Where’s the Oxidize?

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As I set out on this journey worry set into my bones. There was anxiety about where this path would lead me and what I would find when I got there. It did not take as long as was expected, the road was not as rough as the first impression led me to believe. While the other side was not a utopian paradise, it did have pleasant weather.

My quest led me down past Mirrodin, into the evil depths of Darksteel, and out along the treacherous path of Fifth Dawn. As I pressed onward, I looked back through the Scars of Mirrodin. Looking back from that perspective, it didn’t seem quite as bad. Nightmares of the Ravager long since overcome, only to be replaced over and over again. With the [card Jace, the Mind Sculptor]evil demon[/card] lurking everywhere, sometimes it’s hard to remember clearly what it was like in the past.

This time around, things are different. The story is not the same. We have [card Jace, the Mind Sculptor]the villan[/card] but no clear path to victory. In that regard the present is like the past.

Back then we had the tools.

Many factions had similarly powerful tools to work with.

It was still not enough.

Once the Emperor showed the beast his ban hammer, things got better for a time. A level of peace returned to the land. The people were so grateful that they did not even realize there was a new evil creeping out of sight. There was so much joy that the Emperor had taken action, no one seemed to notice... evil lurking.

No one screamed or cried out. After all, how could the people protest after the Emperor had done so much for them already. Soon, the lurking evil would lie dormant. Soon, the people would be truly safe again.

But the evil did not lay dormant forever. No. This time, it had changed forms, deceiving the people at first. But then, the people started to realize what it was. They realize how similar they were and how intrinsically powerful as well.

It started out looking so innocent.

It's brother was shy at first but then came blazing out of the gates, storming the castle, trying desperately to break free.

And now the youngest brother has strolled into the kingdom.

Unlike last time, their cousin is there to back them up.

Unlike last time, these legendary weapons have someone to carry them.

So why then aren't the new tools working? If one of the new weapons is drawn, why can't you just Arcbound Crusher it, make it a Divine Offering, or give it over to Nature's Claim?

We might be better off trying to use the same old A-Shattered Seraphing technique as we used to, rather than trying to unleash the Beast Within.

Here are a list of the new tools we have at our disposal.

Untitled Deck





Choose your weapons carefully soldier and get ready to Unleash the Force!

Mike Lanigan

mtgjedi on Twitter

P.S. Here is the list of the "old tools" for reference.

Untitled Deck







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