Deck Overview- Standard Azorius Vehicles

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We've seen plenty of Vehicles decks in Standard, and the power level of Azorius Flash is no secret, though today's deck puts some of the blue, white, and artifact heavy hitters of Standard to work in a very innovative way. Check out Maruyama25's 5-0 list from a Competitive Standard League:

Glint-Nest Crane isn't the most aggressive card, though it technically increases your artifact count for Toolcraft Exemplar. With there only being 13 artifacts in the deck, you can count on missing with your Crane more than you would like, though with Always Watching in the mix it becomes a formidable 2/4 vigilant flier.

The likelihood of Crane missing and the absence of Gideon, Ally of Zendikar seem questionable to me, though this is the style of deck that is likely to get better with Aether Revolt. I would absolutely be on the lookout for one or two more aggressive artifacts to slot in this deck to make it even more powerful.

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