1. Overall, I think you hit all the ramping situations on the spot. A couple you forgot though that I feel should be mentioned are Three Visits, Nature's Lore, and Spoils of Victory for those 5 color decks. Carpet of flowers is pretty good in some metagames. Finally, there are a few ritual effects worth mentioning Spoils of Evil, Songs of the Damned, and Black Market. City of Shadows is pretty good too. Those are mostly niche cards for very specific decks though. Really nice job otherwise!

  2. I think you got them all except 2 of my favorites, Wood Elves and Yavimaya Dryad. It could just be the way my deck is built, but I actually like these guys more than some of the 4 CC ramp spells. I use Wort the Raidmother as my main Commander so having extra creatures to use for conspire always helps. They are also good to sac to random spells, ditch to Survival of the Fittest if you dont need the ramp and get pretty nutty with Kiki-Jiki at times without putting a huge target on your back until it's too late. The main problem I have with basic ramps spells is if you have too many, they become bad top decks late game. At least the two elves are still creatures that can get eaten by a Skullclamp, or a Mycoloth or even attack ftw with Khamal. Great article none the less. The more EDH content the better!

  3. Another great option you left off was Reap and Sow. The ability to destroy broken utility lands as well as tutor for your own and put it right into play is very powerful.

  4. under the doubling effects, Extraplanar Lens is worth mentioning and Doubling Cube is alright, while Journeyer's Kite is pretty good as a repeatable tutor.

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