Tiny Tuesday- Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

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In Commander, there are a lot of sweet things to do with graveyards. There are a lot of very high power graveyard themes that run across black, blue, and green. There are a few neat things to do with graveyards in Tiny Leaders, but the power level of the graveyard interactions simply isn't as high. Interestingly enough, one of the more powerful leaders as it pertains to the graveyard is a red creature with white in its color identity.

Alesha has a lot of cool things going on. As a 3/2 first-striker, she comes at a decent rate for three mana. The activated ability that she comes with adds a ton of extra value. Tiny Leaders isn't overflowing with ways to fill the graveyard, but Mardu decks will naturally lend themselves to having a lot of creatures that you want to kill. Dark Confidant and Stoneforge Mystic are at the forefront of my mind for great creatures that are legal in Tiny Leaders, and Goblin Rabblemaster isn't a slouch either.

Mardu has a couple tricks that will help it keep its graveyard stocked. Faithless Looting and Buried Alive play quite well with Alesha. Liliana of the Veil and Pack Rat are right at home here, too. You can even support a few creatures that naturally recur from the graveyard. This is my current list for Alesha:

Tiny Alesha

There are a few options missing here that you'll definitely want in your sideboard. Bone Shredder and Ghitu Slinger will generally be more powerful than Fleshbag Marauder, but I wanted to be sure to be able to wreck Geist of Saint Traft. For this reason I also recommend a sideboard Crackling Doom.

One of the cooler interactions to be aware of in the deck is Tymaret, the Murder King and the trifecta of Mesmeric Fiends. If you sacrifice these creatures with the trigger on the stack, you'll be able to permanently remove a card in your opponent's hand from the game.

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