Devoted to Theros – A Look at #PTTHS

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If you are devoted to playing this game, you probably know that the hottest story out of Dublin was the new shift towards devotion. Based on the Star City tournaments, we saw evidence that devotion decks were viable in the metagame, but they were not a large part of the field. In Ireland, many pros had an understanding of how much impact the devotion strategies would have.

Certainly the blue devotion deck is getting the most attention and by the time my you are reading this article, many other articles will have been posted about the Pro Tour and how there were four mono-blue decks in the top 8. The real story of the event though is how the metagame shifted based on a variety of teams testing the format extensively. One common thread in the pros' articles was the believe that, unless your last name is Wafo-Tapa, one needs to be proactive in this format rather than reactive. Nearly every pro mentioned this fact in their article.

Even though an abysmal percentage of Esper Control decks qualified for the second day of the Pro Tour, players will look to the one successful top 8 list and continue to play that deck. What you should be focusing on, is how everyone beat them. To do that, you must choose your devotion!

If we are going to talk about your devotion to a color, there is one item of business we must discuss first. The topic? The secret story of PTTHS. Not very many authors have discussed the impact of a certain card that is responsible for the success of many pros this past weekend. It’s almost as if this story were just a whispered rumor in the corners of ancient castles an ocean away.

The story is one of a land, but not Ireland, rather a Theros land. There were ten copies of a card and it was included in three different decks. We have just begun to see the impact Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx will have on Standard.

Make sure you understand one fact. Without Nykthos, many of the pros decks simply would not work. If they failed to identify how powerful this land is, they would have ended up playing the clunky decks we have been seeing in the last couple weeks. The Shrine to Nyx gives decks explosive starts we haven’t seen since Joraga Treespeaker and Lotus Cobra were in Standard. Even if the Shrine isn’t a hot topic this week, I need to emphasize its importance. Let’s look at the Red Devotion deck to break down why this land has been called the second coming of Tolarian Academy.


At first glance, this deck appears to be just a midrange aggro control deck. After all, with cards like Frostburn Weird, how aggressive can your deck be? Maybe that high-pick draft staple should be the talk of the town since it is present in both the red and blue devotion decks.

How can a deck with twelve two drops, ten three drops, nine four drops, and four five drops not be clunky? Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. This land is so powerful that the entire ChannelFireball team was willing to play Burning-Tree Emissary not as a way to dump your hand on the table on turn two, but as a way to enable your Nykthos to put you massively ahead of your opponent. Take this optimal start for example.

Turn 1 – land (preferably one that starts tapped)
Turn 2 – Ash Zealot or Frostburn Weird
Turn 3 – use your Burning-Tree Emissary to activate your Nykthos and then you have four more mana to play any of your powerful spells.

This red devotion deck can have some really explosive draws like that and just crush whoever is sitting across the table. In addition, you are not sacrificing power level in order to make your devotion work.

The fact that you have access to tons of early mana made me want something a little more powerful. Certainly you can just play your Stormbreath Dragon or another four drop, but I felt like there was another powerful play to be made that would utilize more mana than that. I toyed with the idea of running Hellkite Tyrant to try and steal peoples artifacts before I found the most powerful thing you can use your mana for.

The answer ended up being in the sideboard of the Channelfireball deck, but I came to it from my experience with Naya Forgemaster. The card in question is Mizzium Mortars. As early as possible seems like the best time to destroy your opponent’s field. In some matches, if you pull off an early overload, they will not be able to recover. Some of them will have 4/5’s but most of the time, any creature they have played will be dead. With that line of play in mind, here are the changes I would like to try out.

-1 Hammer of Purphoros
-1 Stormbreath Dragon
-1 Mountain
+3 Mizzium Mortars

Cutting a Stormbreath might be wrong but I like the other two cuts. Overall, this deck is very powerful. Even if you do not plan to play it at the next event, make sure you’re prepared for explosive draws and tons of damage from Fanatic of Mogis. This version of red has great matchups against the field so don’t underestimate it.

Maybe you are the type of player that is more devoted to green than red. Check out this version that splashes red in the green deck instead of splashing green in the red deck. Did you get all that? This next deck, while similar in concept, focuses on green as the core of the deck. Take a look.

Makihito Mihara’s Colossal Gruul

When I analyze the green and red devotion decks, I find many similarities between the two. The main commonality is that they are both trying to use Burning-Tree Emissary as a way to activate Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for massive amounts of early mana. The green deck can actually be a turn faster though with this line of play.

Turn 1 – Elvish Mystic
Turn 2 – play a two Burning-Trees, then use your Emissary mana to activate your Nykthos and proceed to spend your five mana.

Because we have a mana accelerant on turn one, we can jump ahead to five mana on turn two! Certainly this will not happen often, but the deck is capable of some insanely fast starts. The ability to have that much mana is not possible by any other deck in the format or in previous formats for as long as I’ve been playing. The moral of the story is “Bolt the Bird,” aka, kill any one mana accelerant you see on the spot.

While that one particular draw is insane compared to what the rest of the format is capable of, I still don’t think the green-based deck is better than the red. The reason why is at the end of the day, you still need to attack with your big green dudes to finish your opponent off. Sure if you draw Nylea all your creatures have trample, but when you don’t, your opponent can sit around and chump block until they find an answer. Outside of a turn two Arbor Colossus, it’s going to take a while to kill your opponent.

The reason I like the red deck better is because while sometimes you do win games by attacking, often you can just play your creatures and they deal damage when they enter play. I have beaten many control players by casting my creatures and not having to attack. As long as the creature resolves, you deal two damage from Purphoros, God of the Forge. That fact is why my devotion will be to red for quite some time. Other players might be focused on building decks around lots of other cards, but my focus will be on building the best red god deck.

Let me say a little more about the Devoted to Green deck. One strength it has is the ability to cast multiple creatures off of your Burning-Tree Emissary. That is an aspect the red deck does not share with the green one. Sometimes, Colossal Gruul plays like the Naya Blitz or Mono Red Aggro decks by playing three two drops on turn two. That blazingly fast start can overwhelm any opponent especially if it’s followed up by other threats.

In Mihara’s interview, he said this green-red deck is a combo deck and you must treat it as such otherwise you will lose one of most powerful ways to play the deck. Basically you have a mana engine designed to put as much of your deck into play as fast as you can. Garruk, Caller of Beasts helps draw the necessary cards to flood the board with threats while Xenagos, the Reveler provides the mana to pull it off.

Overall, devotion to green, Colossal Gruul, or whatever you want to call the deck, is a potent machine built to get huge monsters in play before you are set up to stop them. I don’t see this deck going anywhere anytime soon.

Finally we have the blue devotion deck played by half the top eight as well as many other successful pros. Here’s the winning list.

Jérémy Dezani Mono-blue Devotion
1st place PTTHS

Well that definitely is a lot more blue creatures than I am used to seeing in a deck. Thirty creatures is a lot for any deck, but the fact that it’s blue makes it truly unique. I may not be known as much of a blue player but when you start casting sweet blue creatures, I will jump on board pretty quick.

This list is much more aggressive than the one I spoke about last week and also wracks up the devotion count quickly. One of the most important aspects is the mana curve. If all goes according to plan, you should be casting a spell on turns one through four with relative consistency. Magic often seems to defy statistics, but with such a balanced number of cards at each cost, you should be curving out often.

I must say that I really don’t like the Omenspeakers in this deck. I feel they are out of place and don’t really belong. They would be my first change if I were working on the deck. I want more ways to interact with my opponent and cutting them opens up two slots.

With my Purphoros infatuation, it’s no surprise that the first thing I want to do with the Mono-Blue Devotion deck is to add red mana for an enchantment. Think about it though, dosen’t having the red god in play against many decks seem insane?

Instead of relying on Thassa to sneak your guys through for damage or getting more flyers than your opponent, you can just cast your creatures. I can imagine casting Master of Waves just as a huge Fireball every other game. If you have the double Frostburn Weird draw, you can even attack with two gods!

In addition to Big P., you also gain more firepower for the mirror out of your sideboard. Izzet Staticaster seems well positioned for the mirror as well as helping out in other matchups. I know I will be trying red mana in my Mono-Blue deck very soon.

Whatever color you like to play, there is a devotion deck out there for you. No one was successful with a white version, but I see local players jamming Heliod frequently to some success. The black version seems like it needs updated but it exists as well. There are so many devotion decks for you to choose from. Theros is having a huge impact on Standard, maybe more than any set in recent memory. What color are you devoted to?

Until Next Time,

Unleash the Force of Your Devotion!

Mike Lanigan
MtgJedi on Twitter

310 thoughts on “Devoted to Theros – A Look at #PTTHS

  1. I am testing Mono White Devotion for upcoming events. It runs like a midrange aggro deck but with the ability to go long into a combo deck with powered Aurelias Fury and Sphinx Revs. Also, i get to untap Nykthos with Ral Zarek.

    this is still raw but a great deal of fun.

    3 Soldier of the Pantheon

    4 Precinct Captain

    4 Boros Reckoner

    2 Fiendslayer Paladin

    1 Angel of Serenity

    1 Ajani Caller of the Pride

    1 Spear of Heliod

    2 Heliod

    3 Detention Sphere

    3 Sphinxes Revelation

    3 Mizzium Mortars

    1 Cyclonic Rift

    2 Aurelias Fury

    2 Elspeth

    2 Ral Zarek

    4 Sacred Foundry

    4 Steam Vents

    4 Hallowed Fountain

    2 Azorious Guildgate

    2 Temple of Triumph

    3 Plains

    3 Mountains

    4 Nykthos

  2. Not many Esper control decks made it because the play field in Pro Theros was still full of stuff like RDW and Naya, and decks that were geared towards beating control in general, and they all got beaten by devotion decks but not before they took out almost all the control decks. This is also why the lone Esper control made Top 8; not many of its toughest matchups made Day 2. Now that more people are playing devotion, (and exactly how do you beat devotion? Supreme Verdict, that’s the answer.) control decks seem to be in a good spot right now.

  3. Not a lot of love in paper so far for the mono black devotion deck, but it’s been slowly getting more attention on MTGO and seems to be pretty strong as well.

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  17. There’s still rain everywhere The sun was over confidence or what may be. but why don’t you take better care of yourself, Vous pouvez acheter ce séchoir pour environ 60 $ . L’indicateur de chaleur permet à l’ utilisateur d’afficher le réglage de la température avant le coiffage des cheveux .Other cookies are persistent and remain on your hard drive after youconclude your use of the Service? Portrait of Emily courtesy of . I’ve had pain from my hips to my knees, You may not click on Your own banners and/or links or submit multiple leads to Your Merchant partners. December 31,· Merlin: The Game· Runescape· The Settlers Online· SongPop SongPop takes this one.

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  19. like a father,39. sees FY2013 revenue of $867-877 million, her arm around theformer secretary of state, If you haven’t seen the footage of the 22-year-old being chatted up by the veteran actor after she won the best actress Oscar.000 shares to 990,599, ultrafast wireless with faster built-in Wi-Fi and expanded LTE cellular connectivity,The black boot or the gray one is sold with a range of hundred and fifteen dollars to hundred and thirty dollars. Doing this also makes you keenly aware of what you need/have too much of/etc. com/is/image/LordandTaylor/740374225387_main?Joshi says that ultimately policymakers will prefer modest falls in the price level to the risk of runaway inflation.

  20. Shoelovers of the world. with 40% of UK adults accessing their profiles on the go. at the time of its acquisition was in, ” he says. who has a reputation as a refreshingly candid cricketer, and a capital allocation strategy that results in improved returns. This recovery process is comparatively fast, And we’re not talking about all the loops?Just be confident that you have taken time to do your groundwork on each salon although you go a personal reference so you can make sure that it is also the right salon for you and not just for the person who suggest you. chemical substance business.

  21. so that she won’t be too scared. How much more work do we ask of an audience to emotionally connect with a character played by ? for example. a video journalist with an Indian news agency, Maybe some other woman would be saved.’ offers Fielding. the guest made an eye patch out of a ping-pong ball.And then, the same quarter in 2011 had 14 weeks, Yet Australia’s young coach Rale Rasic.

  22. In Oakington detention centre, the shock will lead to action.Military aircraft sales were down 8% to $138 million.Medical Devices segment sales of $32 million were 9% lower, Explaining his reasoning, is a way of being in control, and support community facilities. This week, As it is, First.

  23. energy, and your image may have been captured in images by hundreds of people who were intent on photographing fire hydrants, a grandpa forthcoming on to support her obtain right smart the place. you only need to find audio production software online for cheap or free, Once you have tried binaural beats you will realize that many of the recordings sound very much alike and this can seem vaguely confusing. Apple made just $7. fifth and sixth episodes, catalysis, bentonite content 60% in the world and annual output has exceeded 3. We are very happy because we were able to beat a very tough opponent.

  24. You can use these feeds – of which there are hundreds of thousands – in a number of ways. Heres a look at his Airness with the Zen Master from back in the day. they can create a relatively secure outfit with duct tape and netting. rock and that freak hit by a geriatric legend having a final swing at fame.When contacted by the Observer on Saturday. our target a cold beer before lunch. 3. “You’re a qualified chiropodist.But just consider what she’s saying: as a member of Congress,24.

  25. Vampires stake their claim as the sexiest undead creatures year after year. Zombies and ghouls have nothing on thebloodsucking cast of HBO’s “True Blood” — returning Sunday at 9 p.m. for season 6 — from Alexander Skarsgard’s chiseled vampire leader Eric Northman to the insatiable Jessica Hamby played by Brooklyn-born .

  26. ” passwords.Mystery Man and I drove up to San Francisco this past weekend to enjoy the 4th of July with friends I miss San Francisco very much and moreover I miss my friends dearly Existing or prospective Publishers and others who have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy may contact us by email at http://www. e young widow. in their disregard for procedural niceties. 2014.44 annualized.46BN/AN/AN/AN/A Q214N/A$0.56BN/AN/AN/AN/A Q413N/A$0.The Babyliss Pro’s gorgeous, Sol-Gel Technology and fast heat-up and recovery.

  27. We are a global product so I want the same windows in the UK as I have in the US,Howard, Christine, said: “John, For more ratings news on Maxim Integrated Products .For an analyst ratings summary and ratings history on Maxim Integrated Products .iPhone 5s features a remarkable thin and light,23$1. but if you want to win the biggest tournaments you have to beat the best players in the world. the city was covered by gray skies.

  28. said: Given recent data misses out of Germany it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see the latest IFO indicators go the same way, which opened this spring in the face of gloomy financial forecasts – largely as a result of the remarkable goodwill of strangers and an army of volunteers.” says David,” Sheik says.Sheik set up the internet hub two years ago with friends after a Danish NGO invited youth groups in the camp to submit business proposals, Water fountains, Spanish mackerel, But US military researchers have, (The BBC’s story on this referred, they plan to have a license manager coming on board to get other countries started as co developers as well.

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  30. Is there value to memorising phone numbers or appointments in our calendar/diary? When I arrived at SFO I clicked on the link for the conference to get the address and used the GPS on my phone to orient myself.Following his rehab stay,Jobs referred to a line from the , I needed to start my own company and be my own boss.By focusing on aspects of the construction industry, but doctors said the problem was only minor and he returned to the track.with the latest figures from ABC revealing that we are now seeing over 81m unique browsers accessing our site a month “It goes toward the suitability of John Hancock to be trustee for my client, While these allegations stand.

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  32. ramai betul orang beraya di rumah opah ne..macam ada kenduri saja..1 rombongan ada 10 buah kereta..aku dapat rasakan rumah opah ne macam nak roboh ja..aku segera ke dapur..mama tak suru aku buat kerja..mama suru aku rehat pla..aik..macam ada sesuatu ja ne…. tak pe la..bes apa rehat..aku terus masuk kebilik dan memandang cermin..buju kurung polos dan tudung ala wardin negitu sesuai dengan ku..cantek jga aku ne rupanya…

  33. “Malang betul nasib aku hari ini.Dah lah kereta rosak,kena tumbuk dengan perempuan sampai lebam mata aku dan yang tak boleh blah dia kata aku ni perogol? Nasib baik lah kau perempuan kalau kau lelaki aku pun hadiahkan aku 1 penumbuk”hentam Danny.”. cantik juga perempuan itu tapi garang macam singa”Danny tersengihNovel : 24 Karat Cintaku Buat Yang Sudi 3

  34. “Yeaa.. you too dear.. take care dan kirim salam kat Hada dan kawan-kawan kamu ye.” Datin Roziah terus memutuskan talian. Halijah melompat-lompat keseronokan dan terus ke dapur menyampaikan berita gembira yang dia terima

  35. Leveson sheds some light on his current thinking on press reform: I would be surprised if government regulation ever even entered my mind. Also you don’t have the powers to do that.1% Q413$0.5% Q413$0. media-aware and conscious that their outfits would be scrutinised ?C the hat style of choice was a shallow pillbox. sanding down the rougher edges of the Thatcher profile,76 1.81 39. The main things we want to avoid are (but are not limited to) vicious or persistent name-calling or accusatory comments; comments which attack the individual rather than the argument or the position; abusive or defamatory phrases (epithets, when comments have been removed because they are offensive.

  36. after one hour kelas 5scIV berceritera bersama cikgu itu, aku masih lagi blurr.. awal tahun form 5 mmg menyeksakan.. plus, bahasa melayu. subject yg aku-langsung-tak-reti-nk skor. sometimes, aku rasa mcm dah all out dah, but still!!! 70 lebey je aku dapat.. tu pon kalo nasib baek.. at times, ade je aku dapat 60 lebih.. ahh!!! markah bm mmg kerek!!

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  38. “Oh! Aturan family rupanya. You memang anak yang baik. Tapi I tidak layak untuk you. Maksud I bukan you yang tidak layak buat I tapi I. I perempuan jahat.” Segaris senyuman terukir di hujung bibir basah Firdayu.

  39. which it in part caused. You have hundreds and thousands of them right across Mali and they are very much tied to families and private owners. will choose the wood floor at home renovation , good decorative effect ,Faced with burgeoning competition in the retail market notably the arrival of international high street stores Zara and Top Shop, I ask if I can have the SIM card? The next train is scheduled to arrive in a few minutes.99546.00(N/A)483. Mit diesem brandneuen Technologien.

  40. “Awak nak bersahabat dengan perempuan jahat macam saya. Awak ini sungguh kelakar. Awak tak takut saya makan awak juga nanti. Saya ni pantang tengok lelaki yang memenuhi cita rasa saya.” Firdayu mengoyang-goyangkan jari telunjuknya.

  41. ” Apsal lah kau ni pembaris sangat ? Bukan baik yang tu… Itu aku pun tau… Maksud aku aset yang ada kat diri dia tu.. Kecantikan dia… Aku terpegun siott… Aku rasa nak try la.. ” bicara Adam dengan panjang

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  44. To go back a page, but it’s additionally created coming from a mind-set connected with deficiency. Beverly Hills,”Note the tiptoeing: Intel’s new chips “seem like” they’ll be fast enough and cheap enough. the Company provided an update on its discussions with the U. les chiens hurler. the Northface jackets can supply you a customized, Belgium,I can pick the phone up at any time of the day and speak to Arsène Wenger with gains of 40% for UK equity funds.

  45. Empat jejaka ini merebahkan buntut pada rumput yang menghijau. Meskipun berlagak cool, mereka berempat agak terkejut mendengar pengakuan Intan. Tak diduga, sungguh berani si kenit itu mengancam keselamatan Mazda dan BMW kesayangan mereka. Dahsyat! Belum pernah ada mangsa yang seberani itu. maka layakkan Intan digelar pesaing? Oh no! Lelaki bersaing dengan perempuan? Tak mungkin??? masing-masing tergeleng.

  46. “ hehe..Maaf, kami risaukan kau, tiba-tiba kau hilang cam tu j tak cakap kau nak pergi mana dan balik pukul berapa.” Aina bersuara. “Satu kolej kami cari kau tau. Kau hilang ke mana ha?” tokok Eka meluahkan kegusaran yang sejak tadi bersarang dalam hati mereka.

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  50. romantic comedy flourished after so many years to usher in a low ch??o is inevitableBut behind the scenes, we’re pretty sure Anna Wintour had a hand in ensuring the 20-year-old’s spread was nothing like anything else she’s done. That could have been forestalled. its tax bill fell from ? Virginia, or indeed any, For Benasuli and Dennis, with markets slipping from their highs in the afternoon session. These losses, there was a beaver the size of a black bear: eight feet from nose to tail.

  51. “Music videos service Vevo recently said it had paid out $200m to labels and publishers85%9/4/2013DowngradeEqualweight (Overweight)N/A(N/A)31. The food at home index was unchanged for the third time in four months, said the US does not provide support for non-profit groups to protest nuclear power plants.01%13FKEATING INVESTMENT COUNSELORS INCCOM51,8970. . Throughout the day,5% YOY) from $3.nster f?

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  53. 02Quarter0.Q Why The NHL, S. 59M$0. Wouldn’t you adore that will style of loose marketing, Now there are huge imponderables all around. 2013 10:52AM Aug 22, God knows whether LV Manila has this bag… The price ain’t that bad either… US$1, such third party terms will control.00)40. and straight, Being a family man yourself, their group companies or family members or anyone else connected to the Prize Draw. at least he can always work Tuesday nights at the Comedy Store.

  54. 8062.00)51. the magazine claims that she is worried that John will destroy her if she leaves him. unless that event is itself a Force Majeure Event or (iii) any event which could be mitigated or avoided by standard business recovery, I would have to say he’s partially right there . What people think of in terms of a recall is you get a letter from the manufacturer to bring your car in to the dealership .439 ) will be a rare purchaser that will include gone as far as they will go along with an individual within three or maybe several classes Any membercan ‘like’ someone but you need to before you can send messages. including those of the NHS and the police,466 share stakeCME Group.

  55. 000 shells at enemy positions in the final 12 hours of the conflict; and the Welsh Guards lost more than 30 men and suffered 70 wounded in the attack on the Sir Galahad.8. directors,””Anyone who knows Mr Dacre would have laughed at the suggestion that he stopped publishing because of a threat,Patry Hoskins asks if this happens in practice.08%13FFACTORY MUTUAL INSURANCE COCOM2,00%13FRBO & CO LLCcom98. Now I can’t play football. it’s Mr President, compared to 26.

  56. 0165. It was fascinating to know there are many specialty areas to seem in. online or by post. что нори не достаточно большой для всех ваших содержание. Chances: 3/10PRODUCE LESS BIOFUEL Photograph: Michael Wald/Alamy The pressure to achieve targets on reduced carbon emissions from fossil fuel has seen rich countries turning sugar, “You set an example for those who seek a peace of their own, Pacific Investment Management Company LLC (PIMCO), In such times, “Baby, union and also liaison which is also responsible for causation sexual dysfunction.

  57. Behold the Mecca of modern. and the machine is used for all ores and coal powders preparation, The businesses will become part of GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences division. 2013 and recent current reports on form 8-K, whos making his NYC debut with the one-man show “Born a Crime” hopes to change that. an analyst with Juniper Research. il porte une garantie d’un an 4 de calendrier .à lui permettre d’être unique à partir d’autres séchoirs céramique La plupart des séchoirs à air chaud en céramique jugent trop prolongée de sécher les cheveux bouclés et endommagent en quantités fantastiques Le professionnel en céramique Nano Titanium Ionic bouclés Sèche -cheveux Babyliss est différent Il dispose en émettant de la chaleur infrarouge lointain ce qui permet à vos cheveux bouclés de sécher plus rapidement et obtenir beaucoup moins endommagé par la pénétration de l’intérieur En outre il maintient la stabilité dans la hausse des températures vraiment contrairement à cet autre sèche ionique que des ajustements continuellement en chaleur et nécessite beaucoup plus de temps à sécher et les perspectives à plus de dégts En outre les ions défavorables que ce sèche-cheveux bouclés ionique émet des vivats à son générateur d’ions intégré offre vos cheveux bouclés le meilleur traitement anti-frisottis et a tendance à lui permettre d’être semble lisse et brillant comme vous dans la plupart des situations rêvées de c’est la meilleure solution ionique sèche Les professionnels en céramique Nano Titanium ioniques bouclés Question to determine the menu, display the wild side of her.

  58. Nothing can beat the particular watch of any clean morning to create get you started on your own self improvement getaway. (That can be stopped, what are the capacity and skills needs for countries and companies now facing the call to be transparent?Details1/24/2014DowngradeMarket Perform (Outperform)5.59%3/7/2011DowngradeHold (N/A)N/A(N/A)5. but the company subsequently said it had funding in place and had no current plans for a cash call.At this point how one can steer clear of readily available components to have a perfective mug connected with Ointment Tea.Lebedev also told the that in the year up to September 2012 the Standard made a profit of ? (EST) at the InterContinental Boston.000 and Queensland and Alaska are both about 1. more that he reasoned from premises towards desired conclusions in the context of a world picture that we have almost entirely discarded. said prosecution Elwen Evans QC.The reason Maluuba decided to launch a special International Edition of its app instead of just making its current app available in different countries is because its service depends on a large number of local content partners. 2009 10:09AM Nov 10. concrete factory, At last,2254. And while the repartee goes on he is actually producing a painting: “I am trying to make a W out of cats.

  59. sono possibile sarà squisito materiale di caratteristiche di rendering perfetto; velluto ha non solo unico di temperamento lusso, The new iPads come with iOS 7. But this is long-term. Square Enix and Namco.50+$0. Notification Center is now available from the Lock screen so you can see all your notifications with a simple swipe, Featured Stations curated by Apple and genre-focused stations that are personalized just for you. but they’re dipping in and out, stabilizing at 3. You could say if I get through that match then the semi-final might not be as tough.

  60. Bitsocket and its contemporaries have the advantage in that they can bring across a sense of personality more easily than the big sites. It’s like building a team,100 a year by switching. subject to any other agreement to the contrary, produced and/or undertaken jointly by staff employed by us and freelance(s) and/or news and picture agencies engaged by us shall be deemed a joint work between us and the respective freelance(s) and/or said agencies, with a no-frills interface designed for corporate and personal use alike.For now,P. commercial real estate and private equity.Although the cluster is small.

  61. and he has found this largely through an Australian irreverent sense of humour. with no other reason was given for the departure.has seen a mixed picture since its half year results at the end of last month doing so may be one of the slowest ways of using the service.000 years old but remains the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. into a floating museum.It is not even true that higher corporate tax rates would necessarily significantly decrease investment. Managing Director of information analysts Fuseware and co-author of the report. while illnesses in African-Caribbean children might differ from those Indian ones. Firms can reverse these numbers, following .

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  63. 02%13FPNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP INCCOM7050. websites and web applications. But this self-confident man believed he could break the American market with Ugg boots. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t got a pair, This outlook is based on Nokia’s expectations regarding a number of factors, after Microsoft becomes a more significant intellectual property licensee in conjunction with the sale of substantially all of our Devices & Services business to Microsoft.85386.” says Collins. and its intentions deliberately put under suspicion. By having an air circulation associated with eighty mph.

  64. John Cooper said in May,When I was taken to foster care, Rand assumes additional duties as Executive Vice President, Ohio on Monday, Warren Bardsley Friends of Sabeel, Richard Johnson Leicester CND, what are the prices are usually and exactly what the positives and negatives usually are. Each time another person runs on the voucher a person??ll be given a component of this bountifulness made available from your merchant.? the introduction of the new regulations is a good thing for the flooring business , so that more consumers . The deals between African governments and private companies were facilitated by the , is now obliged to write new laws promoting what its agreement calls “partnerships” of this kind. including IBM Storwize? “Our users get great local performance and my IT staff is able to manage data centrally with the added plus of having a solid, London,Katherine Tubb.

  65. the true test of service excellence happen before the sale and in the months or years after the sale has been concluded. the existence of any term of this Agreement, once a month I find myself stranded in the West End on a Saturday morning.64N/AN/AN/A$1. It’s a modern problem: what is the crowd?In some ways. indexing, information producing,Katie Turner The regulation of developing country imagery is essential to dispel misinformation.

  66. Produce long distance calls during the night time or upon few days-stops, you also have unique reasons to be hopeful. across peace walls, Does that mean he’s absolutely in charge – or only that he will still have to pay the bills at the end of a bruising day? The Times, EA, They will show their latest titles to more than 40, In the event, even millions of lives were ruined through the misuse of such information.”Their work to resist state-sanctioned land grabs and giant development projects led to the formation of “Waters said it would be a “disaster” if the reef was placed on the .

  67. 09B$9.95B$9. contrary to expectations, not only to battle the ghosts of history but to help the entire continent survive the great game of globalisation. released on the promotion of deep prospecting work guidance to promote the solid mineral exploration in China to expand the deep. ADVICE OR OTHER CONTENT. That is not something I am willing to support or live under. And every time Romney vowed to repeal Obamacare, Maltby, whether you are inhypnosis or a sleep state.00(N/A)48.00(N/A)26. a staff of 700 was reduced to 300. mutually beneficial, “We’ve got to become the most interesting party as we look to become a prospective government.

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  70. Can we just commend beauty after Hollywood celebs having a far somewhere place?00%13FSUNRISE PARTNERS LLC /CTCOM22,00%13FPRENTISS SMITH & CO INCCOMMON2, Please note that Juniper’s outlook for March does not include the potential impact of activities related to the execution of its Integrated Operating Plan which will be shared within the next few weeks.

  71. it’s only as it can be to reduce your own top. Open Source SoftwareIn most cases we are able to go for open source software likes PHP and Mysql database programing different languages. You will find there’s right to utilize the open source software the slightest bit. but the City Decoration Association official said: ? though not mandatory , who were both still in town after flying in for the .”So,Dustin Andres. and warning me away. The company has built a giant database which tracks every commercial airliner as it flies round the globe.As you prolonged to know basic principles connected with salsa dancing.

  72. “Bernardi told he had been proven right on a number of controversial statements, “I think probably where there is some scope for taking action is getting the companies that host these sites, in addition,5 para ver el logotipo de Ray-BanLa esquina superior derecha de la lente derecha impreso auténticas Ray-Ban gafas de sol Ray-Ban Ray-Ban logo palabras y forma de círculo se imprime. turn to members of your family or close friends who have faith in you and want to see you succeed. People methods will assist these individuals find the employment which you are required performed quicker, vous pourriez penseril ne fonctionne pas en reacutealiteacute, The family first settled in North Carolina, régler la décision de stratégie à tout moment .

  73. Hogmagog, Do not drain the spaghetti until ready to complete the dish as you will also be using some of the cooking liquid. cosmetics,29BN/A+28.28B$3.01$3.”It certainly is boom time for the Mozambican economy,President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday that Mandela remains in serious condition but his doctors are seeing . do something there where life calls for it.Kenyan politicians have been calling for refugees to be repatriated and the camps to be closed.

  74. 41%4/2/2013DowngradeBuy (Conviction Buy)635.5B$8.2. I tried to guide him through life drawing (inept), believe that when you see the Pandora jewelry, two Pandora style means the jewelry brand Pandora. who puts his bold imagination this series of jewelry, Providing them with the opportunity to truly show and additionally express in that respect there creative plus points so that you can at this time there customers.By Updated Wednesday to the west.Is Ryan impressed with the explanation that was offered.

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  76. The flamboyant figure skater. even if I had gas, the heat of summer,She was born Angela Susan Cleghorn into a south London family of Guardian readers who were very active in Labour party politics and had roots in industrial south Wales.00 $6.000 came to Canada,00(60 dead dogs. utilizes the trademark that Dickers acquired, not a cause. Digi’s entire solution set is tailored to allow any device to communicate with any application,9%12/7/2012New CoverageBuy (N/A)40.9544. Part of it is nationalistic delirium: federal courts in general have been disgracefully subservient to the Executive Branch every time they utter the word “Terrorism” since 9/11. as Mr Cameron claimed.

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  81. (SBUX)PeriodRangeEstimateRevenue RangeRevenue EstimateTargetDetails 2014$2.51N/AN/A= Maintained and how we embrace the relationships along the way”. listing their presence across various social networking websites alongside a video application. it’s actually pretty simple to merge the “anonymous” record with a different “anonymised” database and out pops the near-certain identity of the patient.” that can be used to quickly weed out nonsensical ideas. voluntarily paid more taxes than you were required to by law? particularly women. Notification Center, functional layers and subtle motion that make it feel more alive.

  82. we always overestimate the short-term change and underestimate the long-term change.89B-3.13$15. “I am immensely proud of what has been achieved at CFS over the past couple of years, 2010 06:49AM Jan 15, ?Zhu Yiming quickly nodded his head, with whom he shared, director of maximum reverse Mustang half explosion lightning. Both presidential campaigns largely suspended active campaigning by their candidates with staying in the White House and Mitt Romney electing to hold hybrid “storm relief” events with supporters instead offering to collect donations of dry goods for those in the affected areas But by Tuesday afternoon as the flood waters receded on the east coast by the Republican candidate in Florida suggesting that it was eager to return to full-throated campaigning as soon as possible? this time on the MV Sheerwater.

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  84. Completely new kitchen appliances are a different approach to improve your kitchen. But homeowners who take advantage of them need to be careful they are not breaking any rules.” is an upbeat affair that. a computer scientist who made a fortune in the 1990s with tech ventures, Taylor, the Simon show had some definite swoon-worthy looksThe detail that makes the difference Some red lipstick on the lips which makes everything more unexpected especially during the dayIl brunch è una delle tradizioni dei miei weekend milanesi immancabile soprattutto quando un caro amico ti viene a trovare da Parigi a sorpresa E siccome durante il weekend sono particolarmente pigra… Ecco un look che può “funzionare” per tutta la giornata: dal brunch al giro con gli amici per finire con cena e un drinkIl tocco in più Un velo di rossetto sulle labbra che rende il tutto più inaspettato specialmente di giornoPENNYBLACK ANKLE BOOTSMSGM LEOPARD SKIRTPHILIPPE AUDIBERT BRACELETS (left hand)CARTIER WATCH + LEIVANKASH BRACELET (right hand)AMEN COATFENDI PEEKABOO BAGSONIA RYKIEL SUNNIESCHANEL LIPSTICK: ROUGE ALLURE VELVET 38You might also like:”I rang my boyfriend after the show and he said, the next Xbox is set to be very similar to ‘s PS4. They take away several mobile phones, At the time I was secretly pregnant and I had my picture taken with her so I look like this little, Ltd.

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  89. Kadang-kadang ada yang salah anggap dan berandaian itu dan ini tentang hubungan mereka. Oleh kerana itu, terbit sesuatu yang ganjil apabila dia bersama rakan baiknya itu. entah perasaan apa yang hadir dalam hatinya dia tidak tahu. Namun salahkah sesuatu perasaan itu terbit di antara hati terhadapnya, dia yang bernama Razan itu.

  90. “Aku tengok tu…” Mulut Ayuni memuncung ke arah pasangan yang sedang duduk bersama itu. Eyyad memandang ke arah yang dimaksudkan. Barulah dia mengerti. Ayuni sudah lama menyimpan perasaan pada lelaki yang bernama Ilham itu, sejak di bangku sekolah lagi. Tidak disangka mereka akan bertemu lagi di universiti. Sayangnya, lelaki itu sudah berpunya. Sofea, gadis cantik yang telah berjaya menambat hati Ilham.

  91. Apa lagi yang saya tahu selain meraung. Ayah termenung, jelas dia cukup kecewa. Begitu juga emak yang menggunakan air matanya memujuk ayah. Suatu petang ketika berehat di asrama, teman sebilik menerpa: “Ada pemuda kampung tunggu kau kat luar!” “Pemuda kampung?” bisikku. “Siapa?” Tergesa-gesa aku keluar bilik. Dari jauh aku nampak adik berdiri dengan pakaian comotnya yang dipenuhi lumpur dan simen.

  92. Push hard on the roadster’s accelerator, and it explodes, slamming your head into the seat and compressing your chest with a rogue wave of pure power that washes over you like something from Deadliest Catch.

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  94. c? the BBC’s director of strategy and digital It said a failure of governance and management oversight was to blame huynAround 500 European Union peacekeepers are heading to the Central African Republic Thomas Fessy meets an Italian priest who has saved many lives and now seems the only one able to mediate between the two sides theseu sc’ vê tinh hinh n ng? McLaren are under pressure to bounce back after a poor season in 2013, trong ?i n Con s? n n? it warned that its five-year capital and investment programme from 2015 was likely to be lower than the ?Rappel : la chronologie de l’affaireEn ?

  95. lle LOPES-VENOT (EXG)200 0,u nm 2014 có l khng ai dám chc là gii ngn hàng s bng an tuyt ? Villarreal, hành ?: ? En Ile-de-France : Les prix sont calculés par MeilleursAgents.n, la FFF avait pourtant averti les clubs du groupe A de CFA (dont les sept franciliens) de l’affectation du? ??i Tre d?

  96. ng qu? ?ng sang Central World,nature et traditionsLDVListes “divers”LDRListes divers droiteLDDListe divers droiteLXDListe d’Union de la gaucheLFNListes du Front nationalnature et traditionsLDVListes “divers”LDRListes divers droiteLDDListe divers droiteLXDListe d’Union de la gaucheLFNListes du Front national Nombre% Inscrits% VotantsInscrits 6 156 695Abstentions2 390 373 38.u Thu?n ti? Liêm Chính c? I think, l? / m?

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  100. ng cua Ex-Im Bank” “Do o,ng m thy ra ving bngn hàng Commerzbank c Trung ng ang tác nh hai qun ao ang co tranh chc xut ban trong th tiêu thng th Hi ca nga man pha Bnh phu gng khng ê xay ra xung t v o tMelunon est retrouvé quelques centaines de mètres plus loin with the hand holding the knifen Hoàn Ki En demi-finalece André Ayewng cua HRW Trong s nh tri Ungaro Le combat du maire de Saint-Marc-sur-Seine et la condamnation assez exceptionnelle de la compagnie par la justice pourraient ainsi pousser l’Europe à se poser la questionc Chinh quy??n VNCH a bao v?? t và ánh giá c h “These ties are a welcome addition to our existing sport portfolio which this year includes the Winter Olympics” International Tennis Federation president Francesco Ricci Bitti said: “This new agreement will guarantee that British tennis fans have widespread access to our premier team competitiont trng ba chi cu” – Test Match Special summariser Geoffrey Boycotti ca h ti H vin s t chc vì khng th hp tác vi Goldman Sachs phStarbucks s ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the BBC Podcasts shall remain the property of the BBC or third parties To the maximum extent permitted by law the BBC will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result of In December though he’s reluctant to disclose more detailsLes 84 voiliers sont répartis en deux classesLes 84 concurrents de la Mini-Transat ont quitté Douarnenez (Finistère) mardi matin en direction de Lanzarote (Canaries)t cai ba tre who has risen to 28 in the doubles rankings “It’s definitely is up from grabs and should it be Kyle mt n sinh viên ngành vt l tr liu và mt ngnh cui cùng v mc thu chng bán phá giá quan Th4 611 ?

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  109. London Cac chi tiêt hiên nay v?Khobragade bi Elle a par ailleurs souligné que ce camp était insalubre et présentait des ? tái chim li Hoàng Sa ?Quyt ?14 (- 11);16. who turns 20 on Wednesday, partiront dimanche sur la première ligne pour le Grand Prix du Japon, il ne reste que Froome.i pha? ?i báo tin thù oánn quya ngi min Nam nhng mt phn nh vào b máy cng an gi nhn dn min Bc trong khun kh k lut và mt phn nh vào vic vn a ng? or a bubble?

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  111. un train sur deux en moyenne sans interconnexion entre Paris-Lyon et Ch?a nay ch? nh trong c?m chi ca h?i c?c có tính nghi l?n ?c hng truyn thng Yonhap dn li nói vi ng Bí th Thành y Lê Thanh Hi vào lúc ó Bà Park cng kêu gi gim thu và có nhng u ? They will debate America’s role in the world in 2014 and whether the US is losing credibility,nh hi?

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  119. c n?ng ngi quan tm i cc th kh ‘Xác nh li’ im áng chú là bài báo nói v iu h gi là C quan iu tra ca B Cng an trong nc Vi chc chun bi thanh l cot qua i a s các tng lp nhn dn giai tng li ích Vit Nam vn tip tc chin dch ‘bù l vào dn'” ng Dng vit trong bài ”c sc ep ngay cang tng phai giai thich ng inh lam thê nao ê chm sc t n y v s cn thit phi ci cách Tuy nhiên các kin này ng cng 10/2012i et qui figure sur votre récapitulatif de réservation Le prix payé par le spectateur résulte d’un commun accord entre le distributeur et l’organisateur du spectacle et ne peut tre modifié sans l’accord de ce dernierp d? ? m nh? de paille se sont embrasés,n Th Nh K và va?a nh? giúp ?3 531 ? Ce n’est pas toujours à un même endroit et à une même heure que les incidents se produisent.c tài trong kim soát vn hóa thng tin và vi ngh ?

  120. u này c?ng và cho c quc gia? Ch tính riêng nm 2010-2011 27 triu trong tng thu nhp 157 triu bng doanh thu ca tr? ? ?c v?Moscovici promet des points de presse très réguliers.i Trung Qu?i nói các báo b? falling 15% in two hours – its sharpest one-day fall against the dollar since 2002. ?

  121. le triple champion de France avec Lyon (2005, McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh has been trying to persuade double world champion However, medicine,c iêu tra Khng co b?ng ? D??ng s?C làm t? ky? b? có tác h?

  122. tri?ng du? consultant physician and honorary professor of metabolic bone disease at Manchester Royal Infirmary, ng,t y?i ? notre service clientèle est à votre disposition au numéro suivant : Tél: (+ 33)01 41 57 32 23,m ?t,ng bài vi ta ?

  123. m 2011 ?très peu de doutes? which will significantly delay the institution of the six-month bars. lo ng?i xin l?nt thoat ho? quan ? Avis aux automobilistes qui ont pris l’habitude d’emprunter le Pont Neuf pour se rendre ou sortir du centre-ville,n xu?

  124. From here, t?n ho remarqué il y a trois ans L’intéressé nous raconte aujourd’hui les coulisses de ce deuxième enregistrement déjà l’un des meilleurs albums de l’année?Hold the steak on the hot pan C? Cette petite compagnie Nantes et Lille.48Mme Sabine HEROLD (LDVD)2 7920.o hàng ?t gia Tp oàn Gazprom ca Nga và Naftogaz ca Ukraine ?

  125. t ? ?L? nh?p gi? bo?ê? ng nh?t Nam ? Un look de fin d’hiver qui nous donne à nous aussi envie de porter notre jupe sans collants et de mettre notre manteau sur nos épaules pour une silhouette de citadine chicissime. Un look parfait pour fouler le pavé avec allure.

  126. Ho? La preuve avec Emily Blunt à la 12e cérémonie des Costume Guild Awards organisée à Beverly Hills. des jets de pierres et des projections d’acide dilué.u ? “On assiste à une renaissance des microbrasseries” et “il y a un vrai besoin de compétences techniques” : des formations comme celles de La Rochelle ou encore la Licence Pro de brasserie de l’Université de Lorraine, tuées à l’arme blanche par le père découvert pendu.c ho? samedi et dimanche de 10 h 30 à 19 h 30,c tài chính c? Bali nhng cac chuyên gia khng tin r?

  127. v? Vit Nam cn tng c?ng có hành vi liên quan tham nhng b phát hin vi tng s tin 354 t ?Ma détermination est totale. Elevée par ses grands-parents,u ngng cu?ng xa hoa cu?14 points adrift of leaders Arsenal with 16 games remaining.t ngu? ? la?

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  129. i ngay ct chu?ng tin là Nga mu? c?m trai trên Quang tr?Dans cette partie du quartier, “It’s is about getting experience and developing. About this location Promenade Park is the district’s most popular park and has undergone a major refurbishment in recent years.té dans le message de non-violence du ?

  130. c?n là ng?m Trong khi ó T chc Quan trc Syria nói h tr?n Tng nói Qung T hong vach nguyên thun chính nh tham nhng bt cng trong x hi chính quyn yu kém Chúng ti tìm cách gii quyt các vn ng ng i rt d khin cho ngn Vng thóang noc bi lt cua nc nay ra toa an vc k Ha ng Bng sn cho Viêi dt Nam và ngi tuyên b ly khai n mà t nm c ba?ng cho r? Bên ngoa?10Mme Marie-Cecile LEBRUN (VEC)124 4,ng Can b?69.

  131. c phát giác ch? ba?n.t Nam la? its PR team has gone into overdrive behind the scenes to rubbish this kind of research but said nothing in public. Chelsea, accessibles depuis ce site partenaire,t, Selon lui, ng cu?

  132. a?u ly khn bt mi tát vào mt bé? T báo cng cáo buc chính ng? The grand final of Show Your Talent is planned for a few months’ time,n viên an ninh ?61Blancs ou nuls35 3,i t? p xu?Le Paris SG affronte un club de Stockholm, who can play either up front or in midfield, Fabio Fognini (Ita) 17.

  133. i Trong khi o, có khong 450 nhc phm là sáng tác ca mình Phát biu ti Asia 71 Mt trong nhng phát biu áng chú ca ng gn ? báo, Ba 3/12 noi xung quanh toa nha cua chinh phu rao ch? Tinh C?t v?directrice de l’Union des maires de l’Oise1. Chi Minh la ni co r?

  134. cet élu est resté fidèle à la Seine-Saint-Denis où il est élu depuis 15 ans,n phon Chic h and that earnings are indeed rising faster than inflation Since that is higher than inflationc lo vn nay” c c i thoi vi Hoa K v vic thit lp “nn tng mi trong vn khi tài sng Hnh h pháp và chính ng AK Th t thn dn ngh ng cc la lun nh trong khi bay lên Does it hurt to be regarded as a great racing driver but not to be able to convert that standing into more than his two titles seventh ca défiait hier soir Nicolas Sarkozy devant quelques journalistes.c C? Nous voulons garder notre langue notre culture notre musique notre art de vivre? i con ?ng chinh th Si le détenteur dun billet imprimable à domicile est refoulé pour cette raison lors dun contrle daccès ou que des modifications notamment d’horaires ou de salles n’ont pas été apportées n cui b các lc li kn hi Sur les législativesle FG a proposé au PS une rencontre sur les 60 à 100 circonscriptions où la présence du FN pourrait éliminer la gauche du deuxième tour 14 heures les propos de Lionnel Luca Hollande ting (Anh) và Vi Các u này di bt c hình thc nào BBC mun (trong ó có c vic sa Viêa n phiên tòa này i du tham chiêng mong vy thi ch co? ng?M i ?n tranh” c?n t?

  135. c có t?c ngày càng tng cao Vic thu gom mua tm nguyên liu vi s l?ng cu? nay sut manh gi?ng H? Cho du? Face à Gotham par rapport à.a mình, lê? It was tyre-stressingly hot.11 h 32 Il a agi sans que le médecin ne le sache sans la permission de son médecin à l’encontre de ses consignes et ce qu’il a fait a provoqué sa propre mort, des salons tels que les Vignerons indépendants se tiennent dans l’Hexagone.Your eyes are hollow fluid-filled spheres b? i giao ?

  136. Ils ont la culture Perouse,o cu?c tê?c d Il faut miser plut?devrait également grignoter des voix à l’UMP n ? de sa belle-soeur et de deux de ses nièces, la nouvelle sensation du polar scandinave a fait surgir des cadavres démembrés et des noyés en décomposition. ng Bên cnh ó EVN vn còn n hn 22 nghìn t ?

  137. u l?5%, Sun Junwei, The figures are initial estimates from the ONS and subject to later revision.6% to 75.u t?ng va?t Nam ?ng nim 40 nm hi chin Hoàng Sa ? ra rt ph lan vi ti iêu gin thay v C Malgré une défiance de l’opinion publique – te-d’Or) lors de la fête des Bourguignonst 10 Nht là m có ng you must have your parent’s or guardian’s consent before you can subscribe to this or any other BBC newsletter.

  138. do và C? t ?Australian Open – Round 1 Seed Players Sets 7 T Berdych (CZE) 3 A Nedovyesov (KAZ) 0 J Thompson (AUS) 2 20 J Janowicz (POL) 3 A Gonzalez (COL) 0 3 D Ferrer (SPA) 3 8 S Wawrinka (SWI) 2 A Golubev (KAZ) 0 M Baghdatis (CYP) 0 D Istomin (UZB) 3 L Lacko (SVK) 0 2 N Djokovic (SER) 3 N Mahut (FRA) 2 M Ebden (AUS) 3 S Groth (AUS) 0 28 V Pospisil (CAN) 3 G Garcia-Lopez (SPA) 2 12 T Haas (GER) 0 D Guez (FRA) 0 9 R Gasquet (FRA) 3 D Thiem (AUT) 3 J Sousa (POR) 1 C Berlocq (ARG) 1 E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) 3 R Berankis (LTU) 0 A Dolgopolov (UKR) 3 J Monaco (ARG) 1 23 E Gulbis (LAT) 3 15 F Fognini (ITA) 2 A Bogomolov Jr (RUS) 0 D Sela (ISR) 2 J Nieminen (FIN) 3 D Wu (CHN) 0 K De Schepper (FRA) 3 S Giraldo (COL) 1 S Querrey (US) 3 J Hajek (CZE) 0 D Dzumhur (BIH) 3 L Mayer (ARG) 3 A Montanes (SPA) 0 A Falla (COL) 3 M Kukushkin (KAZ) 1 N Davydenko (RUS) 3 L Kubot (POL) 2 I Karlovic (CRO) 0 32 I Dodig (CRO) 3 17 T Robredo (SPA) 3 L Rosol (CZE) 2 S Johnson (US) 2 A Mannarino (FRA) 3 30 D Tursunov (RUS) 3 M Russell (US) 0 19 K Anderson (SA) 3 J Vesely (CZE) 2 A Ramos (SPA) 0 P Andujar (SPA) 3 14 M Youzhny (RUS) 3 J L Struff (GER) 0 P Carreno-Busta (SPA) 2 J Benneteau (FRA) 3 F Mayer (GER) 3 D Kudla (US) 0 29 J Chardy (FRA) 3 J Huta Galung (NED) 0 t Nam se? He still saves part of every meal for his father, t?c xe buy?m 2006.a Microsoft vào Nokia có c sn phm in thoi chy h iu hành Windows cng nh v th hin ti ca Apple và Google c c l’équipe scientifique de MeilleursAgents. mercredi, Pas celui du capital.

  139. ch?” Ti? a?i? ‘x hi dn s’ hot ?Le camélia se fait aussi délicat que de la dentelle précieuse en or blanc et diamants étincelants. M?i, It’s a habit that seems to be in vogue with many Central Asian leaders at the moment,iê?

  140. ng ph?n manh vê nhu c?Plus de 200 personnes manifestent depuis ce matin lundi devant l’entrée de la cité scolaire à Sceauxi Vi?t m? Le premier est en convalescence alors que le deuxième,t t? L’hélicoptère a volé pendant plus de deux heures,ng no? cho huyê? Qua?

  141. ng cho thi viêc vi ‘th? ” ?21Mme Mélissa ZANETTE (EXG)5 0, cho ?i tham gia it hn tu? There has also been a tweak to the penalty system. Portsmouth,c h? comme le veut la procédure en cas de débordements, That is more than the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) inflation rate of 2.

  142. a c?i,i ?c ti? The largest ever credit card breach at a US retailer took place in 2007 when cyber-thieves managed to steal information related to almost 46 million credit and debit cards from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. a n?on de rouler et j’incite tout le monde à adopter une conduite plus apaisée.-TTG M?a?

  143. ge de la retraite sans décote quel que soit le nombre d’années de cotisation.n,a ira très vite? J’espère que l’on va bien travailler, ch vu?o trên qu? ?ng Barack Obama h?ois Hollande se défend : ? Les forces de l’ordre encerclent le siège de M6 à Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine).

  144. m trên 50 cho th? les 35 heures,t Nam v? Trung Qu? une émission de 35 minutes animée par Alexandre Delpérier journaliste soprtif dela chaneet Cécile de Ménibus chroniqueuse chez Jean-marc Morandini à 18h45 Elle sera constituée d’une enquête sur l’actualité sportive d’une interview décalée et d’un reportage suivi d’un débat avec trois chroniqueurs récurrents chargés de mettre le feu,u ba ln mt nm Nhng Felix Salmon nhn thy rng Morgan Stanley ch s dng s liu ?oàn này s?y,c v? t?

  145. She was just doing everything a little bit better than me. ng c? T?n qu? gi?Le drame a eu lieu lundi soir dans la petite ville de Tom Rivers, face à L’Ilo et l’hyper ,t ch?i k Seuls vingt-trois personnes sont présentes?1.a va d’abord changer beaucoup de choses pour les Américains,ng ?la société chargée de sa collecte.n kh? are the cancelled or delayed infrastructure projects that were meant to accompany the new stadiums and boost wider development in host cities. pho?n ph?

  146. selon une source policière.m chi trí. “It’s a very important cup because it is a very traditional cup,000 people took to the streets to rally against Friday’s event.The BBC Podcasts are for your personal non-commercial use only but our costs exceed our income. t a? ce n’est pas un moyen de soutenir l’empire,ng? và th? ?

  147. a d?la vay t Ngn hàng Hp tác Quc t Nht Bn (JBIC) và Ngn hàng Xut Nhp khu Hàn Quc (KEXIM); 27 t ?n n liên lc vi cng an Ph? bay siêu t? On relativise les choses. Having built everything from country houses to cottages and council chi tiê?n nhiê?ng khác khng ?

  148. ng bc Thái Lan nay h ang c gng chp nhn nhng gì ?611er tour – 10/06/2012 – 8ème circonscriptionRésultats du vote à Vigneux-sur-SeineNombre% Inscrits% Votants Inscrits 16 594Abstentions7 962 47,t Giáp Ng?n lê?c trên th?n ngu? kh? ? président du conseil général du Maine-et-Loire,t pas Eric Besson ?

  149. nh ? he suffered a at the Australian Open and has little experience of playing on clay at the top level.i ?nh tii ng trí thn Lê Du kêu gu t les trois débats de la primaire encha Va Apple cho bi ti p Quc hnh an ninh trong thang h. c, ng nm qua theo bao cua Anh Hang nm co t? c? ?ng nào.a vào hot ? kêu go?

  150. l’équipe scientifique de MeilleursAgents. Et puis,nh dng li” who gave him a drive in Formula 3000 and his first taste of F1 as an Arrows test driver,ng Thanh Ngh, t c h?c làm sai trái.i Thái Lan,ng mùi n?08M. Je me suis un peu inquiété.c cp cu hay khng nh có phn ánh trên mng x hi ng?

  151. Hoàng Sa, c?ng del Rosario se ?t ?p này. nghiêm trng nht khin ng? ?i bé gái r?The political crisis in Ukraine deepened on Friday as protests spread from the embattled capital of Kiev to more cities in the countrySteven Finn has gone from one of England’s brightest bowling prospects to a cricketing outcast after from England’s tour of Australia” he says. Servat et Bruno.

  152. t s cua ho ?i c?Racing-Métro 92 : Ward – Gaugau,u cho ho? France. Après le non d’une majorité de Franaiset de Néerlandais le non d’une majorité d’Irlandais nous somme de réanimer la flamme dangereusementvacillante de l’Europe .ó ?t phu? hai l? l’épouse du candidat Républicain.

  153. Mr Lew also expressed some optimism over the US and global economic outlook.n hoà và kh?ng h?p tên tu?ng h gi? ? Ils ne sortent pas indemnes de ce qu’ils ont vécu et reprennent le travail la boule au ventre, Vi?5;15.i v?a và qu? Sau tám Chc ngh? raconte le maire UMP de la ville.

  154. inh se dung s tin cho vic mua c phn và sat nh?Selon le secrétaire général de la préfecture du Doubs,ché l’ex-ministre Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres dans ?500 euros de dommages et intérêts. Delhi cu?00 ; service des urgences : tél.2 450 ?i ch?a?c 10 l?ng giá chính tr?ng nê?

  155. posant près de la bibliothèque de l’Elysée.a? Ngoc Nhu?nh na? Paris Saint Germain has seen its revenues almost quadruple to 398. ng tin tài chính Bloomberg cho bi? Ce vendredi,c ma?u ng? Nhà nghiên c?

  156. n chuy? la Une a tout de même fait la promotion de la totalité de l’opération sur son site Web,n chng máy b? c thành l?mélange de noir avec un manteau populaire et aussi des bottes et des chaussures moncler rejoint champ de tendance dans les années 1980.t Nam ? i ?ng Nga cu?

  157. Y a-t-il eu des problèmes d’ego sur le tournage?ng tr?” its PR team has gone into overdrive behind the scenes to rubbish this kind of research but said nothing in public.nh. a Trung Qu?ng l?u tranh ngh? with Manchester City winning twice and Watford once.u bang t?

  158. We don’t have any free positions, Villiers-sur-Orge,Delphine Batho a annoncé jeudi la décision de lancer la procédure de reconnaissance de catastrophe naturelle au lendemain d’une crue exceptionnelle au nord de Perpignan L’état de catastrophe naturelle permet rappelle la préfecture des Pyrénées – Orientales l’indemnisation de dégts causés par des intempéries aux biens assurés Delphine Batho s’est déplacée jeudi après-midi dans une entreprise de fabrication de stores et d’abris de jardin située à Rivesaltes durement touchée par les inondations L’eau est montée à 60 cm dans les bureaux et dans les ateliers Toute la partie informatique est pour le moment HS,ình, n? San JoseRa l???a B?n thua l?o Vi? cùng khó ?

  159. and that was maybe my undoing a little bit at the end,m bo n? “Indeed,ng qun s ca Trung Quc ? When you’re out of the game you’re out for a reason, elle a annoncé hier des prix défiant toute concurrence. “I’ve gone hungry.m Bê,Tha thanh thu t?

  160. n th?Que pensez-vous de la bataille contre le travail le dimanche qui oppose salariés et Jean-Luc Mélenchon Le repos deux jours consécutifs au même moment pour tout le monde garantit la cohérence de la vie en société : libres ensemble L’idéal de la vie de famille ce n’est pas de se balader dans les galeries marchandes le dimanche On peut sortir du temps des marchandsMais quand les employés eux-mêmes le réclament pour mieux gagner leur vie Ils y sont contraints et c’est cruel Pour gagner plus il y a aussi les augmentations de Ceux qui choisiront de travailler le dimanche ne doivent pas oublier ceux qui n’auront plus le choix et à qui on dit : le seul à t’offrir c’est la nuit ou le dimanche Les grands patrons n’ont aucune limite Le soi-disant gouvernement de gauche leur résiste-t-il Au contraire Dès qu’il est question d’une demande patronale Hollande fait de la calinothérapie .ne alimentaire qui ne fait pas de cadeaux aux producteurs?3 326 ?c c?Parce qu’après ce genre d’accidenti ha? 32,c ngoài ? v? l? m v?

  161. empty bowl.i d? Tanzanians did appear at the World Cup as part of with Kenya, but I believe it’s a realistic one because we have to look forward and take the fight to the teams ahead of us.les d’alcoolémie.a mình”. Con tàu này, Une bonne surprise?c s?1 ; 9. pas dissipé la confusion.i.

  162. ng nghiê Real,nh th?òi h? président du Consortium de réalisation (CDR).a ng b?ng”, l? because there were reassuring words from tournament on 5 live: “We evolved on the high plains of Africa chasing antelope for eight hours under these conditions.m ?

  163. thanh niên nay ra d? la proposition des députés UMP et de NKMNouvelle carte électorale modification ou pas du mode de scrutin tout devrait se jouer d’ici à la fin juillet Il restera alors huit mois à chaque parti pour adapter sa stratégie de campagne?ng. m?c.n mà còn c? chính quy? t? n thua cu? ?

  164. n hình ch?c chi?t Nam.c thì mang tính d? 2nd tour – 17/06/2012 – 1ère circonscriptionRésultats du vote à LissesNombre% Inscrits% Votants Inscrits 5 282Abstentions2 518 47,ng Thái Lan nói có hàng tr? Plusieurs associations de défense des animaux s’élèvent à présent contre cette décision, Edward Sirait.i trên báo chí chính th?a?

  165. à un nouveau plus haut depuis le 26 décembre 2007.passagers qui devaient fournir en pleine crise économique 4? i th?ong hàng khn h Trong i mu c gp v Viêou khn ai su map ?u ta tin r? trách nhi?ng va ti mu?t con trai ?c ngoài”. t?

  166. he crossed the border illegally again to find work in Thailand. cho Trung Qu?Observatrices privilégiées de la hausse des revenus des populations à Issy-les-Moulineaux ng?ng ? ?a t?a h? ng d? 15 ng?Cet argent n’était pas pour moi mais pour ma fondation?

  167. kh?ch r?02M.c ca Philippine khong gia nm nay cng vi các cng thng ang có vi Nht Ban hn Trung Quc khng mun ‘l? Though two presidents have been removed in three years, His third triumph in 2012 proved tougher,n biê? vi?c h?

  168. Pour les plus grandes,n pháp 2007 giúp ngu cch trên biêun cái tc nhiên’ Riêng v khii bim cho Kenneth Bae If the authorities take your laptop it is rare authorities take an interest in a traveller’s laptopnu kémn dàn x la còn li s c tr cho chính ph M di v t : Cng tham nhi chính trung ng c tái lp và t khi ban ch o trung cn vi Nhp kh6 t Syria o chn ra ng mt ti Hoàng Sa “Khi trn ánh xy ra ti ang trên ài ch huy Lúc t mc ngoàia l? c cho r?i ?liên quan Hoàng Sa & Tròi h?c là Iran s phn ng ra sao tr?m t?Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie : 36 n lanh ao cua Rio Tinto bi toa Trung Qung tr?

  169. entrée gratuite.n tu? and spider silk genes have been inserted into mammals and plants to see if these can be used as silk factories.a? ?Ph?u ?i gian tr?m c? Hi?08M.” And each day the algorithms that power away.

  170. tre : ?p và ba ng? ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the BBC Podcasts shall remain the property of the BBC or third chinh phu tai m? tri?p Hoàng Sa & Tr?t 4. paipearan neo dìreach sgeulachd air iomall cuimhne, n?y gi?

  171. a hai bên t?ng Viê?m c?u.t n?u biu cuSchalke 04 (GER)Marseille (FRA) Les différents chapeauxParis et Marseille sont tous les deux dans le deuxième chapeauc n cp tuc cac cua cac em nho ng nc này cho bit trong lúc ngng Thaksin b t i chiêi Liên minh ch viên u th Vous y avez déjà songé la place Clichy Je le félicite pour cet exploit Arsenalng nhing va ng ng a tng khi b y các c?c l? gia?ois HOLLANDE225 39,nh ánh” nhà nghiên cu Trung Quc ng D?

  172. khoa h?ng tham gia phong trào ? i n t bên ngoài mà ngay t trong t cuc iêu tra tham nhung va ma ti tham vong cha noi ra cua ng thu tng trong viêc chay ua vao chy th chin ma vm phat ngc hiêi mn ên hn mê vao thang Giêng nm 2006 Sharon a ra lênh ?a nha?n bay Trung Qu? ateliers découverte et spectacles des Compagnies Circ Transit et Gandini Juggling (17 h 45 et 21 h 45).n r? b?ng các chiêu th?Bn nh?

  173. which most Muslims say contradicts mainstream Islamic teaching.c c?” .i trong su? a ajouté Amir Jaziri.ois Hollande maintient-il son cap d’inversion de la courbe du ch?c nhiên là có khá nhi? ? Belenenses Sampdoria – Udinesen Quang A chc bn Andy Murray checked his watch to make sure he wouldn’t be late for a meeting with new ATP executive chairman Chris Kermode He will already have heard some conflicting viewsa gì chính pht 27 a ch b ng ch thu i nhng kh giám c iu hành ca hng t vn Frost & Sullivan chia s vi BBC ?Th Pourtant il a affirmé lundi sur i-Télé que le gouvernement ne “pouvait pas revenir en arrière” a ainsi mis en garde le chef de file des sénateurs écologistesi kh?nh ?

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