1. Can’t you squeeze in some more griffins? Mirror entity, nameless inversion. Seems like inversion is the mirror tech.

  2. I'd say great minds think alike, but I don't think I have a great mind, nor do I think that multiple people did not stumble on the same essential core cards for this deck. Still, we've got a thread on the Mana Drain where some folks have been brewing essentially this deck in Vintage for awhile before this article.

    Tune in and help us brew!

  3. I still advocate running at least 1 Maga, Traitor to Mortals. Even better than ramping to Emrakul is just KOing them with a black fireball. Maybe running caverns to make him uncounterable is too cute, but still, being able to use food chain mana on a fireball effect seems strong. I think there is room to jam a 1-of, if only in the board.

    • I've considered it, but Emrakul is basically just a KO anyway. Maga can be countered and Empath doesn't grab it, but a gigantic fireball is awesome.

      • Hey, this is nevilshute from mtgthesource. Just couldn't help but add a comment here, vis-a-vis what we''ve been discussing at length about maga or no maga.

        The argument that Maga can be countered whereas Emrakul can't, while being true, isn't that decisive imo. The reason is that if they are sitting on counter magic and you aren't, what will get countered 9/10 times is your first Griffin which will stop both Emrakul and Maga in their tracks. The only reason to not run maga (imo) is that he can't be fetched up with Empath.

  4. As much as I hate to say it, I think Tyler is playing the best version of this deck. I think Maga is bad and if you ever have a problem winning after you have the "combo" you should choose a new deck.

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