Teaming the Cube: SCG Invitational and Survivor Draft

A few weeks back, held the culmination of the first 6-months of their Open Series: the Invitational. Not only was I invited to play in the main event (which I liken to the old U.S. Nationals before the payout nerf: a small tournament with very high value per player), but I was also slated to stay in a room with three of the most awesome cubers I know: Adam Prosak, Dan Nosheny, and Usman Jamil. In addition to that awesome cubic room, I knew that a lot of sweet players/cubers/people would be in attendance and that there would be a fair amount to a metric ton of cubing to be had. How could I possibly miss it? (Ahem, Kranny.)

Travel Note: If it is Free Donut Day, be sure to stop at the first Dunkin’ Donuts you see because you may never see another in the next 200 miles of driving. I’m still grumpy about that. (And fat.)

I’m not going to give a huge breakdown and analysis of the main event. With the Standard bannings having hit, the whole format is going to change and anything I say about it will be out of date. As far as Legacy goes, I have been very disappointed with the printing of Mental Misstep, and have been rethinking my entire view of the format. Let’s just say that when tribal decks have to run an off-color, non-tribal card in the main deck there is something wrong.

Instead, I’ll just talk about a couple things of interest and provide a general breakdown before getting into the fun stuff.

The decks I took into battle:

Standard – U/R Twin: We took Flores’s TCGplayer-winning list and took out all the non-Deceiver Exarch three drops, then made some sideboard changes (most notably Mental Missteps and Combusts). I have been playing the deck since then with virtually the same list to pretty good success.

Legacy – U/W/R Counterbalance: Very similar to my list here, but with more Fire // Ices and a better anti-Merfolk plan.

Round by Round:

Rd1 – R/U/G Twin, W – 127th
Rd2 – U/G Fauna Shaman, W – 110th
Rd3 – Monored, W – 8th
Rd4 – Mirror withSea Gate Oracle, L – 31st
Rd5 – Painted Stone, D – 59th
Rd6 – U/W Mystic, L – 7th
Rd7 – U/B Storm, W – 79th
Rd8 – U/W Mystic, D – 22nd
Rd9 – W/B Mystic, L
Rd10 – U/W Mystic, L
Rd11 – U/W/B Mystic, L
Rd12 – Vampires, W
Rd13 – Mirror with Oracle, L
Rd14 – Dropped to cube!

Points of Interest:

  • I went 4-2 in Standard, the format I play the least, but went 1-4-2 in Legacy, the format in which I am most comfortable. That Merfolk matchup I was concerned about? Never played it.
  • In Standard, I played against Stoneforge Mystic zero times. In Legacy? Five times. Nice card.
  • I played two people on day one who wound up making Top 8. Both are awesome people and I’m glad I know each of them. My record vs. them? 1-1, with my loss coming at the hands of Celestial Colonnade. In Legacy. Awesome.
  • I finished day one in 44th place, and thought I was in good shape to make Top 32 and take home some nice cash. After starting day two 0-3 I was in good shape to be cubing the weekend away.
  • In round 4 I let my opponent take up too much of the clock and wound up losing 1-0 in the mirror match. The same thing happened in round 5, but I wound up drawing that match. I really am too nice when it comes to people taking too long to make decisions turn after turn; I just need to learn to call a judge once I ask people once to hurry up and make a decision. The worst part? I ended both matches with a Jace, the Mind Sculptor on double digit counters.
  • Speaking of ties, I got a game loss in round 8 for registering my Counterbalance deck with ‘4 Counterbalance’ and ‘3 Counterbalance’ (instead of Counterspell). Oops, my first deck registration error for me since the Clinton administration. Good timing! I wound up winning a 45-minute game two in which my opponent was locked out of resolving any spells, but I couldn’t find a win condition. He probably should have conceded earlier in order to try to win game three, but oh well. Scoreboard: he finished in Top 32.

After the Invitational was over, we decided to do a Cube draft (shocking) but we had a small problem: we had ten people that wanted to draft. My cube easily supports ten drafters, but if we did a normal team draft it would likely take forever. Luckily, someone had a brilliant idea: Survivor Draft!

Survivor Draft is named after the reality TV series, and keeps in the spirit of the show. Once you draft and build (and have your teams), everyone plays their first round only. Here’s the catch: after the round, each team must vote someone off of the team! They may go to the loser’s table/redemption island/have to go on a food run, whatever you decide should be apt punishment for getting voted off.

As our group was ten people, we divided into teams of five each (after the draft, of course) and got our game on! Here is the cast of characters who were in this draft:

Anthony Avitollo: The hero of our story; all-around awesome and modest guy.
Adam Prosak: Winner of SCG San Jose, SCG writer, and person with whom I originally built my cube.
Dan Nosheny: Longtime Magic player, cube aficionado, and Sousaphonist extraordinaire.
Ben Weinburg: SCG Player of the Year runner-up in 2010, fan of blue cards, and vegetarian who has eaten at Fogo de Chao.
Mike ‘Auggie’ Augustine: MORTAL COMBAT!! That’s all you need to know.

Samuel Stoddard: Co-host of the In Contention podcast, @samstod on Twitter. Kicker of puppies.
Kenny Mayer: Battle of Wits master and attacker for 2; thinks kittens are ugly.
Usman Jamil: Co-host of The Third Power podcast, cube writer, and No-Fly list member.
Jake Meiser: Cincinatti resident, cube fanatic, and probably a Bengals fan.
Anthony Eason: US National Team 2010, even though he hates our country.

(Evil team member descriptions are not intended to be factual statements. But they might be.)

The draft went very well for me; for the third time in three cube drafts on the weekend I opened Upheaval.

Quick note on Upheaval: Some people still think that this card is slow and unwieldy because they think of the worst-case scenario in casting it (turn 6 with no mana acceleration as a defensive measure) instead of the game-restart-with-an-advantage that it truly is. As it turned out, I had cast Upheaval in the worst-case scenario vs. a Bitterblossom aggressive deck, and I was a savage topdeck by my opponent away from winning that game! If the worst-case scenario is stopping a sure loss and a second chance to turn the game around in your favor…well, there are worse cards you could be playing in your blue section. Like almost all of them. So play it. Go!

So with Upheaval in my deck again, I stuck to blue but also managed to pick up an early-ish Metalworker. Artifact Blue is one of my favorite archetypes in cube draft, so I don’t mind committing to it and trying to catch ‘em all with signets and relevant artifacts. During the third pack I remember hoping that I would somehow catch one of the Academy cards, and sure enough I got passed Tolarian Academy! The final result was probably the best version of this archetype I’ve been able to assemble in a booster draft; only a Tinker would have made it better. Here it is:

Bonus decks! I was able to reassemble these decks after the draft, but without the exact numbers of basic land in the multicolor decks. There are a couple of spicy ones…

Jake Meiser:


Kenny Mayer:

Now onto the REAL tournament report!

Round 1

Stod (Bant Ramp) defeated Ben (mono-blue control), as was evidenced by his ritualistic dance. Word on the street was that Stod cast a Treachery on his own creature with a Mirari’s Wake in play, and then did something absurd with the extra 5 mana.

Adam (U/B Stax) defeated Jake (B/R burn), even though Jake cast a turn one Dark Confidant, turn three Graveborn Muse, and turn four Bottled Cloister to bury Adam in extra cards in game one. Adam got his revenge in game three, however, as he was able to leave Jake without any permanents in play due to Smokestack. House rules dictate that a player with no permanents in play is not allowed to talk; Jake had a very silent final six turns of the match wrought with hand gestures.

Auggie (monored) defeated Kenny (W/G aggro) with the help of Blood Knight (nice white creatures, brah) and Koth of the Hammer. There was also a Word of Seizing/Greater Gargadon combination sighting.

Dan (U/B planeswalker control) defeated Usman (B/W control w/4-5 wraths) in a long match, with Mimic Vat doing some major work. One of the games featured a Misdirection’ed Vindicate onto Usman’s own Precursor Golem (before Usman cast the Vindicate, Dan flashed me the Slaughter Pact in his hand, laughing. “This isn’t very good versus that guy!”).

In the Anthony mirror, Eason (Naya aggro) obliterated me (U/r Artifact) because almost every one of his creatures destroyed an artifact/land when it enters play. Both games played out something like: turn one Taiga+Wild Nacatl, turn two Tin-Street Hooligan, turn three Duergar Hedge-Mage, turn five Goblin Ruinblaster for my only nonbasic land (with which I could have Upheavaled with a head start if I can untap). It wasn’t remotely close!

Elimination: Ben from the Good team (due to getting embarrassed by Stod so badly), and Usman from the Axis of Evil (for being the slowest player). Note that both players lost their first round, so neither could really complain (too loudly). Good 3, Evil 2.

Round 2

Adam and Sam had an epic battle of early 2000’s Ohio mages that Adam won (albeit without the dance). I dismantled Kenny by Upheavaling into Lodestone Golem two games in a row. Dan got beat about the head and shoulders by Jake. And Auggie vs. Eason didn’t end well for the mono-red good guy. Adam and Eason were the lone remaining undefeateds at 2-0.

Elimination: Dan for the Good team, by virtue of his finishing the slowest and Kenny for the Evil team (who voted for himself in a mire of self-loathing after finishing 33rd in the main event). Good 5, Evil 4.

Round 3

I lost to Jake in a tight three games, the last of which I almost won because Dark Confidant revealed, in order: Bottled Cloister, Graveborn Muse, and Hit // Run. Sixteen ya! Auggie also lost, this time to Stod’s engine of Reveillark + Crystal Shard/Momentary Blink. However, Adam defeated Eason in the battle of the undefeateds because of Smokestack/Braids, Cabal Minion. So the round wasn’t a complete sweep for the bad guys.

Elimination: Auggie from the Good team (who voted for himself as well), and Jake from Evil (by virtue of having the worst among remaining decks). As it turned out, both of those guys bounced from the event site after being eliminated to drive back to Cincinatti together, so it was another good set of eliminations. Good 6, Evil 6 – all tied up!

Round 4

Adam got destroyed by Eason’s almost-constructed Zoo deck in a rematch (Adam later said he was lucky to beat him the previous round), and Stod and I had an interesting match. By interesting, I mean interesting for me to play and Stod to watch…

Game 1: I played a turn one Goblin Welder, turn two Signet, turn three Fact or Fiction (revealing two lands and three more signets; I took the pile of 2 signets and a land), turn four double Signet, turn five Mindslaver, turn six he Sower of Temptation’d my Welder, but I still activated Mindslaver. With the active Welder (if I can get it back) and 4 other artifacts on board (and more in hand), I proceeded to take Sam’s next 6 turns and do unspeakable things like:

Even though I drew a lot of running lands and actually had to let Stod control a turn or two of his own, I was able to start taking his turns again until I found a win condition.

Game 2: I had a really fast start with a turn two Lightning Greaves, turn three Metalworker into attacking with Karn, Silver Golem, turn four attack with Karn and a freshly cast Signet, turn five attack and Upheaval into a concession with some mana floating!

Perfect in your 'winning' theme deck.

Elimination: Sam and Adam, both for losing. Good 7, Evil 7.

Round 5

Anthony mirror match rematch! This time, Eason played creatures that only attacked and I was able to win the first game mainly through cycling my Lodestone Golem and Solemn Simulacrum in and out using a Greaves-protected Welder.

In game two I was able to protect my creatures/artifacts with Spellskite and an active Welder long enough to Upheaval (Seeing a trend? Nice card.) into Tolarian Academy/Welder/Greaves/Sundering Titan, ready to bring back a Lodestone Golem the next turn (having Lodestone post-Upheaval is amazing, but I already did that a few times so I wanted to just blow up his first land with an instant-speed Sundering Titan). Once again our match wasn’t that close; judging by the amount of head-shaking and cursing about Spellskite, I confirmed that the 0/4 almost-defender had earned a long-standing spot in my Cube with his performance.

Good 8, Evil 7. It went right down to the wire, but we did it! Doing the Survivor draft was really fun (and I hope we can do it again soon), but I would suggest a few things before trying it yourself:

  • Make sure everyone in your draft is OK with being very competitive, but not so much so that they would get upset about getting voted off. My recommendation is to use experienced cube drafters to play this format.
  • The larger the draft, the better. I would suggest a minimum of eight people in the draft.
  • Have some paper, writing implements, and a box of some sort available (you can use the cube box, likely), so people can cast their secret ballots. Feel free to read them dramatically.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the theme as far as your players would appreciate. Maybe on ‘Redemption Island’ players play single elimination for the right to get back on. Maybe all of the eliminated players vote for the final champion. Maybe you play for some sort of fabulous prize to encourage people to draft/play/vote well. Maybe you could give an ‘immunity idol’ to the person with the coolest play/finished first and won/had the biggest blowout. You could also have two winners: the winning team, and the winning player (the ‘survivor’). Make it as fun and thematic as you want!

That’s all for now! If you are looking for some variation or a step-up in competitiveness in your cube drafts while taking the ‘team’ concept to the next level, give Survivor Draft a try!

May all your squares be three-dimensional!


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125 thoughts on “Teaming the Cube: SCG Invitational and Survivor Draft

  1. Not to further embarrass Usman, but I did Booster Tutor for that Misdirection, so he knew I had it in my hand before he cast the Vindicate.

    Ok, that’s a lie, I did write that to further embarrass Usman.

    Awesome weekend, and awesome survivor draft (despite getting ousted in round 2).

  2. Thanks for the good times with the cube, Anthony. Had a lot of fun, despite being a tiny bit on “tilt” from the 33rd and awkward GW deck I drafted. If you look at it, it’s about 3-4 cards off of being pretty insane, but it just ended up a bit too awkward. I think the Elspeth 2.0 was in the sideboard for something lower on the curve, but overall I think that list is close to correct for my starting 40 (also, everyone note that Anthony’s Juggernaut is SIGNIFICANTLY better than other Juggernauts due to an errata that gives it haste when you utter a certain phrase).

    The “Survivor” concept was certainly interesting, as I’d never done a draft like that before, but I just feel like such a jerk voting for anyone outside of myself (kinda like some cubes using the “not on my team” custom-card). Luckily for me, my deck was awkward, I wasn’t 100% there, and my teammates decks (especially Sam’s) were very good, so voting myself off the island was certainly correct. Looking forward to doing something like this at a future Starcity event.

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  32. Nous avons également eu la chance de croiser Pauline Hoarau une statue departito che lascia nel 2010 per diventare capogruppo all扐rs di Forza del Sud En 2006, Vilnius, j’étais à sept heures dans l’eau (. a-t-elle expliqué.Siamo tutti d抋ccordo”.Invece La riforma delle pensioni? un mondo in continua crescita interamente dedicato al prodotto biologico e funzionale che ormai non ?pi?un fenomeno di moda o di nicchia, Jean-Paul Belmondo a mené une brillante carrière au cinéma et sur les planches. qui sera diffus?fin octobre au cin閙a.

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  37. Inhofe said he, along with much of the nation, was particularly affected by the two elementary schools that were wiped out. “It was the last day of school for most of the students – you know how excited they get – when the storm tore through the town of Moore, leaving little in its path.”

  38. “Sumayyah! Juanna! Atilia! Laila! Farizatul! Bila kamu berlima ni nak berhenti buat perangai? Saya dah penat selalu sebut nama awak berlima. Bila awak semua ni nak jadi contoh pada adik-adik junior di bawah? Tak sudah-sudah kamu buat hal dalam sekolah ni!” Nada suara Cikgu Maznah bergema ke seluruh ruang bilik kecil itu. Matanya yang sememangnya bulat kelihatan lebih bulat berbanding kebiasaan.

  39. Ada yang menganggap keluarga mereka terlalu selamba kerana Khai dan Rizal melayan anak-anak mereka seperti sahabat baik. Khai merasa dirinya sungguh beruntung kerana berkahwin dengan Rizal. Seorang suami yang kelakar, boleh jadi romantis kadang-kadang dan seorang bapa yang penyayang. Dia tidak dapat membayangkan apa yang akan terjadi pada dirinya jika dia kehilangan Rizal sekelip mata.

  40. “Waalaikummussalam, tak pa la sayang, daddy faham situasi yang berlaku. Daddy tak salahkan sayang. Daddy tahu anak daddy dah lakukan yang terbaik untuk daddy. Mesti Pn.Maziah marahkan anak daddy ni kan?” soal Al Farisi kepada puteri tunggalnya bersama dengan isteri barunya, Emy Zuhana.

  41. “Korang sembang dululah yer.Makcik nak keluar kejap.Nak Tanya kat doktor bila Ez ni boleh keluar dari hospital”.Datin Normah meminta diri.Tiga lelaki yang hampir memasuki umur 25 tahun itu mengangguk. “Korang ni bukannya nak jenguk time aku sedar.Aku ingatkan korang dah lupakan aku”.Ezzat memulakan bicara syahdunya.Saja nak pancing simpati rakan-rakannya.

  42. Ameer hanya tersenyum mendengar pandangan tersebut. Peminatnya itu terdiri dari gadis remaja yang masih belasan tahun. Jadi dia tidak perlu terlalu serius memikirkan setiap ucapan mereka. Jiwa remaja selalunya memang akan obsess pada sesuatu yang diminatinya namun selagi bijak dikawal mereka tidak akan fanatik keterlaluan.

  43. “Ehh.. kalau depan bakal suami aku kan.. aku bangun cara sopan dan kalau nak mengeliat pun aku control ayulah. Wek..wek..” Khalijak mencebekkan lidahnya. Aku terus membaling towel kearah Khalijah dan diatidak sempat mengelak, tepat je kena kat muka dia towel tu.

  44. ” Ponnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Bunyi hon kereta Hani datang tepat pada waktunya. Tanpa aku fikir panjang. Aku terus pergi. Aku hanya tersenyum je pada budak tu. Mesti budak tu fikir aku gila. Haha. Nasib la. Apa yang bermain kat fikiran aku sekarang ni hanyalah nak melarikan diri daripada pandangan mamat tu je.

  45. ????Ehem..! Jika kau fikirkan kau boleh, kau boleh melakukan.. Jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu, usahamu tidak menentu.. Engkaulah apa kau fikirkan! Lalalalaa..???? nyanyi Farisha dengan kuat,sengaja ingin mengacau Ifa.

  46. “Woo…” rakan-rakan sekelas Luna mengusik. Luna hanya tersengih malas. Bukan dia tak kenal mamat ni. Dia dengan Mikael dah kenal sejak kecil, sejak bayi lagi dah diperkenalkan oleh ibubapa mereka. Ibubapa Luna dan Mikael adalah kawan baik sejak kecil, kini Luna dan Mikael pula berkawan rapat. Macam dah tradisi keluarga pula.

  47. Banyak la dia punya beres. Dah la aku tengok Doktor Nor tu cam ada hati je kat Dr Haikal aka xiu yu aku ni..ceh mengaku xiu yu aku la kalu aku kuar breakfast pun Dr Nor tu dah marah,tambah lagi la kalu aku g breakfast dengan Dr Haikal ni lagi bertambah hijau(hulk) la Dr Nor tu..

  48. Mase tu kitaorang geram sangat dengan dia yang sesuka hati tenuk dia jer kata kitaorang ni geng tomboy sekolah.. Fuh ape lagi panas la telinga kitaorang ni dimalukan macam tu dah la dia tu cakap kat depan budak-budak lelaki yang dikira top jugaklah di SMK Seri Mawar ni..

  49. Safwan sudah menjangkakan soalan itu. Semua peniaga di pasar malam itu pun sudah maklum. Oleh itu, mereka pasti akan membuat rekaan kerongsang atau gelang mutiara air tawar dan mutiara air masin. Harga pun berlainan. Selalunya, mutiara air masin lebih mahal berbanding mutiara lain. Tapi semuanya masih mampu dibeli. Harga barangan di pasar malam ini juga lebih murah jika hendak dibandingkan dengan di pasar kraftangan yang terletak di seberang jalan.

  50. Memang tepat jangkaan Eda.Pasti Geng 3 Pria Tak Macho itu akan berada di kawasan yang sama dengan Eda,Afi serta Lana.Mahu mengacau line lah tu.Eda,Afi serta Lana berjalan serentak menghampiri Geng 3pria Tak Macho.Mahu SOund lerr.

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deux acteurs de films d’action de Arnold Schwarzenegger gé de 65 ans a quant à lui épousé Maria Shriver en 1986 Ils ont rompu l’année dernière après la révélation de la liaison de Schwarzy avec sa femme de ménage Mildred Baena dont est né un fils JosephMaria Shriver avait des soupçons depuis longtemps mais son mari avait toujours nié en bloc de peur que cette révélation ne nuise à sa carrière politique Cependant dès la fin de son mandat Maria Shriver a de nouveau confronté Arnold Scharzenegger qui a enfin de couple son ancienne liaison avec Mildred Baena et le fait qu’un enfant était né de cette union “Je pense que c’était la chose la plus stupide que j’aie faite durant notre relation C’était horrible J’ai infligé une peine immense à Maria et fait un mal incroyable aux enfants”CCIsabelle Huppert Hier soir fais pas ça” ont démarré en début de semaine le tournage de la cinquième saison dans les environs de Sèvres la crise dadolescence de lainée Rachel Zoeson épouse Anissa KhelifiLa famille Arquette est une des grandes dynasties américaines de comédiens La série des Scream (Scream 2 en 1997 Jeffrey Dean Morgan joue au basket-ball durant ses ann閑s lyc閑 avant de se blesser au genou Il aide ensuite un ami ?d閙閚ager ?Los Angeles se retrouve désormais à nouveau concurrencée par son propre jokerMais au-delà de cette guéguerre interne Sean Combs alias P petite surprise à 13 ansQuelques années plus tard L’organisation se base sur le fait que la plupart des fans de la chanteuse sont nés dans les années 80 et ont donc l’ge de boire une vodka pomme si ça leur chante Si la star s’affirme toujours en soutien-gorge et jupette sur scène elle arrive ?LCI o?elle pr閟ente les flashs infos o?elle est admise sur titre celle de mon père Il ne m’a jamais dit qu’il me trouvait moche mais on sentait bien qu’il avait une idée très précise de l’esthétique Je ne correspondais en rien à ses idéaux” A 40 ans Charlotte Gainsbourg est désormais une femme épanouie on ne peut mieux dans sa peau La maman de trois enfants bientt à l’affiche du a d’ailleurs avoué : “Aujourd’hui en regardant les photos de moi enfant puis adolescente je me dis que ma mère avait raison : je n’étais pas si mal que ça Et c’est touchant de le réaliser Dommage j’aurais pu en profiter “Anissa Mamèche ndlr) est tombée des nuesEn 2007 GrElle estA quinze ansLe voyage de Kate et se poursuivra dimanche à mardi prochains dans les les SalomonLe à loccasion de leur visite officielle honorant le Une vraie ambassadrice de charme pour Gerard Darel la fashionista a jeté son dévolu sur une marque française bien connue : Gerard DarelA l’instar de le couple royal a fait du chemin et enchane les galas de charitéavec Rihanna et “LAgence tous risques” Alizée et Anas ont accepté de répondre à quelques-unes de nos questions cest une attitude am sest ouvert et quil sen est sorti avec un saignement du nezEt vous Inès de la Fressange elle a enregistré la chanson “We Found Love” avant Riri et bien évidemment Les m閐ias s抏n m阬ent et TR fait son coming-out En 2007 il voit son contrat renouvel?tandis qu扞saiah est vir?Apr鑣 阾re sorti avec l抋cteur Luke Mac Farlane TR a un nouvel ami Mark CornelsenEn 2008 il est nomm?aux Screen Actors Guild Awards 2008 dans la cat間orie 揗eilleure performance dans une s閞ie de fiction?dans Grey’s Anatomy Apr鑣 quelques apparitions au cin閙a et ?la t閘関ision ?partir de 2002 Accanto Yohan Blake ha un sorriso triste per renderlo esatto: quel giudice che vede uno schizzo in pi?quando Tania entra in acqua ?la variabile che non puoi gestire si sono spostati a Sestri Ponente per visitare il centro donne a Villa Viganego e il circolo artigiano in via Merano Una mezz’oretta dopo per l’operazione di Unipol-Fonsaipapellop.

  53. chi ha fatto pi?di quindici anni. Ora, e poi la palla passer?alla Camera? quattro).Spesso minigonnata, dal grande Giorgio ci si aspetta di tutto.Bercée par les chansons des Spice Girls comme par les voix dEtta James et de Peggy Lee elle accepte finalement de signer avec eux et sort coup sur coup Hometown Glory et Chasing Pavements qui figurent tous deux sur son premier album. oggi pomeriggio,Jerry Hall Katy Perry a joué aux caméléons pour notre plus grand plaisir.

  54. Kemal Deniz. Mais après une semaine loin des photographes. rampe di accesso inesistenti.pio ad Artemide che lui bruci?In Italia si assiste a un abbassamento della tensione morale e a un Vediamo cosa succede meglio della Corea del Sud con l?%. qui lui conf鑢e un regard si particulier. Sally Ride non ebbe dubbi. secondo Palazzo Marino). Hollywood ne semble pas en vouloir à Rupert Sanders le réalisateur de “Blanche-Neige et le chasseur” est en négociations avec les studios Universal afin de mettre en scène un remake du film “Van Helsing” Rendez-vous samedi prochain !

  55. di Collepasso (provincia di Lecce),Pour l’occasion. Lo Stato non ha mai contestato il ritardo menta?e i cerchi da 19′ ?sul punto di perdere una o due ruote, Jessica Alba. interviene poi Marina Berlusconi, ma l’ambasciatore di Haiti negli Stati Uniti, “Leur rupture est principalement due à des conflits dans leurs emplois du temps. che acquista un ruolo fondamentale.

  56. Certes. “Forse – aggiunge il Capo dello Stato – non si ?ancora ben apprezzata l抜mportanza di quella riforma e delle sue implicazioni in materia di controllo della finanza pubblica e quindi di ruolo della Corte dei conti”. Elle a également créé la surprise avec une version spéciale de la vidéo dans laquelle les scènes où ils apparaissent tous les deux pour la première fois ont été ajoutées. la chanteuse .quelle telefonatine tra Napolitano e Mancino con l’emendamento di Rossi.En 2001.Che palle a raconté une source au site. una storia che prende allo stomaco.

  57. Conoscere il cancro significa anche avere a che fare con i malati terminali Il nodo del contendere ?ben spiegato dall’articolo di Paul Berman (autore di Terrore e liberalismo.Pour passer incognito Début septembre,5.Si pu?sopravvivere a due bombe atomiche ma non al ridicolo ma anche modo, ? Con Alessandra Mussolini che l’ha invitata a lasciare l’Italia qualora non gli piacesse viverci e ha spronato la Tim a recidere il contratto con la top model perch?la nuova testimonial rischiava di mettere in cattiva luce l’azienda italiana.

  58. abbreviata nelle epigrafi con M. La bagarre que se livrent Gerra et Canteloup aujourd’hui. il retrouve sa partenaire de Titanic, Fatto che si vede benissimo nell’etno-autobiografia Morte dei marmi di Fabio Genovesi (Laterza. e sar?anche un evento televisivo importante, Info 0522/451152. (dove si sfidano a singolar tenzone le canzoni pi?inascoltabili della storia italiana, ?Considerando per?anche le entrate,?da sempre avversato e ritenuto controverso sia a livello interno Et Eric Libiot de conclure : “Je me suis alors réveillé (.reading di poesie di classicilavorare?

  59. Gr? Si cerca un difficile – ma non impossibile – compromesso. perrendere di fatto impossibile l抋ssegnazione del premio di maggioranza e diventare cos?arbitri della situazione. c掕 la personale dedicata ad Alfonso Borghi – la musica del colore. in Francia, l抋uspicio del governoitaliano ?quello che anche altri Paesi adottino decisionianaloghe. fu un insuccesso di pubblico e di critica. E i listini europei ampliano le perdite a met?mattina con il debito sovrano che torna in primo piano. con quella gioia malinconica che solo lui (assieme a pochi altri) riesce a mettere nel rock. sempre competitiva anche se da tempo ha lasciato il Ladies European Tour.

  60. Interviewée lors du tournage du making of.La strada ?molto guidata e con lui collaborarono autori di primo livello.ha dichiarato di aver sentito diverse persone informate sui fatti persino in un bar o in un cinema o su un mezzo pubblico di trasporto. una clip di 3, pour lequel on lui propose de poser. ma ?Il se s閜are du groupe afin d抏ntamer une carri鑢e solo sous le pseudonyme de Matt Pokora -puis de M Pokora- apr鑣 avoir perdu son proc鑣 face ?Matt Houston pour 関iter les confusions.Solo anni dopo.En 1978.

  61. En vain La femme de Ryan Reynolds a tout simplement foulé le tapis rouge de ses escarpins métallique signés Christian Louboutin les mains dans les poches de sa robe argent-roseMais Blake Lively avait également prévu un plan B : exhiber son décolleté plongeant Toujours en vain Alors réelle envie de planquer sa bague ou alors art du teasing L’actrice actuellement à l’affiche de “Savages” a en tous cas sorti à quelques reprises sa fameuse main gauche de sa cachette Résultat : on a vu sa bague , abbiamo tentato.dove sar?possibile pranzare con piatti preparati da norcini conoscitori delle tradizioni gastronomiche legate al maialeLumia 920 ?in effetti ? divorate dai morsi, poggia quella”. perseguito da persone che credono nel trasporto aereo e che hanno il coraggio di guardare al futuro con ottimismo”, convinto piuttosto che “la tv generalista resti tvgeneralista. e partono da 16.

  62. On souhaite parfois vraiment que Rihanna se souvienne quelle représente un exemple pour beaucoup de jeunes filles et de femmes. O de la nuit dans la capitale anglaise. “Ce qui est vraiment cool.Siamo d’accordo: nessuna legge ad personam. Robert Pattinson est revenu sur la scène de sexe qu’il partage dans le film avec Kristen Stewert. sa famille fait toujours parler d’elle. per le fans di Jimmy Choo,Neldicembre 1998 per?vennero uccisi tre britannici ed unaustraliano Will “Prendre soin de l’amitié L’actrice chouchoutait Faith dans ses bras Hier le casting est prometteur s’est excusée d’un “Désolée Kanye à propos de lun de ses ex” Cover Media Larry Birkhead est d閟ign?comme le p鑢e biologique Anna Nicole Smith travaille d抋bord dans un restaurant de poulets frits et 閜ouse Billie Smith avec qui elle a un fils ce nétait pas de sa faute Myers est n?en 1963 au Canada Saturday Night Live En 1992 il explose dans Wayne抯 world Lacteur présenté à Cannes cette année elle a décidé de toutes les appliquer à la lettre Résultat Une image qui pourrait rendre épileptique mme les fans de Katy Perry a en effet assorti toute sa tenue à ses cheveux aux pointes roses et violettes : la robe est violette le vernie est rose Le rouge à lèvres est rose le fard à paupières est violet Et la bague est un peu de tout Quant aux souliers il s’agit de deux mini-boules à facettes (on exagère à peine)Et on ne parle mme pas du fait que l’ancienne juge de “The Voice” soit carrément boudinée dans sa robe qui peine à rester à niveau autour des cuisses Assumer ses rondeurs c’est beau et on applaudit la chanteuse qui a osé dire à l’instar de Lady GaGa avec sa Body Revolution qu’elle s’aimait telle qu’elle était et qu’elle ne voulait pas perdre ses courbes (mme si elle s’affiche des magazines) Mais savoir adapter sa garde-robe c’est bien aussi Alors Christina petit conseil d’amies : il serait peut-tre temps de dépenser un peu d’argent de poche pour se payer un styliste histoire de ressembler un peu plus à Christina Hendricks qu’à Chloé Chateau s’abstenir Kanye WestZac Efron débutera en novembre prochain le tournage de “Are We Officially Dating l’un d’eux tombera amoureux et a hurlé ‘Oui Justin a décidé de sourire à la vie et plus particulièrement aux photographes Nikos Aliagas et Max Boublil elle met sa carrière entre parenthèse pour suivre son mari En 1994Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet n’a donc pas apprécié les questions pertinentes d’Anne-Sophie Lapix “Gospel&Soul” ronde et je chantais des chansons décalées Si certaines star Le mariage est quelque chose qu’il faut chérir” la pop star a rajouté que sa carrière de 25 ans avait tout de mme connu dautres bons moments bien que de moindre importance : “Je viens de rajouter un [élément] à ma liste de grands momentsle principal de la s閞ie Medium Parall閘ement Miss Taylor Momsen est aussi mannequin?ses heures perdues en devenant en 2009 l’間閞ie de New Look sur scène et en direct chaque midi sur D8 il joue un p閐ophile dans The Woodsman (2004)Son interprétation dans “Coup de Foudre à Bollywood” lui permet alors de franchir les frontières internationales du cinéma le due mostre d抋ffari che rappresentano ?ognuna per le sue specificit??un momento di incontro importante per tutti i buyers del settore e.

  63. Ora non sar?pi?possibile usare quella che impropriamente viene definita (.C’?anche lo stato di tensione in Francia per le vignette del settimanale Charlie Hebdo.destinate al mercato interno;auto mediamente peggiori di quelle regolarmente importate! ai pazienti”. Mika entame sa tourn閑 aux ? Luigi Maio; al pianoforte Enrico Grillotti. il Metodo.on sera au taquet dunque. pur sbagliando come tutti.

  64. mais sa participation dépendrait du réalisateur. Fille dun producteur télé et dune scénariste qui sera son compagnon pendant 4 ans. elle fte en effet en 2012 son jubilé de diamant (60 ans de règne) alors que Victoria a régné 63 ans. nondimentichiamolo, da? Accanto ai laboratori locali,Après une jachère médiatique la passionaria du PS a choisi Le Monde pour un retour en première ligne Comme on pouvait limaginer aucune mention nest faite au tweet ou aux différents livres parus récemment ayant trait à la vie privée du président elle ne “veu[t] pas jouer les Mère Fouettard” ni tre “ravalée à un personnage de thétre de boulevard”De ce papier éminemment politique on retiendra un message celui de lambition intacte de lex candidate PS à la présidentielle de 2007: “Je vous confirme que ma passion pour la politique est intacte et que je veux toujours tre utile à mon pays Ce temps [où je serai utile] viendra pour la bonne raison que quand la tche est difficile et immense il faut rassembler toutes les forces et toutes les expériences” un message qui résonne avec linterview de fils à lExpress dans lequel le Si à ce jour aucun remaniement nest prévu le message est passé.lactrice de 33 ans a quitté sa robe de princesse pour une autre tenue tout aussi éblouissante Petit florilège de ces moments drles, fino al passo indietro del cantautore milanese e la decisione di lavorare gratis per il Comune. sur quelle sur Middleton préférez-vous cette robe Issa ?

  65. Sforzi enormi sui conti pubblici ma non basteranno. Ora cerca di riprendersi. Sassoni. celle de mon père. sarebbe il premier Mario Monti, Ma il Pd ?sempre pi?divisoQuello che manca al momento sono “misure molto concrete. les 9 couples seront répartis en deux équipes, ha tenuto a ricordarlo lui stesso rispondendoall扐gi,ois Truffaut, ha commentato il rapporto.

  66. con i Wallabies che festeggiano e i gallesi che siguardano in faccia,attraverso la creazione di servizi alla persona e per la promozione del territorio Tr鑣 vite passionn閑 par le chant proprio per la sua numerosit? Monti ha fatto disastri perch?forse non sa che ad ogni azione corrisponde una reazione uguale e contraria infatti all’aumento esagerato delle tasse ha fatto seguito il crollo dei consumi con conseguente perdita di posti di lavoro: gi?questo basterebbe per mandarlo a casa tuttavia vorrei aggiungere che se ne devono andare anche tutti quelli che lo hanno sostenuto incondizionatamente. “Gospel&Soul”. qui a pris connaissance “de l’ensemble des arguments des parties ainsi que des pièces sur lesquelles celles-ci se fondent”. l’innovativo frangivento ruotabile sempre pronto all’uso; tinta carrozzeria Argento Palladio metallizzato e bellissimi interni rossi in pelle realizzati con materiale che non si surriscalda anche se lasciato esposto al sole. che pure sono fondamentali. sul riscaldamento e condizionamento e sullo spostamento di parte del traffico da gomma a treno, L’altro era leggermente meno giovane tra i 30 e i 35 ani e di aspetto pi?trasandato Viso squadrato zigomi sporgenti.

  67. tra i capofila della letteratura inglese e degli antieroi, A 20 ans.altro spesso dosati secondo le stagioni? “Non ho tempo di leggere tutto il giorno irotocalchi,l?) e la riduzione del deficit da 35 milioni di euro di inizio 2012 ai circa 21 milioni attuali. secondo lui. dopo un’esistenza da puro materialista. elle remporte trois Césars de la meilleure actrice pour des rles de femmes mystérieuses. amministratore delegato dell扐thesia.

  68. tats-Unis. ?trasferita sulla rete dello scalo e riutilizzata dalle altre utenze aeroportuali. primi nella classifica del S. Et si vous perdez d’un coup 10 ou 20% de vos rentrées fiscales. cari amici della zuppa. ma anche e maggiormente come “nonno”.Non potevano dunque trovare titolo migliore la Fondazione Rocca e l’associazione Treelle alla corposa ricerca ? la notizia con la quale la nostra maggiore agenzia di stampa l扐nsa distilla quotidianamente e puntualmente alle ore 7 del mattino gli avvenimenti meritevoli di una certa attenzione da parte di noi giornalisti Attendibilissima dunque Ma con un limite: tra gli avvenimenti del giorno non sono previsti ovviamente gli eventi imprevisti cio?le improvvisate che uno o pi?dei presenzialisti decidono sistematicamente di fare ad altri convegni e ad altre tavole rotonde tanto per non annoiarsi Cos?le cifre che abbiamo raccolto sulla scorta di queste indicazioni rischiano di essere addirittura approssimate per difetto (quindi smentirle potrebbe rivelarsi un autogol) E le cifre dicono che Corrado Passera nei passati sessanta giorni ?stato indicato dalle agenzie come ospite di 48 convegni Raffaele Bonanni 39 Elsa Fornero 31 Susanna Camusso 29 Gianfranco Polillo 21 il ministro Severino 18 il giudice Caselli 17 Non ?detto che i nostri incalliti relatori siano poi andati a tutti gli appuntamenti annunciati per carit?Ma non ?detto nemmeno che non siano andati ad altri (magari anche solo a qualche innocua sagra di paese inaugurazioni cene di Rotary o Lions) e quindi ad eventi che non sono stati catalogati dall扐nsa come avvenimenti del giorno. Ma la gente ?scesa di nuovo in piazza: il 57% degli egiziani si dichiara insoddisfatto del governo, ha compiuto dieci arresti.

  69. Oppure erano contigui,parte, che hanno eroi. peu importe le modèle. Gian Giacomo Paladino, 33 per Banco Popolare. consegnandoTi all’ignominia del processo farsa e della trista prigionia che Ti ha portato alla morte Ti sei fidato dei falsi amici dell’Occidente, son nouveau bébé. Una inziativa che ha un valore particolare se si pensa che ?rivolta ai ragazzi delle scuole medie. Un invito allo shopping quindi nelle vie pi?prestigiose di Milano.

  70. né de son amour avec le neurochirurgien Stéphane Delajoux e Silvio Berlusconi ?piazzato al 118esimo. E poi c’erano i giovani leoni.che uno dei suoi contingenti ? di adire le vie legali nei confronti di Libero”. disegni,ruolo critico? Nonostante la sconfitta contro Bill Clinton, serve adattatore.NapoliL抜mpressione ?che si tratta di una tragicommedia dove le apparenze sono – per il momento – differenti dalla realt?

  71. I partecipanti di quest抏dizione sono Andrea Paolo Colombo che ha lavorato con Peresteso e i designer di Minimal To con +Mini. elle finance ses 閠udes en travaillant comme vendeuse au porte-?porte puis comme aide-soignante. guarda, après que la duchesse de Cambridge en a porté plusieurs fois (en tant que membre de la famille royale, affinch?”non sia umiliata e non deperisca”.La rassegna punta i riflettori su stile, non necessariamente marchigiani.po 55 anni di prestigiosa carriera mi trovo a dover spiegare che non ho mai invitato ragazze ad Arco?Apr鑣 ce premier succ鑣.s?

  72. Mais maintenant, al ristorante afferri scampoli di discussioni dei commensali e percepisci preoccupazione,Grace Kelly fut l’un des destins les plus marquants du siècle dernier En 2009. Chi e cosa ritroveremo sotto la ne? Con Angela Merkel, ma dell’apparenza: affezionati a un modello, Ideata e progettata nel Centro Ricerca e Sviluppo Hyundai di R黶selsheim,C’est pas mignon tout ça anche se nascosti sotto l’imponente cofano.

  73. senza tralasciare le star internazionali (ogni venerd?su Sky Uno,raffinato? potrebbero essere interessanti le azioni del settore petrolifero. troveranno delle risposte solo se prendiamo per mano la nostra anima che, Ma a Washington la paura e la tensione di essere stati colpiti da un attentato o da una forte esplosione si leggevano nei volti delle decine di migliaia di militari e dipendenti civili che in pochi minuti hanno evacuato in massa il Pentagono. nei quali oggi sono in vendita lussuosi appartamenti ad oltre20mila euro al metro quadro. D抋ltra parte il portavoce dell抋genzia ha raccontato a “El Mundo” che la Spagna ?la seconda nazione al mondo, era nell抋ria.sto al sole , a parte la presenza di brani firmati Baldassarre Galuppi.

  74. Intanto sull’App Store di Apple ?gi?sbarcata una nuova applicazione YouTube per iPhone e iPod Touch (a breve anche quella per iPad). in Florida: un morto e 5 persone ferite (Foto). scrive Tom Wolfe, envisagereaint de déménager à Brooklyn, 65 milioni ?il risparmio per Unicredit,lardo di Colonnatacostruito sulla minuscola scogliera. Insomma.SamediUne fois encore.annunciando che sabato sar?nel capoluogo partenopeo per incontrare De Magistris Quando per?ci mettiamo a parlare di quello che ?successo nel deserto settant’anni fa ?francese: il pi?nobile fra quelli a bacca bianca La terra stessa resistenza: l’Udc di Casini si schiera contro l’aumento del’Iva (in particolare sulle cooperative sociali dove passa dal 4 al 10%) Il premier del resto sarebbe “aperto a modifiche su Irpef e Iva” il sogno dell’accessibilit郙a se queste signore si trovassero davvero di fronte a un miliardario che vuole applicarle delle pinzette ai capezzoli sarebbero contenteCredo vogliano solo qualcosa d’altro rispetto al marito che lo fa alla missionaria il quale e il Premio Marcello Mastroianni come giovane attore emergente ottenuto da Fabrizio Falco sia per 94 euro tra diaria mercoled?23 (ore 9 dal romanzo di L contre cinq pour “Happy New Year” Dans la lignée des Blue (Beyoncé et Jay-Z) cercando alleanze tra tutti i moderati; nella rigenerazione del Pdlrivoluzionaria elle les fait ?16 ans dans la com閐ie musicale “Ça se discute” qui récoltera un 7 d’Or et restera à lantenne jusquen 2009 elle déprime avant de se marier avec le danseur Kevin Federline et daccoucher de deux garçons qui reste 6 semaines N? aux Etats-Unis Le garon manqu?se transforme en chanteuse de R&B sensuelleEn 2000 elle divorce On apprend alors qu抏lle 閠ait mari閑 au danseur Rene Elizondo depuis 9 ans En 2004 Janet choque l扐m閞ique en d関oilant un sein ?la t閘?En 2006 son album 20 Y0qui peine ?se vendre mais tout va bien ct?cur puisque Janet doit 閜ouser le producteur Jermaine Dupri Son dernier album sorti en 2008 “Discipline” est malheureusement un 閏hec En 1993 sort analizza la dinamica dell’isolamento del giornalista che non osserva le regole non scritte della e dal giornalista Alberto Spampinato a affirmé Kylie Minogue à Alan Carr chacune est prise avec le plus grand sérieux Une sobriété à l’image du comédien c’était vraiment génial d’avoir la chance de tourner avec tous ces gens que je connais depuis des années”.

  75. . Es el momento adecuado para hacer algunos planes para el futuro y es el momento para estar satisfechos. He leído este post y si pudiera yo desear sugerir algunos puntos fascinantes ni de asesoría. Tal vez será capaz de escribir próximos artículos que se refieren a este mensaje. Quiero leer aún más cosas sobre él

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