Stephen Moss

Stephen Moss currently lives in Lancaster, CA, is a usual PTQ grinder in the southwest region and working on his Masters in Business Administration. He has an obsession with playing League of Legends when not working on articles or school work. His articles often take on a business minded tone, and usually contain information applicable to magic trading as well as real world business.

Welcome back everyone, no Prosperity didn’t make any major news this past week, however after a refreshing week away I have returned to help inform the elite and privileged with financial news, and help put some more cash in all our wallets. The first piece I wanted to talk about this week is Melira, Sylvok […]

Most days, I’m able to put together an article that comes together nicely. This week, it was like pulling teeth. I had originally gone through and attempted to interview a few members of the site about the now-popular UR PyroTwin deck. You know, the one that made splinter twin go from 0.50 rare to […]

Wow, what an exciting and widely diverse top 8! Yeah, that was what I was hoping to write for my intro, but when you gt 4 UW caw-blade decks and 4 RUG decks, you just want to wonder if its really come down to this. By “this” I mean 32 copies of Jace in a […]

So I’ll make it easy and just jump on the bandwagon, and bow before our new Phyrexian Overlords! Hooray! Actually I’m more excited about it all because this means its crash time in the financial and speculation community. New sets always give some of the freshest margins as we begin figuring out what to buy […]

I wanted to start this by saying how much it sucks that I had to miss SCG Open LA. I was busy this past weekend and Just couldn’t make it out, sorry to those I was hoping to see. Regardless, there is still a ton of great things going on right now in the financial […]

Every week I look at the current metagame and wonder where the next innovation is going to be, both for playing and trading purposes. Last week I commented about how the Open series helped these things, and this week I’m going to go against them. This week, we’re going to look at why the open […]

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