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Hello, finance junkies and welcome to another week of the Daily Stock Watch! This week will mark the release of Iconic Masters, so I'll be going over five cards from that set that I think will have some major movements (both positive and negative) in the long run.

Last week, I already talked about Aether Vial, which is one of the cards that's going to see a reprint in IMA but I'll still try to feature one card per day until the set's full release on November 17. Today, I'm going to talk about my favorite card from the set:

There's a reason why Ancestral Recall is a Power 9 card. Drawing more cards than you're supposed to is almost always an advantage when you're playing Magic, especially if it comes at a very low cost. When the price of Ancestral Vision went bananas back in May of this year, it barely surprised me at all. In fact, I was more flabbergasted when I learned that the card wasn't as popular as I thought it would be in Modern if it wasn't for its emergence in the sideboard of the Grixis Delver deck. I think that it deserves more attention than what it is actually getting.

Patiently waiting for its suspension (no pun intended) to be lifted from the sideboard of this deck are three copies of Ancestral Vision. The card is absolute gas if you could get it going on your first turn, as it gives your opponent something to seriously think about for the next four turns. In a war of attrition, the player who draws more is favored to pose more threats, and that's how Grixis Delver mirror matches are won and lost. This reason alone was enough to pad Ancestral Vision's price to a high of $62.95 for the normal version, and up to north of $200 for the foil ones.

After some good tourney finishes, the deck was "checked" and new archetypes emerged. The demand for Ancestral Vision saw a gradual decrease, but people were reminded that it's a really good card and that was enough reason for it to retain its value. After seeing its inclusion in IMA, I was so thrilled that I'd be able to snag copies of the card for a lower price... and I think that you should be as well.

Modern Drawers

The cards above aren't exactly what I would call "draw spells", but all of them have been used more than Ancestral Vision by top performing decks based on my Utility Checker. On the surface, I think most of us would prefer having Ancestral Vision on our decks more than those cards. But these cards are doing what they're supposed to on the turn that they are called upon -- something that can't be done by Ancestral Vision.

Not unless...

Team Cascade

Just imagine if the Bloodbraid Elf unbanning really does happen. People will definitely start brewing decks that will take advantage of its power (hello Hypergenesis) and that should be enough reason to start another price spike. If you buy in now and that happens, you'd be making so much profit out of it. If it doesn't, I don't think it's a bad idea to hold on to them longer. This card is really, really good.

Prior to the IMA reprint, there have been three printings of this card. As of posting time, you should be able to find copies of Ancestral Vision via TCGPlayer for as low as $17.50.  Star City Games, Card Kingdom, and Channel Fireball have copies that are in the $25-30 price range for the older versions, and for $23-25 for the IMA version. The foil versions are all above the $100 mark with the IMA version as the cheapest, and the Time Spiral version being the most expensive at $150. I would encourage you to get foil copies if you could, but keeping normal ones if you could get them below $20 would be the best bargain.

And that's it for today! Check back in tomorrow as we continue this special edition of the Daily Stock Watch. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!


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