1. As the owner of a 720 cube, I think you underestimate what it takes to make the cut. There are LOTS of amazing cards out there, and not just every reasonable tournament staple or big fatty can go in. The 4s and up as well as a few of the 3s are on my list. None of these 2s are anywhere near consideration for me.

    Just as a note in the future for you because I really like your analysis, what would be more helpful than reading about cards that ultimately aren't good enough (1's by your scale) would be getting a list of the 5-12 cards that DO make the cut and what you'd cut for them. Not every cube is the same, obv, but there are some global staples that get outclassed.

  2. Hey Chas, thanks for the comment! Let me take a moment to clarify my rating of 2.

    Cards that I rate as 2's are ones that might be good enough for the largest Cubes, of which 720 is the absolute smallest of the category (720+). I know people with 810, 950, and 1080 card Cubes, and I wanted a score that would reflect possible inclusion in all of those, and not just cards I think are pretty bad (which garner a score of '1').

    Even though my 2's might not touch your 720, I know of at least two '2' rated cards that are making other peoples' cubes. Some people really like Goldmeadow Harrier and Lightning Greaves, and like to have a second copy (or close to it). I think those are reasonable, but I just don't like them for my cube (and you for yours).

    I do like your idea of suggesting cuts, but I'm just not sure how useful that information would be. Everyone's Cube is so different and needs/wants/likes different things for the playgroup, I'm not convinced it is worth the effort (unless you think people would like to know what I'm cutting from MY Cube). For example, people are thinking/planning to cut Harmonize for Garruk2 but I prefer to have two decent card-drawing spells in green. Some people might have too many 5-drop creatures, and would rather cut one of those.

    I'm sure there are cards I don't need to rate, but I like to make fun of cards/talk about some cards that aren't going to make the cut! Some of the 1s are important to discuss, however, because I have seen/heard talk about them and want to address them (Mind Unbound and Timely Reinforcements, specifically this time).

    Hope that clears up some of my reasoning! Would love to hear back about the 'suggested cuts' part.


  3. As with any ‘evergreen’ format, all card evaluations need to be done relative to every other card printed. While some cards may be powerful in a vacuum, they may suck in Cube next to other older cards.

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