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Welcome back to the QS Cast! Join Chris Martin, Chris O’Berry, and Sam Lowe as they talk about the new non-rotating format, Pioneer. This cast was originally broadcasted live to Insiders in the QS Insider Discord, October 21st, 2019.

Show Notes

Show notes provided by Chris Martin

1. We covered Pioneer craziness - touched on the impacts it could have to other formats and one important point made by @Cardbreaker was the possibility of rotation being less opportunistic due to Standard players hanging onto more cards for Pioneer. We felt in response to that awesome point that we will need to be more diligent tracking floors (i.e. buying at peak supply).

2. We covered Modern Horizons as a possible impact from Pioneer in the sense that the Modern spotlight could cool off and make MH1 more dependent on Commander players to drain supply (i.e. anyone who spec'd on MH1 will need to be aware that those cards could take longer to mature to profitability)

3. We talked about the importance and safeness of "real estate" (mana bases) because they are highly unlikely to be banned in Pioneer with Fetches already gone.

We also isolated a handful of lands we felt will become staples in the new format:

Spirebluff Canal Blooming Marsh Botanical Sanctum (moved a bit already today because of obvious Oko synergy) Mana Confluence (only 5C fixer in the entire format, WARNING that a reprint could be on tap in Return to Theros, though) 4.

We listed a card each which we like that did NOT spike significantly today Chroberry --> Whisperwood Elemental, in at $1 and out at as much as $10 if it legitimately catches on as a staple to an archetype. Sam --> Torrential Gearhulk, in sub $5 and out at as high as $15 or more (Sam feels strongly that this could be one of the better cards in the format, especially if Baby Teferi ended up on the ban list. Chris --> Chandra, Torch of Defiance, in at $10-12 and out at $20+ (on heels of burn/red being positioned well out of the gates)

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Chroberry – @chroberry
Chris Martin – @ChiStyleGaming
Sam Lowe – @MahouManSam

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