Budget-Focused: Deflecting Palm, a Core Set 21 Uncommon, and More for Your Pioneer Binder!

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Welcome back for another week of great Magic discussion! Unfortunately, one of the cards that was on my long list of Pioneer specs popped recently, and that card was Oath of Nissa. No need to fret friends, as there are more diamonds in the rough to pluck before the masses take them. Today we have some more cards to put on your list, and I hope you all see the intrigue!

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Deflecting Palm The Best Aggro Defense Card?

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To start, we have a Boros instant that popped once upon a time and has since come back down. Deflecting Palm is a fantastic card and it should be considered in any Boros build, and at the very least the sideboard. It is currently being used in Modern Red Deck Wins builds, which is why it popped when it did. Now with Pioneer, Deflecting Palm most certainly has room to grow over time!

The current price for Deflecting Palm is $1.68 for the non-foil, $3.74 for the foil, and $4.20 for the prerelease foil. There is a slew of situations where this can come in handy given the current state of the meta. Some people have theories of Eldrazi being utilized more in the future. They are being used now in certain decks currently, but if they get used even more then this is a heavy hitter. Not to mention builds that look to bolster 1/1 counters, using enchantments/artifacts to buff, and buff spells to hit for a lot all at once. Aggro decks love this for potential big damage for two mana, and they hate it when it's used against them.

Boros and Red Deck Wins make up 10% of the current meta. This should be drawing some attention for that reason alone. Regarding aggro, they also need to have a good defensive option, and this card is literally that. Deflecting Palm makes for a great late-game bomb if your opponent has a big damage source. Here is an example of where this should be tucked in the sideboard if not the mainboard.

Boros Feather by ExtraEasy88


3 Dreadhorde Arcanist
4 Favored Hoplite
3 Feather, the Redeemed
1 Lurrus of the Dream-Den
4 Monastery Swiftspear
2 Selfless Savior
4 Tenth District Legionnaire

Other Spells

4 Boros Charm
4 Defiant Strike
4 Fight as One
4 Gods Willing
4 Reckless Rage


4 Battlefield Forge
2 Clifftop Retreat
4 Inspiring Vantage
1 Mountain
4 Plains
4 Sacred Foundry


2 Damping Sphere
2 Erase
1 Feather, the Redeemed
3 Gideon of the Trials
2 Isolate
2 Ordeal of Heliod
2 Rest in Peace
1 Wear // Tear

Unleashing Big Damage With Unleash Fury

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The next card we have is another card that has potential in future aggro builds. Unleash Fury is one that has great synergy value in aggro decks, especially creatures with double strike. A card like Swiftblade Vindicator could end a game using both Titan's Strength and then Using Unleash Fury without an answer. Potentially hitting for 16 on turn three is nothing to scoff at considering this is an easily attainable play. The other great thing within that example is the vindicator also has trample, so chumps are not an issue. Another great thing about this is it is mono-colored, so it is more verse for building.

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The current price is coming in at $0.25 for the non-foils and $0.54 for the foils. The foils are the most intriguing here, as the upside far outweighs the non-foils. The non-foils have value but might not gain as much as it’s foil counterpart. If this gets as much play as it should, the foil could get up to the $2.50 - $3.50 range. That might not sound like much but buying four at $2.16 then selling them for at least $10.00 is great for an uncommon. This also has potential to hit red deck wins in Modern. If that were to happen this just adds more value to this hidden gem.

Getting Rocked With Chained To The Rocks And Sigarda's Aid

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Chained to the Rocks is currently being used in Boros and should be a staple in Pioneer going forward. Although it is like the poor man's Path to Exile, it is the closest thing in the format for a one drop. With the current price is $0.20 for the non-foils and $1.17 for the foils. This price is a steal and should increase over time. Unless there is a white one drop that is like Path to Exile, Chained to the Rocks should rise to at least the $2.00 - $3.00 range for the non-foils. It is very straight forward where this can be used but the future upside is most definitely there monetarily speaking.

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The last card we are going to discuss today is one that already popped but has more room to grow over time. Sigarda's Aid is one that has the potential to grow over time as it can be plugged into both Aura and/or Equipment styled brews. Its non-foil price is $4.99, the foil is $10.00, and the Promo is at $9.36. Keep in mind that this is already seeing play in both Modern and Legacy, so bolstering play in Pioneer will surely raise its value. This can be used in Sram, Boros, and White Weenie to bolster up speed plays. Those decks alone make up 14% of the meta, and White Weenies reigning as king of the hill right now at 9%.

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There are cards that would benefit from this seeing more play, and we will dive down the rabbit hole a bit further. Eidolon of Countless Battles has been one that could be used as a potential game-ender with Sigarda’s Aid out on the board. In White Weenie, you could flash this in turn 4 on your attack phase to do some serious damage pending creature and enchantment count. Or you could use it defensively if you know there is a heavy creature threat you could eliminate by flashing this in onto a creature you control. This is just one card reference, but it is an intriguing one!

Thinking For Yourself And Closing statements

In closing (as with all previous articles) keep a lookout for one to three drops that will complement the format. Do not let the critics persuade your judgment on your picks, even if it seems out of the box a bit. I have been pounded by the “experts” on certain picks in the past, but only time will tell who is right. Example being Agent of Treachery, I was told it was a trash heap when it was 30 cents.

I was also told to stop speculating on cards because of how bad of a pick that was, and that is putting it lightly. Fast forward and now it not only popped but got the banhammer. Some of these might not pop, but the potential is surely there. You be the critic and if you agree, go pick you up some copies of these gems while the prices are a steal! Thanks again for the read and I will return with some more Pioneer cards next time!

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