Deck Overview- Brave Sir Robin

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Deck nomenclature has devolved to a point where we're just supposed to use a decks colors and whether its control or aggro these days, but I choose to represent the old guard and I like Steven Schlepphort's deck name. The deck is a Knight of the Reliquary combo deck that uses Retreat to Coralhelm to go lethal (not infinite) by using the knight to fetch lands repeatedly, being untapped with the Retreat every time, and ultimately to rumble in for a grip of damage. Seeing as neither Knight nor Retreat require you to tap the lands that you fetch, you can generate one mana every time you run through the sequence and wrap things up with the Taiga into Kessig Wolf Run to generate a huge/huge trampler.

Bant decks in Legacy tend to be quite slow. I've previously expressed my disdain for Swords to Plowshares decks, and adding a combo finish to the mix does a lot to address both of these weaknesses. You can find SCG's deck tech of the deck here.

The only complaint that I really have about the deck is that it's probably playing too many retreats. You only need one to go off, and the card isn't spectacular when you're not comboing. It's true that it pitches to Force of Will, but when a card isn't worth its cardstock pitching to Force is a "have to", not a "get to". Ponder and Spell Pierce are notably absent from the maindeck, and a Spell Pierce over one of the Retreats that he drew in the semis against dreamboat Eric Hawkins could have been a difference maker.

2 thoughts on “Deck Overview- Brave Sir Robin

    1. No matter what he community at whatever forum as been calling it, the SCG deck name is going to become “canon”. I like Brave Sir Robin more than Knightfall, but SCG won’t adopt either.

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