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Good day and welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Daily Stock Watch! Today, we'll take a look at card number two of our five-day Iconic Masters special. I believe that it arguably is the best card in the set, both power-level and demand-wise.

Originally printed as an uncommon in Legends, a lot of people (including me!) thought that this card was part of the Reserved List. Due to some technicality with card rarities, Mana Drain is very legal to be reprinted and is now part of the upcoming Iconic Masters, where it is rightfully classified as a mythic rare. For those of you who aren't aware about how good this card is, just take a look at this Oath of Druids deck:

Oath of Druids

Back in the day, you'd probably see a complete playset of Mana Drain in that list. Times have changed and other cards have been used for more flexibility, but it is undeniable that the advantage it brings to the caster is something that's hard to pass up on. If only this card isn't banned in Legacy, it would definitely cost higher -- but thanks to Commander demand, this reprint won't drop its price that much despite of the expected influx of supply.

The Best Permissions

Take a look at the cards above. These are cards that belong in the same league (utility wise, at the very least) as Mana Drain, and most of them already have multiple printings (with the exception of Mystic Confluence). Almost all of them have kept their respective price tags since they are staples across all the formats that they are legal, and I expect the same thing to happen with Mana Drain.

What will probably take the biggest hit from this reprint is the Italian version of Mana Drain. From my perspective, I'd actually go for the IMA copies (foil included even with the judge foil hanging around) since it has the authenticity seal, which makes me feel secure about having a real card that does the same thing as that of the old one. The judge foils should also see a dip in value, but don't trust me too much on this one as I am someone who doesn't fancy card arts and foils. Trust your instinct if you think that it will hold its value over time.

The pre-selling price of the IMA Mana drain is currently at the $100-110 range, with major stores like Star City Games, Card Kingdom, Channel Fireball, and TCGPlayer selling over a hundred playsets combined. So far, only SCG is pre-selling foil copies for $249.99, and I actually think that this is a good price if you're a foil collector. Seeing how many of the judge foil copies are out there, I suggest that you snag a copy of the IMA foil version if you could get it for $200 or less. For financial reasons, let's learn from that Force of Will episode, shall we?

If you're someone who fancies the original art of your collection, keeping your Legends version of Mana Drain is never a bad thing at all. Just like Mana Crypt and Karakas, I don't expect WoTC to reprint this card within the next two to three years. This printing should be enough to cater to the market's demands and help in stabilizing its price. If the price tag goes to something like $70 for the IMA version, I'd buy all that I could. I'd gladly allow it to drain my wallet for as much as it wants.

And that’s it for today! Check back in tomorrow as we continue this special edition of the Daily Stock Watch. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

6 thoughts on “Daily Stock Watch – Mana Drain

    1. I would say you will not be able to buy them back for less than they are now. If it’s to play with, keep them. if it’s a financial thing hold till the price stabilizes back up. I assume we can see a glut of product for the next 6 to 8 weeks, after that time prices should rebound.

      You might get lucky and trade them old for new at a premium, as some people do not like the stamps, or the new art.

      TLDR. Hold unless you get a great deal.

      1. Sheesh. You guys and your new artwork. Come on. Even the bad old art is good. And the new art is just meh. It all looks the same.

        A horse drawn by commitee

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