Seasoned Pyromancer

Earlier this week, David dissected RG Ponza, the format’s sleeper centralizer that may well overtake other Modern decks in the numbers soon. The deck exploits a peculiar vulnerability of Modern manabases: their softness to turn two Blood Moon. Of course, reliably powering out Moon effects isn’t something any old deck can do with great consistency. […]

July in brewing? More of the same. More copies of Unearth, to be sure. And more of what’s become known as Modern’s calling card: novel experiments bursting with hot tech. Today we’ll look at some of the month’s breakout strategies: Elemental tribal, White Weenie, and the return of old-school Miracle Grow. Disentombed Again An Unearthly […]

Last week, we began taking stock of the novel decks appearing in 5-0 dumps post-Modern Horizons. With a ban in the books and M20 entering the card pool, the coming weeks are sure to feature even more upheaval. But lots of new tech is already out in force. Perhaps June’s innovation bears signs of what’s to […]

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