Deck Overview- Legacy Izzet Prowess

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It should come as no surprise that I'm writing about a Delver deck. It should also come as no surprise that somebody decided to play Stormchaser Mage in Legacy. Thomas Schlegal took his build of Izzet Delver to a Top 8 finish in the Louisville Legacy Classic this weekend.

This is the way that Izzet Delver decks have always been built in Legacy historically. I prefer to have access to Stifle and Wasteland myself, while these decks are mostly burn decks with access to counterspells and Brainstorm. Having counters in your burn deck gives you game against combo decks that you wouldn't normally have, and having Price of Progress in your Delver deck gives you a huge haymaker against Lands. It also is well positioned against the no-basic builds of Eldrazi that people are talking about playing in Legacy.

While this "hybrid" Burn/Delver deck gains some advantages of both decks, it does run into trouble against some Legacy decks. Daze gets weaker in the absence of Wasteland when you have to play a longer game, and also isn't proactive when it comes to enabling prowess. The trimming of mana denial and heavy presence of burn spells can also hurt against combo decks. The real weakness in the maindeck though, appears to be against Miracles. There are a couple problems with regard to this matchup.

For starters, Miracles decks operate on a lot of basic lands. Even if you're able to resolve a Price of Progress, they can actively find basic lands to minimize the damage that your spell deals. Further, when it comes to combatting Miracles, just drawing a bunch of burn spells can run you into trouble on its own. It's a deck that you often need to be able to slog through a few counterwars to beat, and Forked Bolt just doesn't do anything there. Lastly, the Miracles deck is great at dealing with creatures. One of Temur Delvers greatest tools against Miracles is Nimble Mongoose, as it single-handedly demands a Terminus. It can be very difficult to combat Miracles when all of your threats die to Swords to Plowshares.

This is definitely an interesting take on Delver, and the eight haste creatures alongside Price of Progress give your opponent a lot to think about with regard to not dying out of nowhere. I can't fully endorse this particular build as being something that I would play personally, but it's a great list for cheesing wins, especially if your metagame is flush with Lands.

2 thoughts on “Deck Overview- Legacy Izzet Prowess

  1. “as it single-handedly demands a Terminus”….Or you throw your Clique under the bus (or snapcaster if they don’t have threshold)….As a miracles player I definitely HATE turn 1 nimble mongoose, but there are other ways around mongoose (though I will grant you that Terminus is the easiest).

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