• I was considering it as a sideboard option against Green decks, but most commonly the drawback is very bad. When it dies you’re down two cards and against decks that are trying to race you the extra card can just matter more than the 5/5 body. That and I don’t believe that it’s close to as good as Herald of Torment or Mogis’s Marauder. To be fair, I could have discussed this in the article itself, but I don’t believe that it’s maindeckable, and I’m pretty sure you’re already good against the decks that I’d want to sideboard it against.

  1. I believe once October hits and mono blue devotion loses Cloudfin Raptor and Judges Familiar, people will think Hypnotic Siren is one of the better cards from this set. 1/1 flyer as a one drop, no big deal right? However bestow on an opposing creature and gain control of it and give it +1/+1 and flying? Awesome!!! Most people are turned off of it for now because the bestow cost seems through the roof. It’s very playable as it stands though, considering all the beastly creatures in standard currently. Go ahead and pay Monstrosity on Polukranos….. I prefer him to be huge before I take him and put him in the air…

    • I like the card, but I don’t see the Bestow happening much at all. I’d probably play one or two in Blue Devotion. I’m not sure if it will still be the kind of card blue decks want post rotation, but it’s worth remembering. I didn’t think it was much worth discussing as the upside on it doesn’t seem better than Galerider Sliver and that card is already not seeing much of any play in Blue Devotion.

      • I don’t think mono-U devotion will be a deck come rotation. You lose Mutavault, Specter, Weird, Tidebinder Mage, Jace, Cloudfin Raptor, Judge’s Familiar, Galerider Sliver (I know some people that run a few of these for the Mutavault interaction)…

        • It’s really going to depend on what’s in M15 and the next block, but I agree that a shell like the current devotion deck is unlikely to exist. That said, Master of Waves is unlikely to be completely unplayed for as long as it’s Standard legal.

  2. In the mono-black aggro deck why are you using thoughtseize instead of duress? If you don’t have it in the deck to remove creatures from their hand there is no reason why you shouldn’t replace it with duress.


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