Insider Video: Zwischenzug Plays Domri Obliterator Jund

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The Deck, and How To Play It

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4

10 thoughts on “Insider Video: Zwischenzug Plays Domri Obliterator Jund

      1. Working now. Thanks for the videos. This is the first time I’ve checked them out and they’re pretty awesome. I’ve been digging through some older ones today and I really enjoy this series you’re doing.

  1. Nice idea!
    For me the big problem of “the new wave” of Jund is that it is more control and less aggressive and this is a big problem for Jund because it can’t control the game like a blue based deck.
    With this new idea i think it can be back to beat hard, i think is a good start to work around and improve it, thank you!

  2. I’m testing this deck, i like it but for me 4 Twilight mire are too many, what do you think to split 2 Twilight Mire and 2 Woodland cemetery?

    Courser of Kruphix is a good card, but you don’t think is too defensive for the deck?

    Probably is possible to switch it for Finks or other more aggressive creature.

    1. I think 4 mires are necessary to fix the 4ravine & 1 forest for Obliterator as well as allowing the non-green sources to put in work for Courser/Ooze. Replacing the 4th Courser with a Finks may be an improvement because Coursers aren’t great in multiples. Good suggestion, thanks. I don’t think Courser is too defensive, though. Jund is midrange not agro, so you’re typically more interested in card advantage than aggression. I think Courser is generally a better Modern card than Finks, and with Domri in the deck I easily favor Courser over Finks.

  3. Great videos–you have a real knack for simplifying the decisions one faces in a match. That deck has so much raw power. What are the best/worst matchups?

    1. Thanks for the kind words, everybody. As for best/worst matchups, these types of Jund decks are relatively close to 50% across the board. Affinity might be the worst matchup because it’s so fast, evasive, and difficult to disrupt. Hexproof is another contender for worst matchup. Not having Liliana of the Veil really hurts, but that’s partly offset by Obliterator being a house. Sometimes you combine Oblit with Abrupt Decay to remove their evasion enchantment to get a big surprise block in. Best matchup might be Splinter Twin or any combo deck that folds to Thoughtseize.

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