11 thoughts on “Top 10 Standard Cards from New Phyrexia

  1. At the time of writing, no other sites had covered the topic. Due to some technical delays, the article was posted late. My apologies if that seemed repetitive. My emphasis is the important part. Thanks for reading.

  2. Food Chain is legal in legacy, the legacy ban list can be found here:

    Where as stoneforge mystic + batterskull does seem impressive I do not believe that it is better than sword of war and peace. In a vacuum the swords are better as they don't necessarily need stone forge in order to see play. This kind of logic would suggest Argentum Armor would be the number 1 card in a review for Scars of Mirrodin, because quest of the holy relic plus dorks COMPLETELY INVALIDATES ANY AGGRESSIVE STRATEGY!!!

  3. I find it a bit disconcerting that people point out the fact that you comment on something as if your opinion is new or at the very least not a regurgitation of what every other writer on every other site has already said (pawning off your paragraph as if you were an expert on the subject), then you retort with a blatant lie about the timing of the article, then when someone points out the lie, instead of being able to actually defend yourself, you simply try to ignore the comments with a snide remark.

  4. I should just ignore your rude comments but I try to answer all posts on my article so as a matter of principle, I will respond to you. You may choose to believe what you like, but it was not "a blatant lie about the timing of the article," that was honestly what happened. Anyway, my comments about Batterskull may well be similar to other authors but they are my own and my opinion. I thought from the moment I saw it on the spoiler that it was most likely going to be the best card in the set. I certainly do read many other articles on magic but at the time of writing, as I said, there was not much content to read. The "God Book" leak prompted me to write the article and I write it that day.

    As far as Legacy, I will admit that I am not an expert on the format, though I do know quite a bit about it. I was merely trying to convey that Mental Misstep will impact the format in a major way. The "facelift" comment was not meant in a derogatory way though I can see why readers would think that. I will choose my adjectives more carefully next time.

    I am happy to debate the order of cards on my top 10, and that was the original concept behind the article. The reason I even included the infect cards at all is because I think a lot of players will try to make them work in standard. I could have chosen a safe pick and had Dismember in that spot, but I honestly think the impact comes from the amount of players that will play certain cards.

    As far as your rude comments about me being an fmn grinder, well that was just uncalled for. You don't know who I am. I have been playing a log time and while I am not on the pro tour yet, I have had success at many large scale events. Most recent of which was the Midwest Masters qualifier in Indianapolis last weekend, in which I got screwed out of the top 8 on breakers, ending in 9th. That is just the most recent, not that I should have to defend my positing writing for this site.

    For everyone else, the tournament report for that event will be up later this week and I hope everyone checks it out.

  5. Mr. Lanigan, haters gotta hate. We appreciate your insight and commentary regardless of what the trolls have to say. Weeks later, who cares who posted this stuff first, the substance still stands.
    This "michael" character should probably stick to his youtube comments and leave well alone.
    Keep writing, we dig your s**t, and g/l in your upcoming events.

  6. I own Karn Liberated and I have won every game with him out, and even thought batterskull is 4/4 lifelink and vigilance and cannot die Karn liberated can exile him. especially with my deck that can tap their mana.

  7. Any type of top 10 list is always open for discussion, so if you don’t agree, respond in the forums! I do my best to keep track and respond to the comments so let me know your top 10. Also, if you liked or didn’t like this weeks’ column, let me know why. I know that I can always improve my writing so constructed criticism is welcome.

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