Insider: Pro Tour Post Roundup

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The Pro Tour was last weekend, and we all know what happened so I won’t bore you with rehashed details. In fact, I don’t plan on spending much time on the top eight at all, though I do want to touch on a few cards.

Champion of the Parish

Not going to lie; I’m surprised this has only gone up $1.50 since we started buying them up a few months back. That said, it is slowly rising so I think it’s a hold for the moment. I personally have a rather large chunk I’m hoping will continue to rise.

Falkenrath Aristocrat

I’ve been all around this card in the last year. I advised picking it up cheap, got a bunch myself, and advised moving them out at $20 a few months back.

Since then, the card dropped as I predicted, though not as far as I initially thought due to the low amount of Dark Ascension opened. Now, though, even after the Pro Tour it’s still under $19, after holding $20 for a bit when it was a 4-of in a sustained top deck. Again, maybe a hold for the time being, with an eye toward outing these before too long, since it can’t be far from its ceiling.

Domri Rade

Putting a hold call on this as well, with an inclination closer to sell before buy. It got one deck to the top eight and is doing well elsewhere, but the market is picking up more and more as we go. If this doesn’t take off soon, I’m looking to move them out before they dip below $20.

Gyre Sage

Talked about this last week when it was $1.50, and it’s tripled since then. Move these out now, same reason as above apply.

Scouring the Depths

Now for the more fun part. Wizards makes a list of all the decks that earned at least 18 points during the tournament, and we can use this as a great jumping point for speculation. Pretty much nothing on this list is huge right now, but it’s the type of thing that you can pick up very cheaply in trade and out at many times that if any of these decks have a big weekend.

Basically, I’ve done the work for you of digging through dozens and dozens of decklists to try and find some low-risk, high-reward targets. Let’s see what I turned up.

Abrupt Decay

This card isn’t necessarily the best example of this list, but it’s worth talking about anyway. This answers the overpriced Boros Reckoner very well and should only get better as Standard employs more and more efficient creatures. Combined with the fact it’s low from RtR redemptions and is a Modern and Legacy staple, it’s time to get in on this card now if you haven’t been hoarding already.

These can be had for around $5 right now, and I’m going after these hard in trade at the moment.

Mizzium Mortars

This card was everywhere last weekend, and at $2 it’s a good play. I don’t know how much the price can go up realistically, but this is one of those cards that trades better than its price, since the decks it goes in are pretty difficult to build without it. That means when someone needs it, they really need it, and that gives you a good opportunity.

Lingering Souls

A bit of a resurgent weekend for Lingering Souls. It’s still hovering around $2-2.50, and honestly will probably stay there for its life in Standard. But I’m going to keep talking about these until they’re $5, which is going to happen in the next two years or so at the latest.

Supreme Verdict

These are rightfully inching back up, and they’re still a great trade target at $4. This is likely the best Wrath of God variant we’re going to see, which means it will be the go-to in everything from Modern to Legacy to Commander.

Wolfir Silverheart

More and more decks have started to pop up and include this guy again. He’s not going to reach $15 again, but Avacyn Restored is a pretty scarce set as far as Standard goes so more play from this guy going forward makes it a good one to keep stocked in the binder.

Wandering Wolf

I’m joking. But really, there was a deck at the Pro Tour packing 4 Wolves, 4 Giant Growth and 3 Titanic Growth that performed as well as some top pros running the eventual Pro Tour-winning deck. Of course, another deck in this list had three Yeva, Nature's Herald and two Mystic Genesis in it. Food for thought.


This is at an all-time low at $3 right now despite seeing a fair amount of play in the Pro Tour. I expect this to crawl back toward $5-6 in the next few months, since it’s an all-around solid removal spell.

Angel of Glory's Rise

The ship may have sailed at this point, though I’ve been talking it up since RtR released. This could go a little higher, which makes it a good hold or cheap trade target at the moment, though I don’t like a cash buy. But gaining infinite life doesn’t suck, so this is worth keeping an eye out for still.


Another card I think you were better off getting a month ago, but one that still presents a real opportunity as cheap as it is.

Along with Mutilate I’ll include Crypt Ghast, which truly can get broken quickly, and Gloom Surgeon, the other off-the-wall hit from Conley Woods’ deck.

Wrapping Up

That more or less sums it up. These lists are great for digging around for ideas that can later become something real. After all, Angel of Glory's Rise arose from just such an exercise during last year’s Block Pro Tour.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this teaser. There was a deck on the list that included 4 Wingcrafter, 4 Precinct Captain, 4 Lyev Skyknight, 2 Azorius Arrester 1 Odric, Master Tactician, a pair of Nevermores in the sideboard along with an Island.

If you want to peruse all these decks yourself, the list is here.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler

@Chosler88 on Twitter

3 thoughts on “Insider: Pro Tour Post Roundup

  1. My concern with the Mizzium Mortars call is the massive presence of Boros Reckoner which makes any “burn removal” a tough call, but I do think it has a long term casual appeal factor to it. I do believe it was in a theme deck so it’s price ceiling is somewhat limited. I’m with you on most of the others though.

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