10 thoughts on “Theros Top 10

  1. Hammer of Purphoros is extremely good, I have high hopes for that card. Firedrinker Satyr, Sylvan Caryatid, and Fleecemane Lion (the last one if only it’s a Kalonian Tusker) are likely quite a bit better than you described, and both Fanatic of Mogis and Boon Satyr have some chance of seeing play.

    I agree with you on most your Top 10 picks (especially Read the Bones), except for Spear of Heloid and Elspeth. The Spear’s ability almost never matters, since the only deck that wants it is White Weenie, which doesn’t need to defend nor does it have the mana for the ability. It being legendary you can’t reasonably go above two copies, but still it just doesn’t stack up well against say Honor of the Pure. I’m personably not a fan of Elspeth – a six mana planeswalker needs to be as good as Garruk, Caller of the Beasts, and Garruk almost draws you five cards with his +1. Elspeth comes down a bit too slow against aggro and does too little against control. It’s a horrible feeling when you tap out for Elspeth and they tap out for Aetherling, and even worse when their Aetherling comes down first.

  2. I am currently playing an American Control deck utilizing Purpheros, Elspeth, Assemble the Legion, and Ogre Battledriver as the finishers. I play 3 Verdict and 3 Anger of the Gods as well as 4 Magma Jet. The deck won my local FNM last night (not hard to do when the format is in flux) and just demolished every aggro deck I faced. I played 3 Dissolve, with 3 glare in sb.

  3. 1) Anger is a fine magic card, it isn’t anything terrible at all

    2) Thoughtseize not being #1 is a mistake since it fundamentally chances how the format works

  4. My problem with Stormbreath dragon is that the deck he’s in isn’t quite good enough. Does the prot white matter, yes, but if you take that away, he’s just a hypersonic dragon. Even if I don’t think he’s one of the best cards in the set, I should have mentioned my thoughts on the card.

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