Deck Overview- Modern Jeskai Control

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Once upon a time, Shaun McClaren won a Pro Tour with a Jeskai Control deck. After that, the deck slowly disappeared from the format at large, with much blame for its disappearance based on Splinter Twin being a better strategy to employ in a Steam Vents deck. With Twin banned now, some players are picking up Jeskai Control once again. With some metagame choices to combat the Eldrazi menace, of course.

Snapcaster Mage and Lightning Bolt are, unsurprisingly, still great. While the Eldrazi deck is explosive, many hands can be one-for-oned in the early game, and then shut down if your late game is strong enough. Path to Exile deals with any threat, and I can't express how happy I am to see so many Cryptic Command's in a 5-0 League deck.

The maindeck isn't completely dedicated to beating Eldrazi, but the sideboard contributes a lot of help in that matchup. Supreme Verdict and the pair of heavy-hitting planeswalkers in Elspeth, Sun' Champion and Gideon Jury give this deck some serious punch in long games.

Traditionally, decks like this have played Wall of Omens in the two slot, in part due to its interaction with Restoration Angel. It turns out that Wall is quite poor against Eldrazi with the ease at which the deck generates four power creatures, whereas Spreading Seas is extremely well-positioned currently. Turning off Eye of Ugin is only scratching the surface of the card's power level. It also turns off creature lands from Affinity and Infect while being about as good against Jund as it has ever been.

Personally I'm in the "join 'em" camp when it comes to Eldrazi (tournament report coming tomorrow!), but if I were invested in "beating them" this is the deck that I've seen that shows the most promise. There are other archetypes like Living End and Lantern Control that can compete, but none are quite as good at just playing Magic nor appear to have as strong matchups against the format at large as this deck.

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