6 thoughts on “Finishing up Standard

  1. Just commented on last weeks article – good to see an updated list. I’m taking it for a spin on Game Day. No Lili’s or Blood Barons in the board now? And no Increasing Devotion? (I soooo want an excuse to cast that!)

  2. Haha, yeah I was a little sadd to take out the devotions, but conscripts is much much better against all the giant monsters running around the format. Think about taking Thragtusk, Kalonian Hydra, or even Hellrider. It is a huge spell that wins games just like devotion, but it does it in a better way for the meta game.

    As for the lilly’s, yeah they just aren’t good enough. Devout Chaplain has been amazing though and changed the worst match up, bant hexproof, into a favorable one.

    Upon further working with the deck, I think I am going back to the three fiend hunters. Silver blade paladin is great and if there were more red sources, I think the mark of mutiny would stay, but fiend hunter is still necessary.

    Finally, the blood barons were not getting sided in enough nor were they pulling their weight, so they got cut. I’m still tweaking the sideboard, but I’ll publish the final list next week.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Sweet, so cut the Pallys and the mark for the Hunters, and keep the Conscripts (which do seem quite absurd). Not sure how much Pants I expect to see running around in our meta, but may try to track down some Devout Chaplains just in case.

  4. I’d say the chaplains are a necessity. They drastically alter the matchup in your favor. Even if you only play against it once, you’ll be glad they’re there. Most of the time with the fiend hunters you want to be sacking them with the trigger on the stack and hopefully getting a bonus from one of your other cards. There just isn’t another spell you can play main deck that will get rid of all the creatures you need it to. The lifeless from orzhov charm is too much and every other card has important things that it doesn’t hit. Don’t feel bad siding the fiend hunters out though. They do come out often.

    Just as a note, I really like my sideboard for this event. If there is something else you really need to fit in, you can play 4 chaplain and cut two erase. I want all 6 cards, but if I need room for something, that’s where I’d make it.

    Good luck this weekend with the deck!

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