Dredge is a deck that ebbs and flows in popularity quite a bit in Modern. At some points in time, you would struggle to find many Dredge lists in a tournament center, and at others, it is the leading archetype. The reason for this is well known: the archetype preys on the format when people […]

Which deck is better: UR Breach or UR Kiki-Jiki? Undoubtedly this is the question I received the most while playing this deck on Twitch. The decks are incredibly similar, both relying on Blood Moon and an A+B combo, but they do have different strengths and weaknesses. My write-up and video series with UR Breach can […]

What a crazy week for Modern. This week I’ll be exploring Collins Mullen’s 5-Color Humans deck which he took on an undefeated run to a trophy at the most recent SCG Open in Cincinnati. Tons of great content has already been written about this feat, including Trevor Holmes’s article just recently posted, so I will […]

Hello, everyone! This week I’ll be exploring a relatively new archetype, UR Breach. It started appearing more frequently on Magic Online approximately two months ago when a 5-0 list by Gsy was posted. Since then, there have been intermittent 5-0s with some additional success in larger events. User CharLy was able to go 9-0 in […]

Hey everyone! I’m back again with Amulet Titan. Many of you had requested I return to this deck once again and considering how much I love it, I’m happy to oblige. I’ve been back at it on my stream and thought this would be a good opportunity to return to titaning people in the most […]

Hey, everyone! I’m back with another video series, this time with Living End. Outside of some minor excitement about the printing of new cyclers in Amonkhet, Living End hasn’t received a lot of attention of late. Nonetheless, Asger Thorsboe Lundblad was able to secure 19th place at GP Birmingham about a month ago with a […]

Hey, everyone! I’m back with another video series, this time with GW Company. Todd Stevens has been championing this deck for a while, most recently with a first-place finish at the SCG Team Constructed Open in Atlanta. This deck is an excellent choice for anyone who might be expecting a largely fair metagame and is […]

Hey, everyone! I’m back with another video series, this time with Amulet Bloom. Amulet has been an absolute blast to play for me this past week and I haven’t wanted to put it down, so here we are. I’ve been playing a lot of UW Control previous to this, and while I will still likely […]

Hey, everyone! I recently got back from the highly anticipated SCG Season One Invitational in Roanoke. While the namesake event did not go well for me with my usual weapon of choice (Jund Shadow), my choice for the Open performed much better. Today I’ll discuss what led me to try my hand at UW Control at […]

Hey, everybody! I’m back again with some more video content with Modern Nexus! There have been many Modern events of late, and as such I’ve been testing with a lot of decks that I intend to play in those events, tuning them to the best of my ability. Considering the meta at the moment, that […]

Greetings, everyone! I’m back for more action here at Modern Nexus, this time with the debut of my video series. I tend to cast a pretty wide net in Modern, which means I have experience playing a large range of different archetypes. In my videos I’ll be exploring these decks and trying to shed some […]

Editor’s Note: Please give a warm welcome to gold pro Gregory Orange, fresh off of his team Grand Prix win last weekend! For a while we have been discussing the potential of him of making content for Modern Nexus. Today I’m excited to debut his first MTGO videos, where he runs UW Control through the paces […]

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