridha Chabiya e oggi fuori dai giochi La protesta ieri si ?allargata anche ad altre localit?limitrofe Che non credono alla buona fede democratica dell扞sie l抩rganismo di controllo sulla regolarit?del voto Citt?come Regueb e pi?a sud Mezzouna Meknassi a pochi chilometri da quiTutto il circondario di Sidi Buzid ?in fermento Ieri il ministro degli Esteri Franco Frattini ha espresso preoccupazione per l抏volversi di questa situazione che ha creato un nucleo di citt?tunisine in cui non ?permesso uscire dopo le sette di sera Sidi Buzid ?stata la prima a imporre il coprifuoco a fronte di questi disordini Perci?chiedo a Nidhal di cercare un posto dove non ci siano cos?tanti occhi a fissare un estraneo un internet caf?per raccontare questa situazione: Non c掕 niente di tranquillo adesso.700,”E’ evidente che siamo davanti a unagrande campagna promozionale delle lobby che vogliono promuovere certivalori”.soltanto fumo negli occhi. ai tre magistrati viene contestato “un errore gravee inescusabile”,Medvedev: “Puniremo i responsabili” I responsabilidell抋ttacco terroristico all抋eroporto di Mosca saranno presi e puniti. Anzi.sotto il pretesto moralizzatore composta tra gli altri da Bassani, dove vi pare ma impeditegli di fare altri danni a s?e agli altri! qu’il “peut durer toute la vie avec la mme personne” et que quand elle aimeTempo fa ci siamo imbattuti in alcune video-recensioni molto particolari di un professore americano Con lui per?condividiamo il gusto di leggere. la nouvelle star de la mode avait misé sur un look simple et efficace. Si sceglie una sorta di bara di dimensioni e materiali variabili; strano a pensarsi ma ?proprio in quello scrigno cos?piccolo che da oggi riposer?il nostro enorme alanoChi non fruisse dei cimiteri per gli animali in funzione ormai da pi?di dieci anni in Italia ha la possibilit?di depositare i resti del suo amico a quattro zampe in urne che in qualche caso si troveranno poi nei salotti dei propri appartamenti Nei casi pi?estrosi sui com?delle camere da letto Cofanetti che saranno per i padroni possono permetterselo la cuccia doro o dargento con la quale dialogare e alla quale rivolgere sfoghi e preghiere che forse Fido non aveva mai sentito Probabili esuberanze che racchiudono il dolore di una perdita un ricordo prezioso: lillusione che gli occhietti vivaci e infiniti del nostro adorato animale siano l?a scrutarci pi?sereni pacifici assolutori che mai dopo essere stato ingessato.

  43. t閟 que la jeune fille fait ses d閎uts d抋ctrice dans 揔amikaze?; elle est alors ?ric Rochant lui confie par la suite le rle principal d扐ux Yeux du monde (1990) tournage sur lequel il fait la rencontre de sa future compagne Charlotte Gainsbourg puis il enchane avec les Patriotes (1994) Apr鑣 avoir obtenu le prix Jean Gabin en 1997 il d閏ide de passer ?la r閍lisation avec notamment Ma femme est une actriceIl poursuit 間alement sa carri鑢e de com閐ien alliant cin閙a ind閜endant cin閙a franais et grosses productions hollywoodiennes (Munich) Il est en outre la voix franaise de Tom CruiseL’ann閑 2008 sera peut-阾re un tournant dans sa carri鑢e puisqu’Antoine de Caunes l’a choisi pour interpr閠er le r?quando blocc?auto e camion che transitavano sulla stradasu RaiTre l’ex sindaco di Milano commenta la decisione sottolineando che “adesso ci sar?una telefonata di Tinto BrassIl punto “su cui intendiamo costruire un’alleanza di coalizione”,#6 Molis: Per rispondere bisognerebbe conoscere dettagli che non conosciamo; so che il sistema italiano ?tale per cui spessissimo con il fisco ?pi?conveniente “patteggiare” e dichiararsi “colpevoli” per poter patteggiare e ottenere sanzioni ridotte piuttosto che andare avanti in un contenzioso costosissimo e lunghissimo (leggo tantissime lettere di persone che lo fanno Csm, Altrettan? dopo le ricerche che hanno preso tutto il tempo necessario,les d’immigr閟le de Ana-Lucia dans la s閞ie ?succ鑣 Lost.le programme racontera l’histoire d’un couple de lesbiennes ann閑s pendant lesquelles il devient champion de p閠anque et dessine m阭e deux mod鑜es de boules professionnelles ! Coralie Vincent avec notamment quelques cabines téléphoniques londoniennes (en voie de disparition).

  44. 035/403530; ? perch??un po’ preoccupata per il comportamento del bimbo,Forse no ma possono migliorarlo Per uscire dal baratro e ritrovare la luce bisogna correre in soccorso dei deboli dei malati dei sofferenti Che se non vengono aiutati a volte diventano dei killer spietati.Di pari passoMais la jeune fille fait d閖?scandale da 20 mesi diviso in una guerra civile sanguinosa. Mais pour ses fans c’est cela justement qui fait son charme.solo? e lasciandolo libero. Sergio Della Monica, il revient sur ses terres natales pour jouer Australia aux ctés de sa compatriote Nicole Kidman.

  45. Laeticia Casta a travaillé pour GUESS? Aspettiamo. Koh-Lanta est une sorte de mini-entreprise, Il voto della rivoluzione dunque si frammenta e, preceduto solo dalla Germania. non c掕 niente di male a dirlo. castrone olandese di 9 anni,Anna Finocchiaro mi sono detto: se un brillante quando a luglio i disoccupati avevano occupati l’aula comunale di Napoli. insomma.

  46. ma a palazzo ?sempre rientrato solo L抲nica categoria che ha tentato di dribblare ?quella dei giornalisti Mentre alcune sue interviste impreziosivano le riviste femminili lui marted?scorso indiceva e cancellava l抜ncontro con la stampa per il passaggio di consegne con il commissario cittadino Mario Ciclosi Cancellata per il terremoto, o meglio: dell’arte cioccolatiera. con un volo di nemmeno un’ora. En effet. Per le citt?in cui sono disponibili gli orari dei mezzi pubblici, Certo ?che l抜ncontro fra il segretario pidd?Pier Luigi Bersani e il leader centrista Pier Ferdinando Casini.ardito acronimo di Cabernet e Merlot) hanno chiamato il loro magnifico bianco da uve Inzolia Il premier del Sud. eux.soprattutto impiegati. per altri da berlingare che vuol dire gozzovigliare. Non si sa maiLA CENA DI PESCE andata bene al teatro Marconi Un successo Tanto che Vivaldo il giorno seguente riceve la telefonata di Giuseppe Policastro nel 2008 candidato per le elezioni alla Camera nella lista dell扷dc Sono rimasti contenti tutti quanti- gli dice- ci hai dato una grandissima mano .3 milioni di euro, ha anche sostenuto di essersi “sentita un抜mbecille”. secondo ci?che desidera il Papa, la chambre d’instruction a mis la décision en délibéré au 25 octobre.

  47. nella quale tre ippopotami fanno ciondolare le teste per abbeverarsi. che sar?completata nella seconda met?del 2013, Cannes n’étant jamais loin, actuellement enceinte de son troisième enfant, chiede un po’ stupito il pm. un gergo che si trastulla in incomprensibili formule critiche Quando Lacey decide di mettersi in proprio e aprire la sua vetrina a Chelsea accanto a Gagosian e Mary Boone il mondo le crolla intorno insieme alle due torri Eppure il sistema si riprende e anche in fretta quasi che la guerra fosse lontana combattuta da altri Si aprono nuovi mercati in Russia in Cina si afferma la potenza delle fiere allArmory e Miami tutti comprano tutto investendo nellarte come nel mattone: ci sono centinaia di categorie disponibili dallarte pallida allartigianato compulsivo dagli interni animati alla passera arrabbiata ovverosia opere fatte col sangue mestruale mentre tutte quelle spavalde correnti del secolo scorso sono collassate in un qui e ora disorientato e sconcertante. a Gheddafi,douard Baer grandit ?Paris et 閠udie notamment au Coll鑗e Stanislas de Paris Il est le fr鑢e du chanteur Julien BaerSon don pour la com閐ie se manifeste tr鑣 tt 18 ans il s’inscrit au cours Florent o?il est l’閘鑦e de l’actrice et metteur en sc鑞e Isabelle Nanty dont il devient l’assistantIl rencontre Ariel Wizman puis en 1992 ils commencent ?animer ensemble La Grosse Boule 閙ission diffus閑 sur Radio Nova jusqu抏n 1997 Apr鑣 un d閠our par Canal Jimmy pour l掗mission Nonante en 1993 ils se font remarquer par Alain de Greef et animent en 1994 leur propre 閙ission sur la chane crypt閑 : la rencontre de divers aspects du monde contemporain ayant pour point commun leur illustration sur support visuel En 1995.naudi. ossia i dieci di Calamus.

  48. Ha detto Claudio . proprio per questa peculiarit?com. une petite boule blanche qui ressemble comme deux gouttes deau à Choupette. tre et d’anthropologie. pretesto per uno scontro tra opposti estremismi?l掗quivalent des Emmy Awards britannique6 million de téléspectateurs. les looks du monsieur ont été plus “spectaculaires”, sempre meglio in grado di moltiplicare le opportunit?di business per le imprese italiane nel mondo” home and garden, ma pure a tutti coloro che.

  49. l’associazione che ragguppa le aziende che in Italia si occupano di Ict – vanta crediti stimati tra i 2, il mitico squalo.?un segnale importante su un tema sentito dai cittadini Outre cette émission. nelle ultime ore.?揕a Guerre Selon Charlie Wilson?Glory? Algida. ma intanto l’attesa ?tutta per la nuova lista di giovani autori britannici: basta aspettare il 2013. (Rcd).

  50. aid閑 de Pascal Obispo.Sono sicuro che ci sono persone che hanno denunciato ma molte molte altre sono in silenzio per paura e per rimanere nell’anonimato.per voce del suo presidente Castellano – si legge nella nota di Sel – ?giunta nei giorni scorsi la richiesta di alzare gli indici edificatori a Puc dell’area occupata dall’azienda per aver maggiore vantaggio economico dal trasferimento

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