QS Insider Cast: Beyond Death and the New Year

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Welcome back to the QS Cast! Join Chris Martin, Chris O’Berry, and Sam Lowe as they close out the year and look ahead to Theros: Beyond Death. This cast was originally broadcasted live to Insiders in the QS Insider Discord, December 30th, 2019.

Show Notes

Show notes provided by Chris Martin

- we recapped all things Theros: Beyond Death (spoiled to date)
- we generally really like Purphoros
- I mentioned the importance of Leylines in adding two of their respective color to the devotion pool
- we offered a few cards to consider: Leylines and Seraph of the Scales (on heels of possible aristocrats deck)
- Sam really likes the new Ox for Dredge purposes, but suggests a buy-in between $4-5
- we preached patience & discipline when investing (into anything), especially right now where things are a little bearish/quiet
- I mentioned Warren Buffet's famous phrase - "be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful").... the reason for mentioning this is that people are not spending money right now, but tax refund season is around the corner and brighter days could be ahead
- we like investing in Pioneer specs still along with possible Modern Horizons pickups (no cards specifically mentioned - use discretion based on playability, etc.)
The edited cast will be posted later this week after the New Year. Thanks all for a great 2019! It's great to be back and casting again (and thank you all for your support/well-wishes during my recovery from surgery, too!)

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Chris Martin – @ChiStyleGaming
Sam Lowe – @MahouManSam

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