Matt Sedlak

Last Thursday WotC announced that they would be getting a bit more involved in EDH. If you haven’t already read about it the main article can be found here. I’m very excited about a number of these changes but especially the printing of new generals. When I first started playing EDH my first decks were […]

Quite often I’ve seen writers, myself included, talk about how buyers determine the price of cards. In our everyday experience this relationship seems to go the other way around. Price is rarely negotiable. When we say that if a price of a card is x dollars and buyers are willing to pay x dollars for […]

Since the release of Worldwake the debate has raged on over whether or not mythic rares were hurting Magic or not. While people had complained about the price of Baneslayer Angel it wasn’t until the price of Jace, the Mind Sculptor rose through the roof that the argument against mythics began to look more attractive. […]

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the SCG Open in Boston this last weekend. I had loaded up on Mimic Vats and Abyssal Persecutors hoping to make some last minute trades Friday night and Saturday morning since I expected a lot of people to jump on the GerryT bandwagon and play U/B Vat. From what […]

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