BUG Landfall EDH

Welcome back, all, to another reach into my bag of EDH decks. Today we’re talking about one of my favorite decks with a lot of tricks. In my early days of being exposed to EDH I was a sponge looking for the next idea to suck up and run with. My friend Alexis had a spare BUG deck with a few landfall mechanics in it and I was without a deck that day. I took it, piloted it and started thinking to my self…I will take this and make it great!!!

Her list wasn’t as synergistic as I wanted it to be and by brain started cooking. I wanted a hybrid ramp-combo deck and when this deck was initially built Primeval Titan was still legal in the format. I wanted to keep the colors so I couldn’t run Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle nor did I want it to be that kind of deck. I liked the landfall mechanic and quickly started looking for all the cards i could find within the color wedge.

Of course with any new mechanic that i’m trying to built around I always dive back into older sets with similar mechanics that would compliment my initial idea. Here’s what i came up with, post-Primeval Titan ban.

Okay, so where to start? Bloodghast and Perilous Forays, how awesome? Sac the ghast, get a land, trigger landfall, ghast comes back, repeat. Obviously this will be limited to the amount of open mana and basic lands left in the deck. Couple this with any other landfall trigger like Ob Nixilis, the Fallen or Grazing Gladehart and reap more value.

I’m not the biggest fan of infinite combos in EDH, although if you have all the right cards in play you can just win if no one can disrupt the combo. Amulet of Vigor and Patron of the Moon with any of the “bounce lands” (Dimir Aqueduct, Golgari Rot Farm, or Simic Growth Chamber) and you can net infinite mana and infinite landfall triggers.

With Zuran Orb and Elixir of Immortality you can infinitely cycle your lands back into your library and take advantage of Scapeshift or Boundless Realms. Making absurdly huge plant tokens off Avenger of Zendikar can also swing you in for the win as well.

Parallax Tide should be used on your own lands primarily. Removing five lands from the game at EOT and bringing them back on your next turn grants you landfall triggers in a pinch if need be.

The backbone of the deck and potentially the most important cards is Oboro, Palace in the Clouds. It’s the one land that you can pick up on one-mana notice and replay as many times as you can.

The win conditions in the deck are, of course, the general Vorosh, the Hunter, Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, Avenger of Zendikar and Rampaging Baloths. The games do take a long time to set up to really abuse the deck’s theme so I’d highly recommend not playing the deck in a one-on-one game.

This list hasn’t been revamped in a bit so I’m hoping to hear some feedback about other suggestions and with Battle for Zendikar coming up in October, I have high hopes of adding new cards.

Thanks for reading!

x Julian Biondillo x
Julian, AKA hardcoreniceguy on Twitter

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