1. First off, really enjoy this type/theme of article. I also enjoy your realistic style of writing.

    Is there a reason for only one fold’em card?

    • Hi, Getting There Games! Thanks for the kind words and feedback.

      I originally wrote the Fold ‘Em section as part of another article draft on April 5, 2018. It included Goblin Lore and Scapeshift. But the prices of those two cards have tanked since then, so they weren’t included in this article’s Fold ‘Em section.

  2. My issue with Mox Amber though is Core 19 has nothing substantial working with it. Sure, I guess Sai, but yea, we need that 1-drop, or at least a good 2-drop legendary.

    Of course, it’d be wise to jump on Mox Amber before Guilds of Ravnica spoilers are released, just in case, but when will the spoilers start to trickle out exactly? At least not for several weeks. May as well wait on Mox Amber a little longer imo.

    I will say though it’s only a matter of time for WotC to release another 1-drop legendary. They’re pushing the Legendary theme super hard lately, and I can’t imagine WotC wants to see a Mox card continue to fade into oblivion.

    • Hi, David Scott. Thanks for the comment.

      The release date for Guilds of Ravnica is October 5, 2018. So my guess is that spoilers will start happening around August or September. It’s already July, so I don’t think there’s too much longer to really wait. You run the risk of paying $10-20 extra per Mox Amber to save a few bucks per copy now.

      Wizards will continuing printing legendary creatures and planeswalkers. So it’s only a matter of time before something comes out to make the price of Mox Amber pop. I certainly don’t want to be a person kicking myself for paying extra money on a card when I don’t have to.

      To anyone…correct me if I’m wrong on the spoilers for Guilds of Ravnica.


      • I just realized, Oviya Pashiri is in Standard and is a 1-mana green Legendary. Was there ever any attempts at making that work with Mox Amber?

        I might try playing around with that in addition to Sai with artifact shenanigans involving Karn. You could play turn-1 Oviya w/ Mox + Llanowar Elves all on turn-1. Then turn-2 play a 4-drop, like Karn. Unlikely to happen, but that’s the dream right there.

          • Funny enough, there’s a 15% Ebay sale today, so okay, I loaded up on some Mox Amber foils (for holding) and non-foils (for playing).

            Been brewing a Mox Amber deck that floods the board. I’ve got a green deck splashing white. Shalai will actually be my preferred 4-drop to blanket my creatures in the face of meta mono-red aggro; plus Shalai is a legendary and a good mana dump for green. Shanna is also good turn-2 for Mox as she has both GW casting cost and sticks to the board. Oviya, of course, for turn-1; Llanowar Elves for additional ramp with Mox.

            So basically, I have legendaries blanketing my early curve:

            1: Oviya

            2: Shanna

            3: Rhonas, Rishkar, and/or Marwyn

            4: Shalai

            Still tweaking the deck, but looks pretty mean so far. Rotation will hurt it losing Oviya, so gotta get my jollies in fast.

            • Nice! I would hold a playset of foils for yourself. And if and when they spike, sell/trade everything except your playset of foils.

              You might want to consider Bant or UG. Blue has quite a few cheap legendary creatures. You also probably need more than just 4 creatures at each point of the curve; probably need at least 8-12 at 1 and 2 CMC. You probably want to consult Frank Karsten for the correct numbers on this.

              [Edit] It was late, and I was tired so I forgot about this Mox Amber article by Frank Karsten…

              I think Modern, Legacy, and Vintage are where Mox Amber has the most potential to shine.

  3. Congrats on your first article with Quiet Speculation! I really enjoyed the flow of your article – it was easy to read, I got all the info I needed very quickly, and the recommendations were very actionable. I like the picks too, and my trigger finger is getting very antsy as I watch Mox Amber’s price drop ever…so…slowly.

    Maybe next time you’ll throw in an Old School card for this old fogy :-).

    • Thanks for the awesome feedback and recommendation, Sigmund. I’ll work on the Old School picks. That’ll be tougher for me since I don’t play that format right now. Too rich for my blood. Heh.

      But two cards you might want to consider if you haven’t already that’s kind of in that realm are Meditate and Paradigm Shift.

      Both have powerful effects. Both are blue. And both are on the Reserved List. 🙂

      Also, don’t wait too long on Mox Amber.

  4. Congratulations on the first article! I think we can all appreciate more input regarding MTG finance. I enjoyed the succinct style and the fact that you commented on differentformats ; even vintage. Well done. Now I’m off to buy more copies of Mox Amber…

    • Appreciate the kinds words and great feedback, Russ! Don’t wait to long on Mox Amber. Get a playset at the very least and put them in a box.

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