Modern Deck Primer: Splinter Twin Pt. 3 – WUR Twin

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Part 1: Splinter Twin Part 2: Tarmo-Twin  |  Part 3: WUR Twin

In Part 1 of this primer series, we discussed the basics of the Splinter Twin archetype in Modern and a Tempo Twin decklist from Pro Tour: Born of the Gods. In Part 2 we discussed Tarmo-Twin, a more aggressive version of Splinter Twin. To conclude this series, let's take a look at a more controlling version of the Twin combo deck that uses white cards to slow the game down a bit.

WUR Twin

Tim Rivera

Cute Play of the Deck: Against decks with few creatures, Wall of Omens and Path to Exile can seem pretty bad. Sometimes you just need a land no matter the cost. Target your own Wall of Omens with your Path to Exile to build your own Rampant Growth!

Compared to Tarmo Twin, this white list is more defensive. Wall of Omens, Lightning Helix and Restoration Angel are a brick wall that aggressive decks are unlikely to break through. This comes at a cost of decreased pressure against combo and control decks. Notice that UWR twin plays 3 lands more than Tarmo Twin. Why? First, Celestial Colonnade is an excellent use of mana when flooding out, and can win the game all by itself. Second, Wall of Omens isn’t as good as Serum Visions at helping you hit early land drops. Third, no Gitaxian Probe. White has slightly better sideboard options than green, particularly Stony Silence over Ancient Grudge.
[cardimage gid='240096'][cardimage gid='193545']

If you’re considering buying in to Modern or playing a Splinter Twin deck at your next tournament, I think Tarmo Twin is the way to go. It is likely to be one of the best decks in Modern for months to come. If you can find the time, consider how the metagame is likely to adjust to recent events and shift 1 or 2 cards to adapt to those changes. WUR Twin may be preferable if you expect a Wild Nacatl heavy metagame, which I do not expect in the near future. Tempo Twin is largely the budget option, although it is more resilient to Blood Moon than Tarmo Twin.

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