Return of Prosperity

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Welcome back everyone, no Prosperity didn't make any major news this past week, however after a refreshing week away I have returned to help inform the elite and privileged with financial news, and help put some more cash in all our wallets.

The first piece I wanted to talk about this week is Melira, Sylvok Outcast . Originally priced around $1.30 on most sites, she has since moved upwards on some sites to as high as $3.98 for an unplayed non foil version. There are a few sites that still have her listed at $0.95-$0.99 (Untapped Games and Hotsauce Games) at the time of this writing, and I would say it's worth picking up a set or two. In case you missed it, she powered out an extended persist combo deck to a first place finish on a trial. While extended season is over, and the Lorwyn creatures will be rotating out, I still feel she will be a casual favorite with her ability to stop poison decks, another kitchen table warrior favorite. In the event that she finds use in another way for standard, her price will easily double, and shes still got 18 months to do something interesting.

Spellskite is another rare that has shot up in the past few days, and is beyond its point of buying mass numbers for cheap prices. Our own Kelly Reid sent out an e-mail earlier today, detailing how Spellskite has risen to high average prices, with $8.99 on CFB, $9.99 at SCG, $7.93 lowest on TCG player stores, and Ebay for $30 per set average. If it makes a legacy impact it may remain at its current prices, however unless it does, I would expect its price to drop off in the coming months. If you already have your set, trading or selling them off is a decent option. I wouldn't let them go for under $8 cash or $12 in trade value, as they are currently a massively in demand card. These prices shouldn't be hard to obtain from many players who missed out on their chance to get them early on.

Speaking of decent options to sell off, that leads me to the next card, Splinter Twin. Its price is still extremely high, and bound to push up a bit more over the next week. The combo deck made a finals appearance this past weekend in Orlando, with 4 showings in the top 16. Splinter Twin Is selling for $9.99 on SCG (sold out), $14.99 on CFB, a lot of $7.72 (single copy left) on TCG player, and an average of $29 for a set on Ebay. I would cash in on splinter twins while the demand continues to be high, though look for SCG to raise its buylist price by a small amount in the next week if they don't get a decent stock in soon.

Four versions of the Caw-blade style decks made up half of the top 8, with Sword of War and Peace and Batterskull making new additions to the deck from the newest set. Emeria Angel made a few showings in deck lists from two of the top 8 lists, and currently is selling for $1.99 on SCG (sold out), $2.99 on CFB (sold out), $0.49 (low price) on TCG player, and a $2.50 per set average on Ebay. While this may be a decent card to pick up, remember that it will be rotating soon. I would only be looking to buy or trade for these if you have a decent chance of moving them within the next 3 weeks. If able, the full art promotional Emeria Angel is worth $20.00-$30.00 each at the current moment, though you may be able to find them from foil collectors or in trade binders at bargain prices if done soon.

Finally, Vampires made another return in Orlando, playing 2 Hero of Oxid Ridge in the main board. The hero's time for a good buy has come and gone, and with his recent top 8 appearance, I wouldn't count on his price going down in the foreseeable future.

On the legacy side of things, a deck that I mentioned a few months back, Painted stone, did very well by putting up a 4th and 11th place finish. Painters Servant and Grindstone have both held steady in price since writing that article, and both show signs of holding value over the long term. The real story of the Legacy event was the U/W Landstill deck that propelled Gerry Thompson and Drew Levin to second and third place finished, respectively. Mental Misstep was featured as a 4-of inclusion in both lists, and long time favorite Vedalken Shackles made a Legacy appearance, driving up a short price spike. Currently, the are priced at $14.99 on SCG (sold out), $10.99 on CFB, a low of $7.59 on TCG player, and an average of $9.50 each on Ebay. Its very possible to find these in trade binders, still undervalued by people who don't pay attention to legacy trends and prices.

The Metalworker deck saw two top 16 performances, with one making the top 8. Staff of domination also made a return, and is another card to be on the lookout for, and a good buy at under $7.00, a number of which can be found at the TCG player site for people looking for a long term investment in them. Also in the deck was a single copy of Karn Liberated in the top 8 list, with two of the colorless planeswalker in the top 16 list. Will this help to keep his price above $30? Hard to say, but at this time I would bet against a long term tag above $20 until he begins to make more regular appearances in one of the two formats.

Finally, the card Sylvan Library was featured as a single copy in the winning legacy list, and is another card that can often be found undervalued in many trade binders that contain it. If able to get them for under $4, I would do so.

Legacy is a format that sees changes every new set, and identifying the new or odd cards that show up in the first few weeks following a new sets release is a good way to identify what might be heating up for the next few months.

Thats all for this week, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Stephen Moss

@MTGstephenmoss on twitter

4 thoughts on “Return of Prosperity

  1. Write ups like this make the membership fee worth it. Straightforward summary, prices and sites listed etc… Great stuff. The only complaint I have is it would have been better Sunday night after the Legacy Finals. Maybe even one Saturday night and one Sunday night, then a wrap up article. Finance has a very small window and we are paying to hopefully get an early peek into that window.

    Keep up with articles like this, along with Doug Linn's article series going through every set and insider emails and you have me forever. Add in a financial view of EDH and you are GOLD.

  2. Thanks! It's not very often that we have this much news over one weekend, but I'll see if its possible for the next few weeks. As far as EDH goes, I don't play the format myself, so I tend to leave the EDH news to those that do.

  3. EDH News is so often found as "This card sucks, but that means it's edh playable" that I don't blame stephen for not writing about it. Nice article, I appreciate the writeup.

    I would like to see this go up earlier after the event as a local store does events mondays and I'll be able to pick up cards there. Thanks again.

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