1. Regarding last week’s “You Make The Play”… Hitting those land drops doesn’t auto-win the game. If your opponent kept something like Duress, Pack Rat, 3 x Swamp, 2 x -Blank-, you probably still lose. Missing land drops doesn’t auto-lose either. Your opponent could be in the same spot. That means that your actual win percentage is 45.68% * the odds of you winning if you hit those land drops (let’s say, 80%) + the odds of you winning if you don’t (say, 5%). That puts you at roughly 42%, slightly more in favor of a mulligan than the initial projection.

  2. in regards to to this weeks “you make the play” the hand should not be kept in a game 1 as it has no interaction in the first 4 turns execpt for a turn 2 counter on the play.

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